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Just lay it on da line yall

I think that there really is no right answer only the ideas of millions of people and the mental instution of society that goes on the rule that killing for a price or for fun is bad. But thats just me


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zabuza was 2 weak

screw technilogical advances over 60 million jews died in that war , since there was more than Adolf in command it would have on crippled them if he was killed early on

well its true people kill people

a person is smart collective and calm, but people are stupid confused and scared people are like animals  we only think 2 survive

your crazy

don't mess with mandalorians with son or daughter mandalore


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It was such a touching ending ,haku are you crying?


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wohooooooooooooooo the end of the world ,oh no what will happen to the nachos?!!!!!!!1


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no mandos are warriors at heart they enjoy the hunt


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what if u want to put a BBCode for this site on another site how can I find a webpage BBC

man nobodys responding

There just doing there job


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wooohooooooo 15!!!!!!!