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Hard Contact is the first book of the series.  Then, if you go chronologically, the short story called "Targets," then Triple Zero, then the short story called "Odds."

However, instead of having to get the Star Wars Insider issue that has "Targets" in it, it's included in the back of the Triple Zero book.  You might want to read it before the actual Triple Zero story, though, because they make reference to some of the events in the book.


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Yes, it certainly is.  I'm used to those Wyoming summer's now, and this Mississippi heat and humidity is freakin' killing me.  As the man once said:

"I didn't think it was going to be this hot.  Man, it's hot.  It's like Africa hot.  I don't think Tarzan could take this kind of hot."
--Jerome (Matthew Broderick) (upon getting off the bus, in the movie "Biloxi Blues")


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

I've seen it before, where's it from?

It was from that Star Wars Insider article about the Mandalorians and their culture, that Karen Traviss wrote.  Good stuff.  I forget off the top of my head who did the illustrations, but I can find out for you, if you want.


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Are they the Visual Guides to....., that were all put out after the respective movies came out?  Those are pretty nice.  We got some close-up shots of Fett's gear from those books.

Is there anywhere that actually shows a picture of what an Ubese looks like without their masks on?  I've seen this pic, but how canon is this?


I like the DC-17's that the Commando's use.   Simplicity and multi-functionality, all in one weapon.

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DC-17m_I … pon_System


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Cool.  Very good find, Mel.

I don't know if I'd want it to take place around the time of the movies, though.  Part of the charm is that it's set so far back into the past.  Another part of the fun is discovering all the past "tie-ins" it kind of tips its' hat to.  Like that of Bendak Starkiller (Starkiller being the name originally intended for Luke), Cassus Fett (ancestor to Jango and Boba), Darth Revan actually wearing a Mandalorian mask of the Mandalore he killed, the sword of Bacca (presumably one of Chewbacca's ancestor's), and so forth.    I think that's one of the reasons they decided to do the Tales of the Jedi comic (which is around the same time frame at K.O.T.O.R., give or take a decade or two, and was the basis for the game), set so far back into the past.  At the time Dark Horse published the series, it was during pre-production of the first three movies and there was too many things John Ostrander couldn't do because of continuity.  However, setting it so far into the past, it kind of leaves everything open, but still has all the elements that make Star Wars so enduring over the ages.  The fact they had Mandalorians just made it all the more great for me, but I'm biased, as I think we all are, in that regard.  What's even better is that they now have the K.O.T.O.R.  comic which takes place before the games (Taris is still intact).  It's set during the Mandalorian War.  Mandalorians everywhere.  Good stuff.

You know, talking about all this makes me want to actually finish playing the first game.  I'm still only half-way through, I think.  I'm at that point where I get captured by that Admiral that use to be the commanding officers of the smuggler in your crew.  It was just one of those games I didn't want to stop playing, you know?  Kind of like Final Fantasy.  I think it's finally time to finish it.  Then I can move on to the second one.


Anyway, I think the series is better set in the past.  Anyone else agree or disagree?

The off topic topic would be easier to moderate, I think.  It could be put in the FANS section of the boards.  We used to have a chat room a long time ago.  Every time I would log on there, though, there was never anyone on it.  It was one of those types you could log on to anytime of the day.  However, for more participation, we could have certain times where it is set aside for a particular group discussion or something of the like.


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Welcome to the boards Sabre.


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Daenna wrote:
MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

Thats pretty cool...i wish you good luck!!!  oh and speak(or write) us a little bit of Scandinavian stuff, i don't think i've ever seen any of that lang. smile

                                                                  {MW} MS9 cool

Thank you smile

Scandinavian languages are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic. I majored in Norwegian and it's the freaky spelling with å's and ø's tongue

http://www.dagbladet.no/ <- Norwegian newspaper

So, are you joining the Marines?  I think the Air Force is definitely more fair to females than any of the other servies, but of course, I'm biased.


Seriously, though, there's a mixed group of Marines and Navy here in Biloxi, and I have noticed that we treat females better when it comes to career oppuritunity.  I assumed from your other website that you were based out of Europe, though.  England or France, maybe?  Do they actually have U.S. recruiter's over there?


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Yes, an awesome book.  I'm hoping Karen writes another book so we'll finally know if Kal and the rest of the Null ARC's succeed in finding a way to keep them all from aging rapidly.  That would be awesome.  And Lord knows those guy's deserve better, you know? 

And I agree with the Order 66.  I think it's safe to say the Null ARC's will tell their superiors where to stick it, but it'll be interesting to see how the Commando's handle it.  Especially if it comes down to Omega not carrying out their orders, because of the female Jedi, and Delta Squad being a little more strict when it comes to following orders.  I know there was some story about Vader killing a group of Commando's, because they refused to kill their Jedi General.  I think it's in the book "The Rise of Darth Vader."  I'll have to wait until my wife can ship that to me out here, so I can read it.


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Daenna wrote:
THE FLASH wrote:

Have you ever thought about doing members of Delta sqaud?

I have... but the commando armor is different from the others, I need to do some research. Maybe I will get more inspiration from Triple Zero and would try to illustrate certain scenes (without giving out too much about the story!), because now I need more than just characters to start drawing...

If I might make a suggestion that would go over great with lots of fans.  Heck, I think Karen Traviss would even be tickled by it.  If you ever read Triple Zero, I think the coolest pic you could ever do from the book, would be from the end of the book, where the one Clone Trooper says he wished he could take a picture of them all.  It was when they were all suited up for the mission.  The Commando's were in their armor (Delta in their regular armor and Omega in their black Stealth armor).  Kal Skirata was in his sandy Mando armor and Walon Vau was in his black Mando armor.  Then you had the regular clone trooper that was with them.  The one young Jedi boy, who was also in Mando armor, and the young Jedi girl, who had Clone trooper armor on under her robes (much like Obi-Wan in the Clone Wars cartoon, I imagine).  Ordo, with his red ARC Trooper armor, and Mereel in his blue ARC Trooper armor. 

That would look totally sweet, I think.


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I really loved this pic you put on here.

Mandalorian warrior, at first it was just a study for the armor but it turned out cool enough tongue
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v227/ … /mando.jpg

Before I had to move and put all my model stuff into storage for eight months, I was going to make a 12" figure of what kind of Mandolorian Costume I would make, if I ever had the gumption to make one.  One of the big things was that it was a mesh between that of ARC Trooper and Mandalorian armor.

It would have a Mandalorian helmet, of course.  Black Republic Commando body suit, because they're air sealed for short trips in a vacuum.  Mandalorian body vest (front plate, back plate, & shoulder bells), Mandalorian wrist gauntlets, Mandalorian Knee pads, and Mandalorian midsection armor (cod piece and butt armor).  The Clone Trooper armor parts would be thigh leg armor, shin leg armor, boots, upper arm armor, elbow pads, gloves, and the piece of armor that goes on top of the glove.  There would also be a black Kama, with the same double pistols and holders that the Clone Troopers use.  The actual vest material would be flat gray and the armor pieces that attach to the vest would be a darker gray, as well as the rest of the armor.  All of it would be dark gray.  The helmet would have a red "T" and have Jaig Eyes painted on the top.  I would have the figure with a DC-17 rifle (the one's used by the Republic Commando's), simply because of it's simplicity and multi-functional use. 

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DC-17m_I … pon_System

This pic you had there is the closest I've seen to what it would actually look like.  I know it has the Mandalorian leg and shin armor, but it's still close enough.  Awesome stuff.  Thanks for giving me a better visual of what it supposed to look like. 

Awesome pics you have there.


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Right on, dude.


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I was just capitalizing their names.  Makes them stand out as names, in case someone has a more common word as part of their name.  Just a force of habit.


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Let's try to get back on topic and not waste the board space, okay?  Thanks.


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If you want something cheaper, you're better off getting some Resin prop replica's from someone on eBay.


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I don't think Master Replica's has any more of the Jango blasters, however, they are making some EE-3 blaster for sale this Fall.

http://masterreplicas.com/customer/star … .php?cid=5


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I think TRUE WARRIOR was talking about BOBA DUDE's comment posted on March 7th, with the Skyhobber thing.

It kind of looks like the the Han version and Boba version of the box are part of one bigger poster.


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Yeah, that is pretty weird.

http://www.google.com/search?num=30& … tnG=Search

Now try putting in your real name and doing a search.  That kind of makes you a little nervous, some of the stuff that pops up.


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I'm sure you two were the cute little couple.  Welcome back and congrats.



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Boba Dude wrote:

Sadriel_Fett, Is your avatar an acual helmet?
Is it yours?
It looks really nice

It's a pic of one of the prototype Boba Fett helmets.  The original version had Jaig eyes painted on the top of the helmet.  I think those look so much better.  There were several variations proposed in original sketches with stuff on his helmet.  A couple you actually see on the Clone Wars cartoon series.  Commander Fordo has Jaig Eyes on his helmet while defending Coruscant.


One of the ARC Trooper pilot has one of the symbols that was originally on one of the Fett helmet sketches.  I thought that was a nice tip of the hat to the original artists, and a neat little Easter Egg for us Fandolorians. 

ARC Pilot:
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Advanced … ando_pilot

Has the same symbol as the helmet on the bottom middle of this pic:
http://www.bobafett.com/multimedia/imag … tof-01.jpg


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I was kind of disappointed with Overkill.  Didn't seem to have much of a story to it.  Most of the Fett stories I've really liked where all in the Star Wars Tales comics, except for Twin Engines of Destruction.


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Funny you should mention him.  I just found this by accident today on the Wookieepedia site.  Never knew any of this before.