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lol i like that idea but what would Vadr need theropy for... i could make something else up lol! hmmm, im readung dark lord rise of darth vader and he says(spoiler) how he feels closterfobic in his suit and its not living...mabey that could go in hand with that..... i like! thanks


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have any recamendations


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where is photoshop I spent 2 hours looking for it on my computer... or do i have to buy it


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I love it!

He's so mysterious, he let's no one see his face. and he has a strong will to survuve no matter what happens to him. Like how he is the only survivor of the sarlacc! Plus he's good at what he does. oh, and he doesn;t talk much big_smile he's hot! lol

Oola- yeah she died and was barely in the movies for that long but she's awsome!(and Boba and Maul mabey Vader)

Dengar... I mean he did save Boba's life and Boba don't count


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am i the only person in the world who doesnt even know how to use photoshop... can someone explain, i'd like to start it sounds like like ant the results are awsome. And i like your pics! they are nice.


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Do Mace windu...


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again thanks! This is alot of help! If we finish I'll post pics!


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Jango wasn't a prisoner and he ws not unarmed.


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Vader ideas:I love the Vader ideas! I think I'll use one of them!
Theripy in armor:I had him going in his armor...I didn't even think about what anyone else would think! oops. I know Emmo make's him take his helment off to read his reactions to her questions. Now I'm rethink ing the whole thing

I guess I'll just give yall a sneak peak and let yall help me edit... So here goes *blush*  this is the first page...

"So.. tell me Mr. Fett, why do you drink? What does it give back to you?" for a bounty hunter who wore a mask 75% of the time, he had really fiine, smooth skin, honey colored eyes and full lips. It was almost distracting.

He shrugged, "I guess it gives me nothing." By the look he gave I could tell he was being honest.

"Then why'd you start? Clearly there's a reason." I looked do wn at my pad of notes. He'd been through alot in his short 27 years. Including watching the death of his father when he was 10.

We sat in silence for a little while. Then he let out a long sigh.

"Look, I got some where to be..." he started to roll his eyes.

"I can't help you unless you want to be helped. I also can't read minds. You can go but we still have an apointment for Friday at 3." I push my slim glasses up slightly as our eyes connected.

"Yeah, what ever," getting up he dropped a pouch on my desk, " here's your pay for today."

"It's not needed but..." he turned and walked out. "ok." I sat a little longer and went over his interview in my head. After while I locked the pouch in my desk and got ready to call it a day.

"Emmo, leaving already?" Yekeko's voice echoed in the waiting room. Seeing as it was quieter than normal on an early spring afternoon. It was as if all the people who needed theropy or help just blossmed with the roses in the garden.

"Yup, my 'fiance' is waiting and you know how he haits to wait."

I was being arranged to marry the most selfish, pigish, dirty, son of a hutt in te WHOLE galaxy! Jodo Kast, sworn enimy to the very man I just finished talking to, Boba Fett. Boy will he have a feild day when he find ot.

Theres the first page...


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Thanks so much! I looked on ebay, they had peices of the armor and some completed costumes but I'm tiny any theres no way it would have ever fit. Ebay had helments too but I'll try starwarsshop.com.


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Psp- waiting for LEGO S.W II
X-box- Kotor
DS- Episode III revenge of the Sith
GBA- Poke'mon Fire red
Game boy color- Zelda and the orcarina of time
PC- Galaxies


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In the begining he was mad to be in the session and he does walk out. Like i said before I want to stay true to his character but make him my own. I really like Fett but don't know how to make him in but out of character. He likes Emmo but doesn't want to show it.So I'm not trying to make it sappy. (I'd hate if I did that!)  As for the drinking thing, I know he doesn't drink, that I totally made up. He's not a raging drunk. And he drinks because of his father's death. Nightmares is a good thought too but I'd have to change most of the story...I might have to do that any way. And I still don't know how to tie Vader in!! GRRRR.


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My mother and I are trying to make me a Boba Fett costume for a convetion that comes next year. I have no clue where to start... or what to buy... or how to make it. Help! lol.


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k i didnt try jeeze lol


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im a female imean lady lol


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thats why he drinks, his dad died.


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He drinks lol I made it up! I was imaganing what it would be like if he was a drunk and I was thinking of story ideas so I just tied them together.


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I started when i thought liking vader was all to expected... and i thought bounty hunters were way cooler than sith. im not bashing sith fans but boba and the bounty hunters are just wayyyy cooler big_smile


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naw but whats with the G-unit?


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do you mean every thing we own in our collection? even the weird things?if not oops...
12 inch boba fett action figure
Die-cast slave I
if the things from burger king count -
Episode I (watches)
Episode IV
Episode V
Episode VI
Ani's Jedi fighter
Droid ship thing

Boba Fett Pez thingy
Double sided puzzle shaped like vader's head
Vader teddy
all the Bounty hunter wars series
Tales from Jabba's pallace
Tales of the bounty hunters
Tales of the empire
The dark lord- rise of darth vader
2 burger king cups
cheeze it box
fruit snack box
2005-2006 Vader student planner
Star wars the story continues... cds
star wars galaxies the total experience
star wars battle front II
Lego star wars
Star wars the ultimate lightsaber
Episode IV manga volume I
Boba Fett pic/poster
Lots of cards!
and a clone gun thing from disney


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mine is a frase i made up using Mando'a. It means Who am I without him? Without him there is no me. In all without him, I am nobody. I don't know why i made it up I just did.