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Getting back on topic.(no offense) But knowing Vader, it's a good bet he knew how good IG-88 was so he got one of the best to find Solo.  Then once the droid brought the Rebels in Vader would dismantle the hunter and not have to pay for IG's services.


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Bloodlines is one of the best books I have ever read. You'll enjoy it.


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Yeah, he got married when he was 16 and Sintas was 18.  And I'd have to agree that this did have to have some influence on the way he turned out also.  Perhaps after this was when he became so determined not to have anything more than business relationships with beings.


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Yeah, but in bloodlines he states he also didn't really know how to be a family man since Taun We and Zam were the only female influences he had. I just think there's prolly a lil bit more to it.


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Okay, so a few weeks ago I read bloodlines and couldn't put it down.  Call me crazy but I loved the way Karen Traviss made Fett so personal.  And now that his marriage is official and such, I think Traviss should at some point write a short series detailing how Boba and Sintas met and wed and why exactly he decided to leave. What about any of you?

p.s. Sorry if this has already been posted.


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Careful now. This is opening up a huge can of worms with me. At one point I knew too much about this subject. I've forgotten most of it now though sadly enough... If you want to know the names of some of the series I may be able to recall a few. Seed, 0080: War in the Pocket, 8th MS Team, 0083: Stardust Memory... That's just a few.

My favorite pilot  and Gundam is Hero and Wing Zero Custom. The angel wings are nice touch.

And what does deathsycthe have to do with shining finger? Just curious...


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He had her when he was young. He left for hopefully damn good reasons. He's gotten older now and is dying. People tend to think about a lot of things in their life when they get to that point.


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Look I'll be the first to admit I'm prolly not as hard core of a Fett fan as everyone else. I tend to be a fan of the overall big picture. Boba's story in TotBH has mostly been considered non cannon by most authors since Epi. 2 came out. Parts of it are accepted still but parts aren't. That's just how things are. Every since AotC Boba just hasn't been portrayed as being as cold as he once was. I'm not saying you have to like it, but that's just the way things are now.


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I agree, SabreMandalore! I mean look at the orphan charities! He's a big softy at heart.


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I shall just have to wait for the book before final judgment is to be passed.


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Christian Bale was good. He's good in most things...*cough*American Psycho*cough*Equilibrium*cough*

No offense but other than chess, golf is usually the second geek sport... I guess it would fit in this catagory then... I happen to be a geek and suck at both... Well, actually I suck at all sports but I do like soccer and basketball.

I don't know how this one will go over, but what about the stereotype that God is an old man with a huge grey beard and Einstein-ish hair? I personally think God looks more my grandad: short, mostly bald, and with a simple mustache.


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Like Bossk...


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But it's cool for the badguy to have cat!

Batman Begins was good... as was the original and second movies. Forever was alright. Batman and Robin sucked though!


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That movie sucked though!


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If you really sit back and look at it, though, it could not have happened earlier. Things would have been way too messed up. Everyone would have realized Palpatine was behind everything. Then he'd be looking at the entire galaxy and a droid army coming down on him and his few clones.


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I dunno if this counts or not, but what about cavemen living with dinosaurs. It never happened. Just like t-rex never hunted mammoths.

And Native Americans in old western films. They were usually portrayed as savages. When they weren't "bad" they were a sidekick type along the lines of Tonto.


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That's it! Elevator music version of Fett's Vette!


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You and me both. I knew Ailyn would play into it somehow. And that last line about cheating death, GLORIOUS!


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*looks around before opening coat* Alright... but it's gonna cost you. It ain't cheap to understand the complexity that is Ailyn Vel...


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HOW CAN A GOLDFISH TALK?! well... umm... you have to... umm... use the magic herb first, but for some reason the cops don't like the magic herb... Interestingly enought, though, the magic herb also makes the whole Ailyn story make sense... hmm... we may have found a solution!


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*expletive*Lando Calrissian! Uncle Tom *expletive*!

Just kidding. It wouldn't really have worked out to have Boba kill someone before he fell in. Though, they could have made him the guy that shot Luke's hand instead of Jabba thug #45.


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My pet goldfish Spanky.


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For some reason I think there needs to be Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz playing if Fett walks into a cantina.

Also Fett's Vette should be in the background somewhere. Like Fett's walking down the street or something, a street performer is playing it. Boba just pauses for a moment to listen then turns and flips the guy a coin before continuing on.


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I've only seen her on one site other than Wiki, and I can't even find that site anymore.

I just don't like the fact that some credit that was once given to Boba is now given to her but with everyone thinking it was Boba. Like stuff in that Young Jedi Knights series I think... I don't so much mind Boba not being celebat. You saw how he flirted with the dancers as Jabba's palace. Everyone has those urges at some point. If Catholic priests can act on those impulses so can Fett!


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I think it'd be of a medium length only going into detail on his more high-profile successful hunts. I doubt it would get too personal if it got that way at all.