He would probably use it to make upgrades on the slave. She's right.  ^^;


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All I have to say is WINDU fell out of a WINDOW.

Here... There.... Pretty much everywhere...


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... Sorry... I do tend to over react... lol.


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"nothing hurts more then a blaster shot to the groin"


OMG! BWAHA! Funny... Though quite painful...*nods*

I like Boba cuz he's kriffin' awesome, DUH!


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Okay. Thanks.


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I think he would, cuz I do... Not just because I do... IDK. He doesn't seem like homophobe  I mean... It's not like he would be one.


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I would DIE! I need to talk to my Lover in Wisconson every night or I would a'splode!  ...That happens to me sometimes...


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What is it? My com wont load it...


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He's totally awesome, that's what!


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They should. I Loved that game! I lost it somewhere in my room and i wish i could find it so i can play it again. If they make a second, I know what I'm game I'm getting next smile


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OH NO! MY LIFE IS RUINED!!! When did this happen?! Where can you buy it now?


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XD  Roflmao! sounds funny. well.... I'm one of the people who thought garrys mods was funny...


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Actually i think i remember seeing Bounty Hunter at Game Stop and buying it thinking... WOW... THAT LOOKS SO COOL!!!! BUY IT DADDY, BUY IT!!!( of coarse he didn't and a few days later, i did. ^w^


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50% female 50% male  100% alien ... JK! I mean 100% femaleXD


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masterchief wrote:

What about drink, Mel?

You have to drink otherwise you'll die.

Unless your a zombie......

( raises flamed torch and beckones fellow Peasants )

lol, j/k.

Oh no... The zombies are back...

I go to fanfiction, DeviantART, Myspace, and Facebook... Oh and play video gaems... And yes I do sleep eat stuff drink stuff and go to bed and that's all... i do mean nothing else.


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~extremely sad face~   AW!!! Everybody's saying their school! Everybody messes around with me.  A called a girl a nerf herder and started laughing then she started throwing jokes then I said well... how do know what a nerf herder is if you've never watched Star Wars, and she punched me straight in tha face! At least they don't do any of you harm.

I've met them in Houston, where my parents live. One guy in Tyler, He's even got home made Mandalorian armor. A girl from Wisconson which is another internet friend, but that still counts, she's on Fanfic, Codywolf... And... Lot's more, it's just that i'm using too much room.


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Ouch. That happened to me once, except it was my leg that got hurt... And it was a convertable mustang and i was stupid and sat on the side and fell out. It was only going like... idk mph, but I was okay in about a month.


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Even babies are slowly dying... I just feel like I'm dying WAY too fast cuz, by the way I'm posting you can tell I'm sick, and if I'm sick... Well... I just feel bad and post random crap... Did I just see the screen move?  hmm

O.o  You gotta think... I live in a farm in the back woods of Texas were grandparents don't believe in TV and high speed internet.


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I'll look at it in a few days. Once I get my new comy I can look at it! Wats it!! Whats it!!?


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Man. You know that upset me. I'm kinda an evil like hippy  O.o I didn't like it at all. All the animals that got killed. All the problems it's causing... All I'm gonna say is i's not good... I don't wanna get arrested rofl.


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Me too.