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What IS with the shiny armor?  It is sacrificing camoflage.  Not that he would need it

I couldn't resist saying this:  It would be one thing for Jango's enemies to see him coming, and an entirely different matter for them to do something about it.

A word of wisdom from Kal Skirata.

Jango is worthy of being a Fett. Yes, he got bested by a jedi, *shakes fist*  but Mace was said to be on par with Yoda. Therefore, Jango died at the hands of one of the most formidable jedi in existence. Of course, he wouldn't have died had his jet-pack not malfunctioned (I believe that there was a conspiracy against the Fetts tongue), but that's sort of beside the point.

words of wisdom...i agree completely!

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A quote Frm Jango the bountyhunta
Jango dosnt need camo!!!, hes feared enough be people that if he sayd shhhh, they shhhh, not run sayin AHHHHH some dude without camo is comin, you can see him!!!! and if youve never played star wars bounty hunter, he has no needfor camo, stealth is his partner, camo was worn by puttin a dirty cloak around yourself. and btb, SSTOP SLAMIN ON MY FAV PERSON< JANGO


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well, im a jango fan, he has a right to be a fett cause all hes been through, go to google and type in jago fetts bio, and youll get some really good stuff on him, boba is preety good, surviving the saralac pit and all, but just his dad(jango) died, Jango had his whole family killed along with his father like mentor, Jasper. And jango single hanedly killed kamari vosa and destoyed the bandogora. so if youve never done your jango reserch, do so.