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Alright sounds cool. Definitely looking forward to it. smile


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I meant that in modern war only frontline, ummm.... straightforward combat is easily seen as country A , country B. More advanced or subtle warfare becomes hazy and the like. So possible factions or groups may be set up to more easily help the flow of the RP's combat and storyline. Sorry for the confusion. My wording is a bit eccentric at times. Although come to think of it it doesn't really make much sense to me now. Sorry bout that.


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As I previously stated I'd really appreciate seeing some arctic mountain/tundra setting in at least one battle or so. But I think that fights that move around globally would be key to the RP because a battle in one area that doesn't last too long is sure to kill off a RP. So say acouple extended major battles in some areas, with other smaller yet key skirmishes in other places. Factions will also need to be present with the face of war showing itself in our day and age looking as it does.


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That would depend on the era setting of the Ro. If you were to do a WW2 RP then I'd like to seem some action in some of the Pacific battles such as Guadalcanal, Pelieliu, Makin Atoll, etc. If you were to however base it in a more modern war variation I'd like to see action in some mountain ranges or tundras. Other than that I really don't mind whats in it I'll RP just to RP. LOL. Good luck Sir!


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((Hey Brandon))(( And Karson Can I join your Mando clan if you ever post again))
Name: Trikar'la Werda (Sad Darkness)
Race: Human/Mandalorian
Affilliation: N/A (Bounty Hunter)
Appearance:Similar in appearance to Kai Justiss with brilliant blue eyes (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kai_Justiss)
Armor: Modified Black & Grey mandalorian armor 
WOC: T-71 Light repeating blaster, along with an array of other weapons
VOC:Modified V-Wing (Sorry but if we're in the semi republic era I have to.)
Personality: Religious, somewhat sad almost as if in mourning.

Trikar'la entered the Dromund system from hyperspace, jolting forward in his seat as his V-wing's setup was not intended for hyperspace travel. The bounty hunter had been called in by the rebels. Trikar'la had fallen on hard times and had no other choice but to help them. Any credits were good credits to a bounty hunter. he'd be a helping a series of commando squads to take out some sort of building complex at the heart of the swamp. Sighing he dropped into Dromund Kaas' orbit and descended into the hellish muck. He landed his craft, got out, and began to set up a base of operations. He then waited for further ordes from the Rebel Commanders.
((sorry if my mando's abit off I'm having a tough time learning if anybody could give me a step in the right direction, I'd be more than obliged.


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LOL  I'd love to be Boba but I'm more like Jacen Solo, kind of a corn ball, a nuisance, really just out there. You know.

I don't mean to be harsh but honestly if you're going to do a Matchup you should leave all the original components of each combatant the same. Spartans are awesome yes. But they couldn't hold a candle to a jedi or a sith. The tech levels are just too far apart. One swing froom a lightsaber or a lightning form a sith and the spartans done. Yes if they had swords they might have a chance of extended survival but definitely not victory. Final Answer: Sith/Jedi.


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Wow! Absolutely amazing. Bravo I say Barvo!