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True Warrior wrote:

Um.....Ok, I just got to the part where the jedi Padawan was being chased and then she uses her saber to demand shelter......whats all that about? Or do I keep reading?


Keep on reading, ner Vod.  You'll be glad you did.  It all makes sense in the end.

BFFC Eric wrote:

Mercy is for the weak, Maul.

HAHAHA.  Here, here!!


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BFFC Eric wrote:

I built all of mine for a hundred or under, including buying a helmet and repainting it. I don't have a jetpack though. You can build it on the real cheap if you shop around correctly and look for cheap alternatives.

However, I recommend putting the armor aside like I have and buy an accordion instead. I love it.

http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h16/e … c-eric.jpg

I like that waist sash, with the Mandalorian symbol on it, hanging off of your belt.  Did you make that yourself, or pick it up somewhere?


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Aaron or BFFC Eric might be able to hook you up with the change, but I'm not for certain.  It wouldn't hurt to shoot them a message and find out.  The worst they could tell you is that you have to re-register.  Later, dude.


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Everyone has their own way of navigating the boards, I guess.  No biggie.


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Boba Fett and Dengar.



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If you have three separate replies, whether they're in a row or not, and you're replying to three separate posts, it's fine.  We don't consider that spam here.  If you're replying to someone's post, using the "Quote" link, it'll automatically put you in a new message box, so it'll end up in it's own comment box.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Where's all that from? I didn't know most of that.

Some of it's from the books, as well as the Star Wars Insider article, where they did a history of the Mandalorians.


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Atinvod wrote:

Yeah, I mean you don't want to end up with a job you hate. Just do it on the side if you're focused on the territorial army.

Sadriel _ Fett: What are looking at in the Air Force? I would like to try for cryptologic linguist. It seems challenging, but worth it. I forget what you have to score on your battery, but you have to basically ace it.  I was looking at a couple of different recruiter offices and when we went into the Marine one, they just stared at me like I had sprouted two heads and gone purple or something. I was dead set on being a Marine, but my mother wouldn't let me even talk to the Marine recruiter. So, I began looking at the Air Force and got really interested in it. How did you get interested in it?

I had wanted to be in the military since the 5th grade.  I was always facinated with tanks, until I saw an A-10 tear one to shreds just using it's nose mounted machine cannon, not even using missles.  Then, I decided I didn't want to burn to death in a tank.  They're death traps.  That's a crappy way to go.  I never narrowed it down to the Air Force, though, until 11th and 12th grade.  The only J.R.O.T.C. they had in my high school was Air Force, and I had gotten more interested in earth science and astronomy by that point, so the Air Force was more geared for that.  For the cryptological linguist, was it more for computer stuff and code breaking, or did you have an actual language in mind?  I know they're always looking for the more exotic languages all the time.  Not the more common ones.  There are plenty of people who speak German, French, Italian, etc....  They need more Slavic languages, and especially now, they're looking for Arabic language speakers and any other Middle Easter languages, for that matter.


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TheGunslinger wrote:

I can't be the only one here that says JAR-JAR.

Him and the ewoks. Scifi and cute aren't supposed to mix.

HERE!  HERE!  I'm in total agreement on this one.  Jar-Jar is about the most useless character in the Star Wars universe.  And I still think that Jedi would've been more believable if it was Kashyyk, not Endor.  I can see the Wookiees taking out the Stormtroopers, not little teddy bears.  Plus, with Ep III out now, it would've tied it all together better, with the Wookiees and all.  It just proves what Dante said in Clerks.  "All Jedi had was a bunch of muppets."




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Ph34r wrote:


Oh here's one more:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=BxBi1zQzhAg& … derman%203

thank heaven for Youtube!!!

Same thing for this one.  The guy even writes to the side " Here is one version of the two I did."

Plus, it's got Superman music to it, dude.


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Ph34r wrote:

Um,there will be. Eddie Brock/Venom will be in Spidey 3. Here's a trailer:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=s0V80l4XMsE& … derman%203


It actually says on the site, though, that it's just a fan movie trailer, not the actual movie trailer.


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True Warrior wrote:

Here is sandman, to the poeple who dont know him...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandman_%2 … _Comics%29

Hopefully, it will not turn out bad like the other marvel movies. The Spiderman movies are goin on pretty strong, dont wanna mess it up now, especially since theres NO VENOM YET!!


Isn't Venom supposed to be in this film?  That's why he has the black suit.


Freaky, he even had the same shirt as Sandman.  Nice touch.




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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

At least they didn't keep the white armor...

I kind of liked the white armor.  He was originally supposed to be an Imperial Bounty Hunter.  I still hope they come out with a figure of this, like they did with the Ralph McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper figure.


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The Bounty Hunter wars were done really well.  I like how the author included a lot of info from Tales of the Bounty Hunters, between Fett and Dengar.  Kind of ties a lot of stuff together.


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He didn't lose his leg in the Sarlaac.  It had just started to digest it a little, so later on, it probably got very infected or had severe muscle damage.  That's why he did the bounty on that Devaronian guy, The Butcher of Montellian Serat.  That way, he could pay to have a new leg cloned for him.  However, when he returned to Kamino to have his bad leg replaced, the Kaminoan cloner he saw—his old associate, Taun We—remembering the Mandalorian attacks on Kamino during the Clone Wars, asked Fett to hunt down the last surviving Mandalorian responsible.  Fett hunted down Fenn Shysa (Mandalore, at the time) on the planet of Shogun.  The details of the encounter are unknown, but Shysa met his death—not at Fett's hands, but, ironically, through saving Fett from an unknown threat.

I kind of liked cracking skulls with the pistol, during online gaming matches.

I like how they added more Stormtroopers into the Special Edition.  Just makes the expression on his face, all that more funny.


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He did.  He got him and delivered him to Darth Vader and then Jabba the Hutt.  But after Han's escape, I guess he just had the luck of the Irish with him.


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Yeah, it does kind of hurt your fingers doing it the old fashioned way.  I just usually zoom up on them, center them in the sites, switch to pistols without moving the targeting reticle, then fire away from a distance.  You can still take them out from farther away.  It just takes a little longer is all.


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I like the Ipod pic.  Pretty neat.


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You can always sign up for the romantic Foreign Legion.


They still have that over there, don't they?

I think I would've made Bounty Hunter a little more like Star Wars Galaxies when it comes to hunting prey.  Something that would still effect the story line, but you get to pick your own way of capturing the bounty.


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I sent an email to the Karen Traviss Yahoo Groups to see if they know of anywhere online, where it might be, okay?  Who knows, Ms. Traviss is on there often, so she might know of something.  I'll let you know if I find anything, Daenna.  Later.


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Daenna wrote:
Sadriel_Fett wrote:

I know there was some story about Vader killing a group of Commando's, because they refused to kill their Jedi General.  I think it's in the book "The Rise of Darth Vader."  I'll have to wait until my wife can ship that to me out here, so I can read it.

It's a cool book and the story is great. That part where the commando's are being killed isn't actually written (we don't see them die, so to me it doesn't happen  tongue)

BTW, I'd like to know if any of you have got the Insider issue with Odds in it. You know I live in France so I can't get SW Insider here.... Anyone care to send a scan, please? I'd be much much grateful smile

My scanner is boxed up in storage while I'm out here in Mississippi.  Otherwise I'd hook you up.  I'll see what else I can find, though.  The one thing I did like about the story was a pic of the Commando's in their black stealth armor and Kal Skirata in his Mandalorian armor.  The artist makes him look a lot more like Ed Harris, as opposed to his pic in "Targets."


"Targets" Kal

"Odds" Kal