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cloneapart wrote:

Okay, I'm sorry but I cannot stand Highschool Musical 1 or 2.  Zack Efferon is just infuriating to me and the whole story is just so unrealistic.  I really don't watch to much tv anymore so I don't know what shows are too bad, I've seen a few episodes of made and I really didn't like it, mostly cause the kids complained about doing what they asked the show to help them with in the first place.  Other than that, can't really think of anything else.

Highschool musical sucks big time! I can't freaking stand shows like that where every one is happy and singing. When I looke at the cover of the high school musicals... I go into a violent rage wanting to beat up the people one the cover!

another show I hate, is like some dude in the house. its another stupid disney show thats not even funny and plays a laugh track every 2 seconds.

Every thing on the Disney/Family channel just plain sucks, they jusy need to give up, or get better writers.


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the suite life of zac and cody or somthing OMG I HATE THAT SHOW  every 2 seconds they play a laugh track. the damn show isnt even funny!

and basicly all show like that from disney plain suck!

regimas wrote:

btw, awsome avatar jessie!
very classic smile

why thank you big_smile

yes its bfg 9000

and i would want

1.BFG 9000 (naturaly as I love doom).... Geez I think thats all I would want.... well maybe a gravity gun too

I cant think of much right now


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you know u can play gamecube games on wii


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saw this on gamespot.com, gonna be greasing it up day and night when it comes out, if any one wants to play diablo 1 and 2 my guys name is jessefett D1, and Jesse Fett D2... I think, I cant remember too well

1. Zat'nika'tel (weapon on Stargate Sg-1)
2. Boba Fetts armour
3. Jango's Pistols
4. Darth Mauls Light Saber
5. Goa'uld Staff Weapon
6. BFG 9000
7. Ancients Cloaking device
8. Ori personal sheild
9. Goa'uld hand device thingy
10. Zay'tarc brainwasher


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cool, and nice Hedorah Pic Cheif!


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Hockey, and basicly any form of martial arts.

P-90 with a grenade launcher attached to it big_smile


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Indeed it is ridiculous. WTF Haruhi?


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hmm, surprised I missed all that :S


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you were gone?


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didnt even know they made indy toys


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Halo, cause blasting the flood is awsome!!!


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seemed like there was more than one alien in Alien Vs Predator!

But still, Alien would win, in my opinion Despite what happend in the movies. I didnt like the new AvP, those strauss guys got a little too cocky bragging how its so much better than AvP 1, and it still failed! even more so than the first (I'm basing this on rotten tomatos.com) If there is an AvP 3 it should be left to James Cameron.


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I thought he wanted a clone to see how he would've turned out, if he would have had a family.


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BFFC-Mel wrote:

One thing for the Predator, the Aliens' acid blood doesn't affect them.

Well it doesn't effect the Predators armour, it does effect them if it hits their bare skin

Hmm surprising they haven't made Godzilla vs. Gamera, that would be sweet


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whoa so many members I've never seen b4.

Me, I got some anger issues, I admit it. I get a little bit violent when my computer screws up CURSE YOU WINDOWS VISTA!!!!

this should be like, stickyed?? is that the right spelling?? what ever u know what I meen...:D

Many who are not Star Wars fans beleive it to be out of style as well. Sure its not really in style here in north america, but I dont think its ever been out of style in Japan, though I've never been there so I'm just assuming

Is Gamera an ultra monster? it seems every Japanese Giant monster movie is in some way connected godzilla.
I just got the urge to play godzilla save the earth now....!

what? The figure I got is from the Movie "Godzilla 1985" thats its name

oh yeah, I also got two regular Godzillas, the one from Godzilla 1985 AKA Godzilla Returns. I forgot about that one cause its the only one I dont keep with my other collections

Well I used to play with them but not any more, but I still like to collect them cause I love godzilla, I gots Super Mecha Godzilla, 2 Mecha Godzilla two's, Mothra, and 2 King Ghidorahs


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come on yall lets not fight smile