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Hopefully Zam's! THAT would be a dream come true. ;-)

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MacheteFett wrote:

Shouldn't it come with a Jango helmet? I think it should! ;-)

That would be nice, but it didn't happen. Now I wonder who will they put next to Jango Fett's Helmet?

That would actually be a really good pairing.


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Yep, just looked and mine has the same thing.  I'm willing to bet it's supposed to be the back part of the codpiece armor.  They probably just painted it a little low below the belt, is all.

Took a while for me to find which one you were looking for.  Found a pic of one on this guys website. … olio-c1rgz

I haven't seen one of those in a fairly long time.  I ended up getting mine off of eBay.  I actually have a saved search on there for "Fett Bookmark."  I also like collecting a lot of the little nit-noid Fett collectible oddities that you don't see too much off.  I've done pretty well getting those kind of things from auction sites, mostly from eBay.  Just add it as a saved search and pick the option to get emails of when new things in that search pop up.  Be forewarned, though, sometimes it takes quite a while for these things to ever show up on a lot of the auction sites.  On the plus side, though, they're usually surprisingly cheap, since they're not the ones everyone's searching eBay for.  You'd be surprised how many hard to find Fett times I've found over the years on there, just because it wasn't something that was brand new and everyone was trying to get it.  Makes it easier to build up your collection over many years.  I usually check my saved eBay searches every several days, to see if there's anything new popping up.  If I see one on there, I'll post back in here.


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They're currently having a 1/2-off sale right now for those Boba Fett Crocs shoes, if anyone likes those things.  Link is below.  Enjoy. … 01711.html

Good hunting.

Looks like ThinkGeek is having a half-off sale on a lot of their merchandise this week.  Now may be the chance to get some Star Wars related stuff, if you're interested. 

Something like this Slave 1 and Han Solo in Carbonite magnet set. … ns_70_itnv

That Super Shogun Fett figure is usually pretty pricey, so now's a good time to snag one of those, as well.  Some of these aren't too shabby.



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Can you be more specific?


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I ended up getting a really good one off of eBay.  I was able to find another seller who was selling newer printings of the old stickers off of a hobby building website, so I was able to put those on it and it looks fine.


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We can add it to some of the mods, so we can play around and test it out.


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The T-shirts look really sharp.  How long will they be available for sale?  Do you know if it's made from that thinner cotton material you usually get when ordering from those "Daily t-shirts" sites or is it a thicker normal t-shirt blend?  That makes a difference when ordering what size.  The thinner cotton ones tend to shrink pretty good, so I usually go a size bigger than normal.


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Looks very brightly colored, too.  Not too shabby, mate.


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I lucked out and got mine off of eBay for a decent price.  Wasn't even looking for it, it just showed up on one of my other searches.  You have to keep checking, though, because they don't show up too often on there.


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What server are you on?  My guild is currently on the Jedi Covenant server (East Coast-PVE).  We have our main guild (The Widowmakers) and then another that I run with (Meatshield) on there.


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Entertainment Earth has a nice shiny new Fett bottle opener for sale this holiday.  Also a little can warmer for any kind of "holiday beverage" of your choice. … rlDQbRH7uY … rlDerRH7uY

You can chill while you're drinking in your new Fett shades. … rlDWbRH7uY


It's a pretty fun read.  And my wife would just sit and laugh at me every time I'd play with the electronic box.


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Are you talking about this bad boy? … r=UT00319J


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Hey, Sharpy's back.  Long time, no see, man.

Pretty cool.  I'm glad they got the armor color/blaster/pistol right for the ESB version.  Not too bad.  Is this an all new figure, or just a repaint of an old one?


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I was wondering if they were ever going to make any Fett ice cube trays. … QtSMHy9KSM


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Noticed a repaired and "repainted" Slave 1 on the recent Clone Wars episode this weekend.  Very nice way to reintroduce it (and with a new paint scheme) since the last time we saw it, Aurra Sing was crashing it into a canyon wall on Hondo's pirate stronghold planet.

Just what everyone needs for Xmas.

;-) … nQodUz4Aow

The Jedi Covenant Server (east coast PvE).

Just thought I'd let you guys know that Sideshow posted the Fett Mythos Figure for pre-order today.  Very awesome looking statuette.

Go order yours now. 



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Very cool.


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Another new video game that lets you play as a bounty hunter.  I still would have liked a continuation of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter that lets you play as Boba, though. … -announced