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I think it's pointless to argue whether or not someone is evil when it's pretty clear that in the place they're living in, assasination and bounty hunting of this sort are legal.

Remember, in our world (at least in most countries on this planet), bounty hunting is only legal when the target is a fugitive who's skipped bail, and I think the bail bondsman may even need to go to court to get approval.  The whole "bring in this guy I don't like" thing if STRICTLY illegal here.

So I guess I don't think he's evil.  In a place where there's little or no accountability or rule of law, how can he be?


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I miss Elementary school's Valentines day.

I miss those days because I was the one everyone was forced to give one too XD

You're not alone.  That's probably true of many of us here.


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thesithlord wrote:

wow, that will be cool, how did u find that out?

I regularly scan three message boards over at starwars.com:  The Ask Karen Traviss board, the Mando'a board, and the Bloodlines: Speculation board.


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Ursula -- What years were you in the SCA, just out of curiosity?  I noticed on the old boards that you're in upstate, which was where I lived when I was in the SCA.  Heck, we might even know each other, although probably not.  I moved away and got out of it quite a while ago.

But I fought, too.  I still have my armor around somewhere.  Nice 14th c. brigandine, with great helm AND gauntlets (Our group had a professional armoror).  But my body armor got busted right around the time I left, so I never fixed it.

I have to admit, I look at the Mandalorian armor, and think that it's so wrong in so many ways.  Too many open areas, for instance.  And where's Boba's leg armor, dammit?


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THE FLASH wrote:

Even Georege Lucas couldn't kill Boba.

Hahahaha!  Now that's good!  lol

But as far as Kast is concerned, I also haven't read any of the stories about him, but somebody who tries to ride the coattails of somebody that dangerous is either brilliant (and has a short lifetime) or stupid (and has a short lifetime).  It'd be like someone claiming to be Carlos the Jackal.  How long do you think he'd live?  Long enough to experience a lot of pain, I'd bet.


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Ph34r:  It might be the software you're using.  Some say they shrink, but still store all the info, so you have a small pic with all the data of the original (pretty pointless).

I used MS Paint -- it's dumb and sweet.  I got my jpg, went to the "Stretch/Skew" command, and it said my picture was something x 480 pixels.  I just "stretched" it from 100% x 100% to 12% x 12%, and it worked.

If you have a Mac, I can't help, sorry.  So try again, and good luck!


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Okay, I feel better now.  cool

I just always thought Lando was, well, wishy-washy.  I always knew where Han stood -- for himself.  At least he was predictable.  Lando I had trouble figuring out.

Maybe it is time to see all 6 movies in a row.  In that SWI #86 it said that Spike TV (a.k.a. the "Guy Channel") was going to run them all.  I'll have to see if it also gives an approximate date.


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I had a pic I wanted to use as an avatar, and I shrunk it in MS Paint (I have a Windows machine).  Just use the "Stretch/Skew" option, figure out the percentage to shrink to get it to 60 x 60 or less, and you're set.  My first try was just barely too big, but my 2nd try was accepted.

Mmmmm....    Avatar.....  Pretty.....

So why don't our display options show where we're from?  I just changed mine to "S.H.A.D.O. Moonbase"
(for all you Gerry Anderson fans out there).


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What's a "hoodie"?  Here in New England we call everything by a different name from everybody else.  Soda vs. tonic vs. pop; subs vs. grinders vs. heroes vs. gyros, etc.


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I got my copy at Barnes & Noble.  I recommend it highly.  I think the Mandos are in pretty good hands with Ms. Traviss.

I'm not sure I'd really want to live the Mandalorian lifestyle.  I mean, I like to go camping and all, but not 24x7.

But I have to admits that it's tempting.  I used to do SCA, and I really liked the fighting.  And camping with armor.  Of course, once I stopped, it took 2 years for my wrists to stop hurting.  So I can definitely understand how Mandalorians have a short lifetime.


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I'm 2/3 of the way through that series.  They're ok, but a little uneven.

But the current issue of Star Wars Insider (#86) is highly recommended.  It's on newsstands now.  I got mine at Barnes and Noble.  The art is great.  Female Mandalorians!


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There's a book coming out at the end of August or early September, called "Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines" by Karen Traviss.  In it, Boba and Han are forced to team up.  It's around the time of the Vong invasion, I believe, and Boba and Han are both in their 70's or so.

Mark your calendars!

Empire.  Absolutely.  When we saw it (first run), we realized that this wasn't actually a sequel.  It was the next part of a really really big story.

Ewoks.  Bah.  Ewoks were why napalm was invented.


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I got Lando Calrissian.  Ick.

Unless I get to run a  city or something.