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Too tell you the truth... To me... Some how it's possible... hm. I'm confused... I need to think a minute.... I don't know... It must not have happened in any history of me knowing it, but it could happen... Not Boba though... Unless he's like that, and I don't know about it.

Yeah, that one too. For so many reasons.


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hm. It would just be more cool if it was blood.

That's nice... He could use some more pants though... As it was loading, and it went to his pants, I thought of mcdonlds.

And this is a great topic... It changed my life. If I didn't see this, guy Twi'lek's would have NO hope for becoming Sexy.


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No... Not really. i've only been here for... less than a month actually, but thanks. i guess you edit it then finish it off with other stuff. My comy went off two times between posts, so i didn't getta finish.

hmm... Some of those last'uns where pretty graphic... hmmm...

If i'm right... That's the one that my cousin watched and told me never to pick up an unknown helmet... it could blow me up...

Sorry... What I originally wrote was me getting mixed up with Death Trap. Those didn't thrill me at all.My avatar doesn't even like it... They're known for making Star Wars all messed up. Clone Wars was kinda... how should I out this... Kinda a bad idea.


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1.) Attack of the Clones
2.) Revenge of the Sith
3.) The Empire Strikes Back
4.) A New Hope
5.) Return of the Jedi
6.) The Phantom Menace
(That's my greatest likeage to least)

I liked Ewan McGregor I <3 young Ewan McGregor ! I only like Ani for his looks... (don't you even say wat the others said... not after the burning.)

Jesse Fett wrote:

Temuera Morrison all the way, Then Harrison.

I agree. They were good... teehee.. I liked Harrison Fords expressions. tongue

I wanted to watch that much, but all I saw was Ani and the Sunflower thing... And the nerd herd... That's all I remember... I didn't see any Jango in it...*sobs* too bad... WAIT! He's too kandosii to make funny about anyway.

The weapon was cool. I recorded that episode on my DVD player so I can watch it in the car and stuff.  It was a great episode. Clone Wars sucked for a little bit, but it got better... The Death Watch are cool... So are their name... It reminds me of something Edgar Allen poeish... Don't ask... You don't live in No Where Land...

I just hate the pacifist thing... Couldn't they make her a little... Mandoish? Why too girly... And OBI-WAN?!  I mean... I have nothing against him, and I think he's cool, but Not to love the duchess of Mandolore... Or am I just being stupid? I'm here to LEARN things... Because I know nothing much.

hmm... Candy?

No... seriously. idk. He probably saves it and uses it when he needs it... He's not a man of showing much interest so I wouldn't know...


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Jinx, Flash, Alpha, Omega,

OMG!!! My bro said PATTY! I was  confused and asked for his opinion and he said, "What? He could have had a malfunction?

Momo, Jojo, Alfalfa, Choad, Funck muffin, Krifferdoodles,  Monkey muffins, Piggy poop, Iggilyjigglefiggy, Turts...


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I'd name him... JUDE! That's it! Jude and Johnny shall be mine... Hawk-eye... Meds, Patch, Boomer... Flare, Flamer... kinda reminds me of gay people though... Slayer, Slacker, Jets, Ace, Codes, Cal, or Kal... Dar, Dak, Mike, (bro made me put it) Chiller, Thrower, Chopper, Blondie... Fluff....


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Jango kitty tat ^w^

Oh and droids.

Of course some kinda alien, and Mandalorians make good ones.  Rodians... Let me think...Wookies tend to be good at beating the crap outa people... smile

Mines Boba... Boba and Jango, but I like Boba.


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I say yea. Jango is totally worthy. He's different than the others, but he's worthy of being a Fett. He did all kinds of stuff.


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Something expensive... Wonder... AW! And Jango was cute for Zam. Always has been... I hate They both died. Well... I can just imagine him getting Zam flowers of some kind...


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Hah. Funny. I did some of that on Bounty Hunter too... But I talk too much.


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O.O    whoa... Things I don't know... Some of those things were too long and I didn't read them, but... That just makes any girl that loves Jango sad... Very... Wow... No need here anymore... ~Whistling and moving away slowly~

YEAH! You got that right!