Have you ever thought about doing one with Jango Fett training the ARC Troopers?  Sorry, I just have a thing for the ARC's.  Awesome artwork, by the way.

There are other Boba Fett sites?



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I think Karen Traviss' aticle about Mandalorian culture in the recent Star Wars Insider article kind of answers the question of where he got a lot of his moral code from.  It sounds like it's pretty much a Mandalorian cultural thing.

Did you guy's see the Master Replicas Helmets from the 2006 Toyfare?  They have a new Boba Fett helmet in there (Empire version).

http://www.rebelscum.com/tf2006/tf06-MR … efault.asp


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Whenever you sign up for the Star Wars Insider, they automatically hook you up with the Hyperspace stuff now.  As for book stores, I know that most comic book stores, Barnes and Nobles, and Walden Books sells the Star Wars Insider in their magazine sections.  Hope this helps.


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Flame thrower.  Every culture has this intense fear of being burned alive.

FLAME ON!!!!!!!!!


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I agree with Chrys.  I think his motivation is more geared towards Justice.  He had his own moral code that he follows, as well.  As for working for the rebels, I believe it says somewhere that he said he would never work for the Rebels, because they were trying to overthrow the "established lawful government."  I guess he saw it as a kind of treason against the state.

I kind of liked Dengar's story from the "Tales of the Bounty Hunters."  It was a very nice touch.  A lot deeper character than I thought he'd be.


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I'd have to go with the original trilogy.

Empire.......All Jedi had was a bunch of muppets.


I like the Jango color the way it is, because it's not so bright when you're reading it.  Easier on the eyes.  The other two come up for me, as Green trim with a white background, or Red trim with a white background.  This comes up as blue or white letters, with gray trim and dark gray background.  Much easier to read it that way for me.


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Never mind.  I was thinking that the numbers didn't need to change, but I didn't read all of Chrys' comment that only a few people had even made 1000 posts.  Yeah, I'd leave the numbers the same, then.


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I'd change Smuggler with something else.  Nothing come to mind, right off the bat, though.  Other than that, they look pretty cool.  I also like the number scoring sytem from before, though, for the stars. 

> 10 = 2 stars
> 50 = 3 stars
> 100 = 4 stars
> 300 = 5 stars
> 500 = 6 stars
> 1000 = 7 stars
> 2000 = 8 stars
> 3000 = 9 stars
> 5000 = 10 stars

Hope you all had a happy holiday.

I definitely like the Jango Fett color scheme better.  Gray with white and blue letters.  Much easier to read for me.


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> 10 = 2 stars -- Clone
> 50 = 3 stars -- Trooper
> 100 = 4 stars -- Journeyman Protector
> 300 = 5 stars -- Hunter
> 500 = 6 stars -- Crusader
> 1000 = 7 stars -- Commando
> 2000 = 8 stars -- Advanced Recon Commando
> 3000 = 9 stars -- Super Commando
> 5000 = 10 stars -- Mandalore

Just a little something to work with, maybe?  I know these ranks seem overtly military, but hey, look who you're talking to.


Talk to you later.