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she just came up with it randomly.


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I beleive this would be the appropriate place... Ti's I as the clone trooper big_smile

Miba wrote:

Canada is looking better and better.

Trust me.... it's not!!

anyways I'm glad Obama won!


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Sega, though both have good games, sega had the better jurassic park and terminator games.

Stargate or Star Trek


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Anchovy pizza cause I think fruit with meat and cheese is just plain discusting, and anchovies are yummy!


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cirtainly my most favorite book.


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Hugh Jackman


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I gots it, its a very nice figure!

I have recently just got a 12" Godzilla Final Wars, and 12" Kiryu (mecha godzilla 3) They look absolutly bad *** on my shelve with my 3D skyscraper puzzles!!

And also from ebay, I have purchased 6.5" figures of

Gigan Final Wars
Godzilla Final Wars
Space Godzilla
Jet Jaguar
Gojira 1954
Godzilla 90's
King Ghidorah GMK
Godzilla 1968
and Hedorah.

They're the Japan versions, so their tails aren't shrunk to fit the box smile

well, the only good ones are the clone trooper helmets, and the 2 clone trooper toys, all the others... really suck I meen, REALLY SUCK, like that bane malar guy or w/e. who the hell is he? I never saw him in the movie, why make a toy of him? if there gonna make random figures of characters that werent in the movie, they should make more kotor toys, the kotor figures are awsome.


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saw it on cnn. and i was just goin to look it up right now. it'd probably take some time b4 a black hole could be made from it.

I beleive in both. God is all powerful, he created evolution. Thats just what I beleive... Its a rather odd beleif.


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they also have leia in the promo.....


Driver parallel lines

Far Cry Vengeance

Half Life 2: Ep2

Godzilla Unleashed

Diablo 1, 2 & Exp

Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of the ancient arts

Waiting for:


Diablo 3

New Wolfenstein


Quake Arena DS

Left 4 Dead

Bikini Zombie Slayers

Dead Rising: Chop til you drop

Those new ALIEN(S) games

Mafia 2

F.E.A.R. 2 (Project Origin)

Quake zero

Stargate Worlds!!!!!

Lego Universe


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I Hate Lazy Customers That Can't Put Their Damn Shopping Carts Away When They Are Done!

...okay <.< >.>

I dont know how much exactly its worth... but at my local comic shop that figure is sellin for $200 (canadian dollars)


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awsome! simply awsome

Star Wars is dead when they discontinue all star wars merchandise


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hope this is some forshadowing for a new game smile


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I think its likly they'll make one, they made Malak, revan, Mandalore the whatever his name is, and darth some guy

Uhh... I dont hate the prequals.

holy ****! I'm heading to toys r us tomorow then.


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Halo aint bad, but theres nothing special about it, its just death match like every single other game.