i prefer that the coin is in french it makes it more of a collectible 4 every 1 int he states i think


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it looks sweet tho i dno about the eyes...ill deff b gettin 1  tho

he has a diff variety of arsenal he uses but im sure he has the same stuff


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There are always the black market version, i own it and it is even crappier.


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"i once kissed an ewok to get a bounty"


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very nice find and i wasnt here then so its nice to look back in time to what was once what we are involved in now


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i have a few comics mostly legacy and Tag and Bink and of course w/e ones of boba i can get my hands on


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The Riddler from Batman


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i only liked the fett one i wish it was ina nice price range but since its summer i guess its better its expensive so i wont be tempted to buy 1

i agree the flames are eh but the skull rocks


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So i read that the Palageus book is now cancelled due to a "revelation" and now the sequel to Path of destruction is slated. I personally cant wait since the first one was soooo good.


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Well w/e site we'd use it'd still b fun. We could start withlesson if ppl wanted tho


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So this might be the wrong category but it does have to do with dialogue...I was thinking that maybe start a thread restricted to speaking in Mando'a. Itd give people a chance who want to converse in the language a chance and also allow people who don't speak it to have a reason to. The topic would start general but then get more variety in words. Just an idea but i'd be up for it on a constant basis.


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i think the fight would have pressed on but same outcome with obi-wan winning and anakin getting diced


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I was thinking the same thing, I'm guessing he has something huge up his sleeve and when it happens we are all not going to see it coming

I think if Boba is going to die it'll be by Jacen Solo's hand, i aint read the latest 2 legacy of the force yet but i think it may happen


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lol congrats on both the 35,000 and being 35,000th Aaron

i love horatio even tho he is so bland lol thanks for the point out tho lol

i think its a new direction for starwars and the story should be more important thent he style..but i like the style n e ways so it works out for me


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hey just got the 12th issue in and boy is it getting good and i dont mean to resurrect such an old thread but has any one else been following and are excited about issue 15 when darth krayts identity is revealed...hes hibernated for hundreads of years so im assuming its someone we already know!!!


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sounds sweet but the 13 mystery figures seems like a bummer cuz there is no garantee ppl will like them... o well still sweet


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just checked it out and it looks awesome, if u aint seen it go check it out and if you have seen it who else agrees it looks sweet

just found this on the newly changed starwars.com

thats it i cant take it any more i have a very short fuse and green all u ever do is spam u needa stop  cuz it takes away from this site and u do it every day all over the boards. u needa stop because im sure every 1 here has also had enough with the spam

on topic... the r2 and csi droid that catch fire r pretty sweet if i were to get another 2 that were out itd b those because they r attachable

u dont do much research do u green? the second 1 isnt white its holiday special