i simply have the white boba but am waiting the the second 1 to come out : ) those r the only two im interested in


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green helmeted fett wrote:

are these video's about fett?

more then likely... did u watch them cuz thatll answer ur question.

i wish i could make a video but my computer doesnt have any of the movie media things to make 1. : (


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i think hunting is ok and usually they have limits and seasons so you cant wipe out an entire species in ana area which is a good thing. usually there are a select few who go over board and they take those 2 say this is what happens just like the woman and the rabbit thing.


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taste like monster with a hint of cinnamon but i figured it was suttin 2 do to celebrate the occasion. i figured most ppl would dress up or watch the movies so i tried to 1 up it.


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I worked all day but i have been racking my brain endlessly for a boba fett suttin and i finally concocted this!

The Boba Fett Shot ( alchoholic)
1 part Monster energy drink
1 part Goldschlager ( the gold pieces are to symbolize his yerning for credits)
1 part Blue Poweraid
1 cherry and a little bit of juice ( when dropped in last it makes a brief appearance of the blood drop from the family emblem)

all this in a shot glass put in that order.

Silly as it is i tried to contribute.

n e 1 else celebrate?


here is a link i found today, i didnt read through it all but a petition is a petition so i thought id add it up here for some extra support


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o my bad, carry on


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i assume you mean 3 and they always make huge fusses with this just to stir gamers into preorder mode i think. either way i cant wait


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So last nite i was sooo bored i watched this show on the end of times on the history channel. towards the end they talked about this book called the I Ching which serves as a prediction book. Well some guy mapped out everything he predicted on a graph of time and most of it lined up ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novelty_theory ) and it equals the novelty theory... well i was wondering if there was a starwars one? Sure i understand its all a matter or what an authoir decides to happen and its completely random but itd be  a good twist in a book about a star wars based I Ching


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that is awesome! i love the ewok one


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i hate that sometimes when a good cartoon is made from a good comic but sometimes are fighting in canon info...because both versions are great ( tho not all the time) especially with oldies like xmen and spidey


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I really hate to say this and if it is true i will hate the movies but it could be like the Goblin/Harry scenario...Blonde girl whose name escapes me finds out spiderman killer her Ediie broch and seeks revenge becoming the next venom ( super dumb) steals the symbiot from Connor ( he turns into lizard man and seeks revenge unsuccessfully) and blah blah. that would be a very bad scenario but with film writers these days... ya never know witht hem and their "reoccuring" scenarios


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i was more referring to combing out the ppl who signed up backin the day and just dont ne  more at all, its all good the ppl who post 1 or 2 things they find worthy of commenting on every so often.  howd this topic get reopened ne  ways?...nvm


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wow never noticed. well he could sell the symbiot to scorpion (venom #3) instead of broch since he is dead after he turns into lizard man but that might be like the last spidey so they can introduce venom 2


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well my high school was cheap and we onlyhad liek 10 computers in the library but i was never their and vcollege i think only adult sites r blocked so i dont worry bout it now...wish i had my own laptop for highschool


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90 day vacation? and i mean more of the ppl who only have 1 post liek make it for them to have it as more of a newbie thing
Say 1 post every 2-3 months until certain amount of posts are reached but they cant post liek the max in 1 day and never come back type deal. The idea needs some work.


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maybe.... symbiot attathes to him and he cuts his arm off in an attempt to escape it ( in comics doesnt he lose it in war?) and then equals arm


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lol what class are you in where u get the internet?


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The symbiot needs someone and Dr. Connors is a smart man, who knows what he could create with the symbiot in him. Could result in the introduction of the new villain from connors work. Or he turns into the lizard which chemically rejects the symbiot and he creates man-wolf or aids in the creation of venom 2 and or 3. Possibly even the Jackal since his story revolves around biology and the sciences.
just a thought not saying it will happen.


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Cute cat. I love cats and that 1 looks menacing, but those are always the most fun.


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I think their should a like 1 post every 60-90 days so people wont sign up and post 1 check for a week or two and forget about the site. Sure the numbers look good but they are fooling. I think thats the best idea because there has 2 be atleast 1 topic every 60-90 days for every 1 to have atleast 1 comment or or can make their own about something they discovered or feel.
Maybe a vote for a new system just so we can weed out a lil more of the 1 posters who havent signed on in like forever.


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I saw the movie today starring Larry the Cable guy and Bill Engval. the other guys name slips me but there is a scene where the other scrawny guy is in desert sniper camo which basically looks like tan colored seaweed and i thought it was funny because 2 seconds after seeing this Larry says " Geez you look like a retarded Wookie" and the way it wa said and the way it happened were so true. I apologize if that word does affend any one but im just quoting Larry and wondered if any one else saw this mediocre movie.


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I so agree with the lizard thats there best bet. Having anymore goblins come in would ruin it.


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im a fan of all old school comics but im deff not a fan of the movie...i prefer the cartoon version of the 90's? better. always watched them whichis the only reason i went to the movies.


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Thats in Raimi stays...theres talk of him doing the Hobbit so he has to choose spidey or hobbit...thats when i last read which was a week or so b4 opening weekend so maybe the numbers have swayed his decisions ince then. But he did wanan do the hobbit. (www.comingsoon.net) is where i got that info, youll have to search the archives 4 it since there is always so many new things added each day.