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Yeah, but I already feel old... It's not right...

k. Wasn't sure what ESB meant.


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I think they're AWSOME. To tell you the truth, that one that kinda looked like the leia buns but had a head peice behind them. And on her forhead. I've wore that to one of my school dances, and people liked it. If no one agrees that they're cool, there aren't many creative people around anymore...


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YEAH! Somebody agrees with me ^U^


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WOW... I thought you were older than that... At least i don't get into trouble like that. Ouch. What did you do to make that?


If it doesn't work, hold on and I'll fix it... Just tell me.


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OMG! I thought so, but I didn't know he did Dexter's Lab too... Weird... i Love those Clone Wars... I remember Ventress and the clones flying around into strange places ^ ^


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I forgot what that was... But Boba dancing is good enough for me ^w^


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That's the problem about living with grandparents... Not even youtube will load... It's total terror over here...EVIL!!!

I know. It was actually kinda cute for a second, but it wore off.


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OOO! Number 4 one of the rebel soldier tripped over his shoe! I never knew anyone noticed anything like that! YEA!  I'd rewind that and show everyone! It's in the very beginning when C-3PO is trying to find R2D2. Very beginning.


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Si Titran wrote:

" I have a bad feeling about this." or " What an incredible new smell you've discovered" or "You must unlearn what you have learned" Ooh I have too many favorite lines.

Mine too. They say What a wonderful smell you've discovered in the original Clone Wars Cartoon movies. Not the new one, when Anakin and Obi-Wan are in that sewer underground trying to find the droid base. Has anyone seen that? Those we're the best movies. It looked like the people of Samari Jack did the drawing in that.


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OMG GUYS! JAR_JAR? NO WAY! Cody's my favorite!

I wish I could watch all those vids.

Yeah. ~Sniffles~ I miss them.


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I have'ta look at this once i get to use the new comy at my mom's house this weekend. What is it? A Mando dude dancing?

Darn. How do people make this stuff. I've made a pinewood derby cake for my brothers boy scout troops, but I've never really thought of that...! Now I have lots of ideas... The Star Wars cake I saw the other day was disgusting... EW... Jaba cake...


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I wanted to watch that, but I cant buy it, find anyone who owns it, and it wasn't on in theaters. Because my comy takes so long to load, and cant just youtube it.


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15... sadly... All you adults know how bad it feels to become a year younger... I'm not another kid saying, all it is, is another year closer to death.


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Fett_II wrote:

R2 and 3PO, HK-47, and those Gonk droids.

Yes... and those gonk droids...
R2-D2 ROX!!! C3P0 reminds me too much of someone i hated a lot so not 3P0... IG-88 is cool too. Oh and Proxy! I forgot Proxy.

Wait... Is that on the new Family Guy Star Wars? I know I didn't see that on blue harvest...

fairyblood wrote:

"I get around a bit. If other creatures think that's so remarkable, it's not my fault. I'm just going about my business."

"Murderous business, from the sound of it."

Fett shrugged. "It's a living."

I'm with him... And "As you wish" And "He's no use to me dead." smile

And this might be random, but I like that guy's name   smile       Spunky Muffin... ~giggles~ And his pic is cute....


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~Big grin~ Finally! I did something right!

lol. Only old age stopped Obi Wan smile


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Yeah, we're did he come fromz? rofl. Some of those Clone Wars toons were totally boring, but some were okay.

And the movie was good i guess.

heh heh... Probably just standing around hardly seeable. i wouldn't know. i haven't watched it.