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Sweet.  I saw the Vader and Stormtrooper ones on Entertainment Earth and was thinking it'd be neat if they did a Boba version.


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Sharra Fett wrote:

I didn't realize the people of Korea were such avid Star Wars fans.

Nah, the mailbox is in the American Post office on base.  Although, I'm sure there are plenty of fans out this way, too.


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Can't believe I had to go to the other side of the world before I finally found one of these things.  They actually have one at the Postal Service Center at Osan Air Base in South Korea.


Some nice new Fett merchandise coming out for the 2010 Disney Star Wars Weekends this year.

http://www.starwars.com/fans/events/sta … index.html

Created by Disney Sketch Artist, Jason Zucker, this amazing full-color sketch features Donald as bounty hunter Boba Fett and was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and to pay homage to the notorious character and bounty hunter Boba Fett. It's the first time a full-color sketch has been done completely by hand for Star Wars Weekends. This complex and intriguing art is a limited edition of 30.


Another first for Star Wars Weekends is the Passholder Exclusive T-Shirt. Last year marked the first year that Disney Theme Park Merchandise offered a Passholder Exclusive, Star Wars Weekends Pin. The response was so overwhelming we decided to give our Passholders something more to celebrate this year with a special shirt created just for them! Remember, you need to show your Passholder ID to purchase the shirt.


Disney Star Wars Action Figures Series 4
This is the fourth series of articulated Disney characters "dressed as" Star Wars characters action figures. Each figure is packed individually and retails for $8.95. Available in May, 2010.


There will also be a set of six different scene pins offered separately or together, with a packaged and framed sets including "completer" AT-AT/snowspeeder and Yoda 30th pins.


As well as a jumbo sized 30th Anniversary pin.


There is a set of Disney Vinylmation character pins that come with "Chaser" collector pins.  One such pin is of Boba Fett, if you're lucky enough to find him.


There is also a limited edition boxed set of pins that include characters and their spaceships, which includes pin #77463--Boba Fett and Slave I.


A Star Wars symbols pin set that includes the Mandalorian Skull symbol.


There is a Boba Fett vs Mickey color pin. 


They also have a t-shirt, poster, a tapestry throw blanket, and a silver plated collector's card (limited to 250 cards) with the same "Disney Star Wars Weekends 2010" theme image of Boba vs Jedi Mickey on them, as well. 

Definitely time for a vacation to Disneyworld this year, I'd say.  Good hunting.



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I'm surprised no one has posted on this yet, since I've seen a few of the members on here with the new Avatar on their Xbox Live profile.

Looks like Microsoft is helping to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Empire Strikes back with some new Avatars for your Xbox Live profile.  We finally, finally will get a proper Boba Fett avatar.  You can use Microsoft points to either just purchase Boba's helmet, or you can purchase his entire Mandalorian armor for a few points more.

http://www.thetechherald.com/article.ph … ox-Avatars


Also, over on Star Wars.com

http://www.starwars.com/games/news/esb3 … index.html

It says is this article that they also have female variants of some of the avatar's.  I'm interested in seeing what the female version of the Fett armor looks like. 



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Yeah, I've been waiting a while for that one myself.


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Fett_II wrote:

It would appear that 2010 is the Year of the Fett.

Yeah, Lucas is definitely milking the appeal of Fett and Mandalorians for the Empire Strikes Back anniversary.

Oya, Mando'ade!!!


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Looks like the Galen Marek in Bounty Hunter disguise, mentioned above, isn't just coming with a set of Mandalorian armor like in his Toy Fair pics.

http://www.starwars.com/img/vault/colle … /excl8.jpg

Looks like the battle pack actually has him with a Mando helmet, as well.  Don't remember that as part of the game, but hey, I'm not arguing.  Nice little get up, I must say.



Looks like Jeremy Bulloch will be available for some autographs of the Celebration 5 booths, as well as one other surprise Fett actor in his first time Con appearance.

http://www.starwars.com/fans/event_news … index.html

The jetski thing was kind of weird, but it is Florida, I suppose.  I guess Fett's got jets in more than just his backpack, huh?


Just got this email today from the chaps over doing the Star Wars Celebration 5 .

>>Begin Encrypted Communication

NEW! Pre-order exclusive Celebration V t-shirts available for purchase online now! - Choose from Celebration V Logo T-Shirt (ONLY available for purchase online and will not be available onsite) & Boba Fett Jet Ski T-Shirt (available for pre-order and onsite).

You must be a Celebration V ticket holder to be eligible to purchase these exclusive Celebration V t-shirts online.

Choose from:     

Unisex Celebration V Logo T-Shirt*
Pre-Order Exclusive!
$25 ea/ limit 5 per person

PICK UP DETAILS: This pre-order exclusive will be shipped to you in advance of Celebration V.  International orders will not mail and must be picked up onsite at the Official Celebration Show Store.  A shipping fee of $4.99 will automatically be applied to US orders.

*Please note: US orders will begin mailing on July 25, please allow 7-10 business days for arrival. This t-shirt will not be sold onsite at Celebration V.  Don't wait!


Men's Boba Fett Jet Ski T-Shirt
$25 ea/limit 5 per person

PICK UP DETAILS: This t-shirt will NOT mail in advance of the show and must be picked up onsite.  Please bring your confirmation number to the Official Celebration V Show Store onsite to pick-up your T-Shirt. Available for pre-order now and will also be available onsite at Celebration V.  Don't wait, onsite quantities are limited!


Women's Boba Fett Jet Ski T-Shirt
$25 ea/limit 5 per person

PICK UP DETAILS: This t-shirt will NOT mail in advance of the show and must be picked up onsite.  Please bring your confirmation number to the Official Celebration V Show Store onsite to pick-up your T-Shirt. Available for pre-order now and will also be available onsite at Celebration V.  Don't wait, onsite quantities are limited!


May The Force Be With You!

>>900-220.21 Alpha Channel Comm Array Reset

The t-shirts can be purchased from their site here:
https://www.compusystems.com/servlet/ar … ncode=EM6I

However, remember it said that you have to have tickets to get some of these, so if you know anyone who is attending get them to grab you one of these neat little shirts if you can.



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I guess $50 ain't too bad.  Still a little steep than what I paid for mine, but that was before one of the Hildebrandt brothers (who did the artwork) actually died, so you have to take that into account.  It's a pretty decent size art print, too.  It's a couple feet high and really crisp.

It's kind of like a pop-up version of the Boba Fett vs IG-88 comic book that came in the Boba Fett/ IG-88 two-pack of action figures as part of the Shadows of the Empire line.  It's not super collectible, so I say open it and actually enjoy it, you know?  But, if you've ever read the little comic book that came with those figures 2-pack, it's pretty much the same story. 

It's about IG-88's ambush of Boba Fett as he comes out of Hyperspace around Tattooine.  Fett ends up taking out two more of the four IG-88 droids.  The third he took out on Cloud City--you can actually see it's body leaning up against the furnace when Chewbacca is saving 3PO--the other one transferred it's consciousness into the Death Star II computer core; according to the Tales of the Bounty Hunters book. 

Hope that helps.  Have fun.


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They should do one of Tag and Bink.  That would be pretty sweet.


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I can't find any pics online yet, but I picked up a Star Wars Easter Egg coloring kit today at Target that has some Boba Fett stuff with it.  Some of them come with a Boba Fett collector's card and each comes with SW characters, included our Boba, that you can put on your Easter Egg's this year.  Figured I'd give you a heads up, in case you were interested. 



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Did anyone catch the Boba Fett commercial snippet during the Clone Wars tonight.  At least he still has Jango's helmet.  Maybe we'll see him wearing it in the upcoming episode.  Cross your fingers.


Also, did you notice the female bounty hunter in tongiht's episode holding a very familiar blaster rifle.  Very nice lead-in and a nice nod to "The Seven Samurai."

Also, check out who else is working with Fett in the new episode:  http://www.starwars.com/fans/events/new … index.html

Looks like they're going to be at WonderCon this year.  I think I'd go just to meet Jamie King (voice of Aurra Sing).  Very nice. 




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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

thats a jumpsuit alright
gets my blood flowin! Definitely pumped to see these episodes

Looks like he's wearing his Journeyman Protectors belt sash, too.  I notice they have him with the knee armor.  Hopefully, they'll keep it like the Young Boba Fett books and he'll also have the rest of Jangos armor, as well.

I think it might be a bot or something testing the waters.  It has a Russian email address, so we're watching it, just in case.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

After all the new material however: The new trilogy *which explains Boba's true origains,* Karen Travis *who never mentions the existence of the city of Bone*, and now this damn kiddy show, I wonder if any stock is left in that comic.

I've always loved the idea of the City of Bone, if not quite in the same visual look as was portrayed in the comic.  But it just doesn't seem to exist any more in current writing/canon.  And with KT's work in jepordy, can we even say with any certainty that Fenn or Tobi even exist any more?

who knows anymore......  *sigh*

Actually, she does mention the existence of the City of Bone in the Imperial Commando book and the Imperial Garrison that was being located inside of it.


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Another little Lego novelty that's not too overpriced.  A new Boba Fett lego watch available for pre-order.

http://shop.starwars.com/catalog/produc … id=1305216

Looks like they're supposed to be out sometime this April.




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I know it's not the New York Toy Fair, but Boba is the man of the hour in the latest Toyfare Magazine this month.  The wife picked mine up the other day from the comic book store and needless to say I was pretty thrilled. 

http://site.wizardworld.com/blog/2010/0 … -sale-now/

A lot of pics from the recent New York Toy Fair and a short article about the new rocket firing Fett fig coming out this year.



revan07 wrote:

They have promised to retcon all this and work it out so both stories fit the canon.

They wouldn't have had to retcon anything if they had used their heads or even read the Star Wars Insider article "History of the Mandalorians" that retconned all the stuff that was out up to that point so it fit into continuity.  So, where did you hear that they were going to retcon all this?


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:
Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Looks like there might be a final Imperial Commando book after all. 

http://forums.starwars.com/thread.jspa? … start=1155

At least they'll end the series instead of leaving us hanging.

it upsets me that KT wont be finishing it out, just because i feel its her characters and she should be able to end it.... but as long as its good and it ends well i'll be happy

Well, they haven't released the name of the author yet because they're still working out the contract, so I'm still hoping it will be Traviss.  There was scuttlebutt that the author is trying to work at getting two Star Wars books in their contract and since KT had originally been slated to do a Post-Legacy Boba Fett book, I'm hoping it's for that one.

I really enjoyed playing them both, but of the two, I'd have to say I like Republic Commando a little better.  I still pop that in the old Xbox, now and again, and play it.  I had to take a break in the middle of playing Bounty Hunter because it got a little too monotonous about halfway through.  Although I'd love it if they came out with a sequel to both games.  An Imperial Commando game and a Bounty Hunter 2: Boba Fett game would be awesome.


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Looks like there might be a final Imperial Commando book after all. 

http://forums.starwars.com/thread.jspa? … start=1155

At least they'll end the series instead of leaving us hanging.