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My apologies, statement retracted.
   As well I have played both fallout 3 and even parts of Fallout 2. I was simply wondering in what type of setting would everyone like to RP in. East or west coast?


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I was interested to see if anyone was up for a Fallout RP? I myself have just finished the campaign of Fallout New Vegas, and am quite impressed with Bethesda's recent development. As such I was hoping to start an RP within that area, however I would rather leave this up to discussion rather than start a RP noone will participate in.


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Yeah the forums are starting to get seriously backed up. Waah.


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((Ok sounds fun I guess. Place has been pretty dead lately))
Name-Ordo S-1218/8853
Age-27 human years
Appearance-GUNGNIR Helmet, ODST left shhoulder, Sniper support right shoulder, FJ-PARA Chest, FJ-PARA Legs, Red Tac-Pad, Trauma kit utility, Blue eye cam, ALL Black armor.
Black medium length hair, looks almost like Carter, with a bit of a softer face. Aqua blue eyes.
WOC-Modified M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, SRS99 Anti-matter Sniper Rifle.

  Ordo sat in the only Pelican left on the pad and waited for the rest of the team to assemble. While he sat doing so he calibrated his helmet's  HUD to his rifle's scope."Damn it where are you guys?" He mumbled to himself soon growing bored with the activity. He'd just been transferred over to Bravo central defense from the outer rim's Pheonix Omega's. He missed the old team already and wondered what he was doing here on Reach.

Name-Vidaren Suul
Age-34 (Frozen in a cryostasis since 3,971 BBY. Acouple years After Kotor 2.)
Species-Human Gender-Male
Height-6'4 Weight-216 lbs.
Appearance-Durasteel armor (similar to that of a medievil suit of armor), heavy plate mail suit, and chainmail faulds. Phrik left shoulder pauldron. Along with a mandalorian helmet. Facial feautures unkown.
Bio-Was once a highly renowned mercenary for hire. Until he was trapped and captured in cryostasis. Before he was put into cryostasis he released a lethal toxin into the ship's atomosphere and activated a beacon. While the beacon failed to work and helped therefore did not come, the toxin killed the entire crew. There floating in space in cryosleep hee waited. He has just been reawakened b y a small band of pirates investigating the area. Upon his revival he slaughtered them all and commandeered the ship they used to board his "tomb".

((sorry I kind of really liked the idea of cryostasis and decided I'd grab that up. Thanks and sorry again.))

Weapons-Lightsaber Pike. westar-34 blaster pistol.
Mode of Transport-YT-1300 Freighter ((Subject to change...very soon))

Vidaren jumped into action, manning the pilot console and immediately punching in the coordinates to take him to Coruscant. The ship started with a slow jump as it entered hyperspace.

With that done Vidaren decided that he would search the ship for a clue as to what time it was. He quickly found a wall faceted chtrono. Something was wrong. It couldn't have been right. Was he really in cryostasis for almost 4,000 years. He cleared his head no matter. He'd get back to Coruscant, and straighten this out.

Once more he set about the ship, only this time looking for anything of value. He had a pile going when the ship lurched out of hyperspace. Vidaren ran to the consoles. Looking out from the cockpit the scene was almost too harsh to believe."What in all deepspace happened?"

Vidaren's train of thought was cut off as he was being hailed. "This is Grand Admiral Thrawn, of the Peacekeeper fleet. Surrender immediately. You are under arrest for the murder of the crew of the "Delena" and several Peacekeeper officers." Vidaren attempted an evasive maneuver to turn him around, but nothing happened. "Whats going on damn it?" Vidaren shouted. Several moments later fusion cutters were tearing apart the access ramp. "Cathunk!" As a large portion of what was the access ramp fell to the ground.

Reacting immediately Vidaren picked up his saber and ignited it. As Peackeeper soldiers filed into the ship they were cut down almost immediately. Vidaren waited in utter silence. A lone figure setpped inside. His face hidden by his black robe. From under the veil a voice spoke "I regret to inform you that I must destroy you." The figure's arm rose so quickly Vidaren barely saw it. Without explanation nor warning, vidaren was lifted up, and soon found himself propelled into the ground. As quickly as he had hit the ground, he flew into the wall and slumped to the floor. Blood dripped down his face from a concussion, and light faded in and out as his consciousness slipped. Finally darkness welcomed him completely, warm and comforting.

   When he came to he felt cold and his head throbbed. He was kneeling before a blue man, no a chiss. The man spoke, but the words were garbled and undeterminable. Vidaren felt as though he would puke. The man bent over to look at Vidaren and said something, once again however the words held no grip of meaning. The man kicked Vidaren in the gut, causing him to spit up blood. A sharp ringing filled his air, and the presence of his heartbeat became clear. "I'll asl you again. Where did you get this?" The chiss was holding Vidaren's lightsaber. "You are clearly not a jedi or any force user for that matter. How did you attain this?" The words fell out of his mouth in stutters. " Old.... friend."
   The interrogation continued for hours it seemed. With the chiss wanting more and more information about Vidaren and his background. The man revealed himself to be Grand Admiral Thrawn, and that he wanted Vidaren to help him in an upcoming battle. He freed Vidaren under the circumstances that Vidaren would be his champion, his tool to remove Skywalker from his throne and restroe the Empire to its former glory. Thrawn outfitted Vidaren with top of the line equipment and a brand new starship. A B-Wing class starfighter. Wich Vidaren named "Squier".
   For  months Vidaren hunted down force users for Thrawn. Finally the day came when his skills would come into use. A battle above Korriban.
((Take place as of current time


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I actually had one amost 3 months ago, and so long as your numbed it doesn't really hurt all that bad. It is abit time consuming though.

But much rejoicing from the pweanut gallery until...

Except for Clint Eastwood.

Melting the ice climbers' faces.

Boba pushed Clint off of a mountain that had suddenly sprouted during the narration.


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"How ironic" Adelmo sighed. Standing up straighter "sir if I may what exactly am I replacing. My skills are quite diverse but I think It'd help if I narrowed my sight onto one or the other."

Foley smirked. "You'll be replacing my field reconnaiscance officer, Tech, and point man."

Adelmo dropped his composure for a moment. Then swiftly recovered. "Abit of a heafty responsibility sir."

Foley turned and looked at Quinn. "Then don't let us down."


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"103rd Para troop division with the SEALS. I was part of Commander Sintertson's unit. Good to finally meet some of the team. Speaking of wich is this it. I mean two people is hardly a threat. regardless of rank or skill."  Adelmo braced himself for an earful. That last comment was abit off.


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((Wow I thought this RP was a ghost town))
Karson sighed as he crawled back into the cockpit of his modified V-wing. The job hadn't gone as expected.Too many casualties for such a small piece of tech. But as promised he'd recieved payment for helping clear the research plant, as well as for destroying any remaining evidence such as the building itself. He exited the atomsphere with a woosh of wind over the ship and the rattling of the older ships deteriorating peices. He'd need something that could survive the hyperspace jumps he'd been making as of lately He had a  friend in the bounty hunters guild who was sellling a Firespray-31 attack patrol ship pretty cheap. He headed back to Alderaan to meet with acouple contacts the commanding officer here on Dromuund had given him. More credits to be made out there but such little time to earn 'em.


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((Yea squad briefing. Didn't know where to exactly locate it. Your call man.))


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Adelmo stood ready and impatient. The general had said 0800. Was his watch off again. "Damn." He loathed the thought. Punctuality was something he prided himself on. The general walked into the room. "As soon as everyone has assembled, we'll begin the mission breifing. Abit early aren't you Adelmo."

And beubonic plagued rats!!!


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Name- Adelmo Herzch
Gender- Male
Age- 32
Country of Origin- Germany
Rank- Lance Corporal
WOC- ACR (Silencer, ACOG MK3, Heartbeat Sensor, Keyhole Mk 5 Shotgun Attachment, Fore grip), M9 (Silencer, Red dot)
Appearance- Stern faced, Somewhat tall, Skiiny w/ slight build. Scar under his left eye.
Skills- Close quarters ballistics/combat, Terminal hacking, infiltration & recovery.
Personality- Sarcastic/grim humor, loyal, serious during serious ops.
Backround- US Navy Seal Para troop division, served in just over 30 ops, on a recent mission all comm chatter and UAV intelligence was scrambled and cut. Outmanned and outgunned Adelmo snuck past the majority of security, captured the fugitive one Frank Lucas and successfully brought him back to the extraction point. During the op however one of Frank's guards manged to get close enough to creat a smal gash under Adelmo's eye, the man was quickly dealt with, making him the last obstacle between him and the objective.

Adelmo grabbed his duffle bag and headed over to the only Chinook on the pad today. He'd been given precise orders to be here at 0400 exactly, but there was noone here. Walking up the ramp, he looked up and a man wearing a field officers outfit stood before him 4 stars on his chest.
"Sir" Adelmo saluted.
The man saluted loosely. "Hands free soldier"
"Yes sir." Adelmo dropped his hand "If I may sir why exactly did you want me?"
The man turned around his back facing Adelmo "Because I''ve been building a team you see and you've sparked some serious interest amongst me and my peers."
Adelmo shifted uncomfortably "Me sir, you've been watching me? What kind of team"
The man walked forward into the chinook's interior. "The kind that saves planets."


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But what about E3?

LOL. But wouldn' blood stain  into a brownish color once it dried up. I think is just crimson paint in the design of blood, to enhance Sev's already violent nature. Either way it makes no differance sev could wear a plain white Katarn Class battle suit and it would not diminish his epic standing to me.

((God bless and good luck Mel))

As Tal walked through the spaceport he heard a score of blaster fire. Grinning evilly he ran off in the direction of the noise.

((Sorry I didn't post a whole lot. Its just that the description of the area that You're in is a little vague if I may say, and I'd like to be there when the bolts start flying.))

((Sure thing. Sorry 'bout that my mando is somewhat incomplete or inaccurate. Will do though. Is there anyone that knows of a good source for an accurate mando language study?))

Tal waited until the thoughts in his head seemed as if they would eploud out into the safehouse and destroy everyhting in the surrounding area. The Ubese walked through the doorway back into the room. "It seems as though we've had some trouble reaching the contact" The Ubese gave a weak smile. Tal flashed his teeth angrily "I'll be taking my earnings back then." standing up and striding over to the Ubese, his hand held out. "All of it!"
The Ubese handed Tal back his earnings. Tal turned on his heel, his tail wavering to steady him, then headed out back into the marketplace.He needed to know where he could buy a small freighter vessel.

Heading through the marketplace trying to remember his way back to the spaceport. As he walked the anger and disapointment within him seemed to grow. He was lloking for a fight. Just something he could take his anger out on. As time went on and his walk back to the spaceport seemed to last forvever, he grew more and more angered, people around him must've been able to see it as they cleared a path as he walked through. Finally the hangars were in sight. Looking around he noticed armed personel rushing through the spaceport. Dismissing it he continued to make his way back to the public transport.

A guard stopped him.  "I'm afraid I can't allow you to proceed the spaceport has been locked down and the craft are here by grounded un til further notice."
Tal shot the man an angry look hoping he would take a hint. No dice. Baring his teeth at the man."May I ask why?" This time the officer gave way. "Reports of blaster fire in the hangar"
Tal Grinned evilly. "Stand aside I think i might be able to help." The officer seemed to shrink under Tal's mass. He studdered and shook" I c-can't let you do tha" Before he could finish. Tal slammed one of his heavy fists into the guard's stomach, the guard crumpled to the ground. Tal leaned over and relieved him of his weapons and some of his credits. Then coninued unopposed into the hangars.

My favorite thing about Boba is how stoic he is. No matter what chaos surrounds him he always has that air of calm, collecting, command. Truly an idol of mine. This may not be the exact place to say such... but I am absolutely ecstatic about a Boba Fett costume being dropped for XBOX Live avatars. GO BOBA!!!

Tal had finished the job and began heading back to the safehouse for his payment. As he made his way through the alleyways he pondered about possibly working as a mercenary. Perhaps for the Sith, as he'd heard they'd been in town. But first he'd need a new weapon his ACP Array gun was in desperate need of repair. Walking through he noticed a dead human male on the ground down another alley to his right, turning a blind eye he continued back to the safehouse. he headed backinto the marketplace briefly then headed down the small alley to the safehouse. He then knocked on the door. The slide once again slid open and the same two cold eyes stared out at Tal, He replicated the same hand gesture as before and the door swung open "Alit ori'shya ti'din" the man mumbled." The same Ubese stepped across the room and handed Tal his payment. "Vor entye, brother. Is there anywhere nearby that i could get afew weapons at a discount, perhaps some repairs?" The Ubese smiled at Tal."Allow me a moment please." The Ubese replied, then walked into a back room. Stepping back out he handed Tal a comm device."There is a friend of ours who goes by the name of Mir.You" pointing to the man by the door. "If you would be so kind as to fetch Su cuy'gar ner'vod for me. Not to worry Tal we will make some calls and you will have yourself those weapons but do not forget that there will subsequent payment" The Ubese held out his hand and grinned voraciouisly. Tal handed the Ubeses his previous payment. "I'm afraid I'll need abit more brother." Tal handed him the rest of his earnings. "This better be worth it" Tal growled. With that he took a seat and waited.

Name- Par'jila Tal  Goes By "Tal"
Gender- Male
Species- T'doshok
Age- 35
Occupation- Mercenary
Affiliation- Mandalorians
Appearance- Tall, slight build, gray patch of scales under his left eye. Wears a modified Trandoshan chestplate w/ a red shirt beneath and a pair of bunched up black slacks that extend just below the knees.
Weapon-  ACP Array gun, & several cryo grenades

Tal made his way off of the transport. How he hated public transport, too damn crowded for someone his size. He promised himself that after this job he'd get himself his own transport. He continued walking until he met an Ubese, the man stopped Tal. "Alit  ori'shya ti'din."  Tal made a getsure with his hands. The ubese nodded and took Tal to an alley where a single door stood at the end. The Ubese knocked and a small slide in the door opened, two eyes staring coldly out of it. The Ubese replicated tal's previous gesture and the door opened. A human male stepped forward and handed the Ubese a small package with a note. The two whispered fervently to one another before the human stepped back inside. The Ubese turned around to face Tal and then handed Tal the package. "Take this to a man named Far'guut in dock 14. Best of luck to you brother." With that the Ubese went inside leaving Tal outside. "Guess I gotta do this myself."

I don't entirely feel any connection to any of the "sides" in particular. At the end of it all it's about who's paying more not who's  who or what their cause is trying to do. I have bills to pay and a life to live, whomever can help me, well then I can start helping them. As the saying goes "One good turn is deserving of another."