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BFFC Eric wrote:
draco fett wrote:

Eric, Why do you have your own rank system?

I can do anything, dude!

It's good to be the King, eh?



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Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Congrats Sadriel Fett!This covers a lot of points.I think these pictures are from the videogame StarWars Bounty Hunter.Or am I wrong?

No, all those pics were from the comic book "Star Wars: Jango Fett--Open Seasons" by Dark Horse Comics.  However, I think I know what you're thinking.  If you played the Bounty Hunter game, there was unlockable content.  One of those was for every level you beat, it unlocks a page from this comic book mini-series.  It didn't have the whole mini-series, though, in the Bounty Hunter game.  I think it only had the first of the four issue series.


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I've been away for too long.  I really like this thread.  Lot's of great stuff by the fans.  I'm glad we have some talent to show off on here.


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Sorry, but as the man once said: 

"He who breaks the law, goes back to the house of pain."

Seriously, though.  The Forum Rules are there for a reason. 



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The Batman....hands down.....The Batman.


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I do not believe Fett to be evil at all.  Just driven.


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I'm with Gunslinger.  The Lambda shuttles were really elegant.


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Miba wrote:

But why call it Mando'a? That just sounds stupid to me. Even in KOTOR they call the Mandalorian language "Mandalorian". Oh, well.

I believe the context is that it is called Mando'a in the Mandalorians own language.  When they talk to outsiders, they speak BASIC, so they call it Mandalorian.  Because, that is the BASIC translation of the word Mando'a.  When Germans speak to English speaking people, they call the language German.  However, the actual name for it is Deutsch (did I spell that right?--it's been so long since high school), in the actual German language.  It's just the same principle as that, is all.


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Here you go.  He's listed under his clone designation.



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Instead of using the regular Wikipedia, try checking out the Wookieepedia.


This is done more by Star Wars fans, and policed by the same.  It's more thorough, and because the fans are so, well, fanatic, the information is more accurate, and constantly being updated.


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True Warrior wrote:

P.S: In this book it says that Boba took his armor to some moon with Anikin and he PAINTED his armor green. I dont listen to that. I like to still think Jango left Jaster's armor for him.

                                                                          {MW} W

Well, Boba was supposed to have, at the very least, about three complete sets of armor.  I actually like the Star Wars Tales comic, where he's getting his armor upgraded, and this thug steals it.  The weaponsmith tells Boba there is still the "old" armor.  So, when Boba goes and retrieves his armor back, he's wearing Jango's armor, and it's been restored to it's original color.  So, theorectically, he could be wearing Jaster's old armor.  However, in Open Seasons, Jaster had gray armor and red shoulder bells. 

Jaster Mereel:

Jango's "original" armor, however, is painted almost exactly like Boba's. 

Jango Fett's original armor:

Maybe that's why Boba painted it the color it is now?  Just something to think about.


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I think mine would have to be from the Tales of the Bounty Hunters books.

"There is no greater good than Justice; and only if
law serves Justice is it good law.  It is said
correctly that law exists not for the Just but for the
unjust, for the Just carry the law in their hearts,
and do not need to call it from afar.  I bow to no one
and I give service only for cause."
--Boba Fett (from the book "Star Wars: Tales of the
Bounty Hunters")


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Yeah.  I remember hearing on the news one time that a college in Washington state was offering a course in Klingon.  I can see it now.  "What are you taking this semester?"  "Oh, I signed up for Mando'a."


I also found a new word for us Fett fans, that I guess has been coined.


I remember seeing this one time on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.  I guess they just kept showing the pilot episode over and over, since this is supposed to be the pilot episode.  It's called "Welcome to Eltingville," and the episode is titled "Bring me the head of Boba Fett."  It's about the misadventure of a group of comic book and gaming geeks (sound like anyone else on here) whose daily outing brings them close to one of the holy grails for Boba Fett fans.  It's about 20 minutes long, however it's also broken down to three parts on the right side of the site, if you just want to get to the good stuff.  The Boba Fett part is in part 3 of those.  There's a little bit of language in it, after all it is Adult Swim, but nothing too bad.  About as much as you'd get in Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman, or Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  So be warned and enjoy.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OIDFGRg … ltingville

p.s.--Is there a way to put this link on our Media section?


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

I respond to aggression with the utmost discrimination. So I will do in the military, so I will do now. Nothing more, nothing less. I act, and then react to others' responses.

If you try that in the military, I know for a fact aggressive behavior like that wouldn't be tolerated.  That's how you end up in the brig, busted down to an E-1, and then out the front door.


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Hey, that would explain why an error message kept popping up while I was trying to delete them.



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SciFifreak90 wrote:

I'll be aggressive until I have a reason to behave otherwise....

I think the site Administrator already asked politely once.  Why don't we try to be helpful instead of aggressive?  If you get too aggressive, so will the site Moderator's.  Comprende'?  Thanks.

Have you ever thought about doing one with Jango Fett training the ARC Troopers?  Sorry, I just have a thing for the ARC's.  Awesome artwork, by the way.

There are other Boba Fett sites?



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I think Karen Traviss' aticle about Mandalorian culture in the recent Star Wars Insider article kind of answers the question of where he got a lot of his moral code from.  It sounds like it's pretty much a Mandalorian cultural thing.

Did you guy's see the Master Replicas Helmets from the 2006 Toyfare?  They have a new Boba Fett helmet in there (Empire version).

http://www.rebelscum.com/tf2006/tf06-MR … efault.asp


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Whenever you sign up for the Star Wars Insider, they automatically hook you up with the Hyperspace stuff now.  As for book stores, I know that most comic book stores, Barnes and Nobles, and Walden Books sells the Star Wars Insider in their magazine sections.  Hope this helps.


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Flame thrower.  Every culture has this intense fear of being burned alive.

FLAME ON!!!!!!!!!


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I agree with Chrys.  I think his motivation is more geared towards Justice.  He had his own moral code that he follows, as well.  As for working for the rebels, I believe it says somewhere that he said he would never work for the Rebels, because they were trying to overthrow the "established lawful government."  I guess he saw it as a kind of treason against the state.