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True Warrior wrote:

Boba Fett doesnt die because hes had so many close encouters to death, he has learned how to escape it. Plus hes so cool, it would be a stupid business call to kill him off! One word...........................merchandise. wink


I agree with that a hundred percent.


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draco fett wrote:
Darth Maul Clone wrote:

Come on both of you cut it!I'm here to talk about Boba,not hearing you acting childish!Jesus!

If you took time to notice we already stoped, and spamming is not something to be joked at (se BalanceSheet's signiture).

lol well I dont think spamming is that serious tho it is annoying.


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Spamming? isnt that where you use the same gun over and over again the it like freezes the server...our definitions of spamming are different and we are way off topic.


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No not really im just bored


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yes yes you are....like i said b4, I dont meen that they should've never exsisted, they should just be killed off way before Boba.


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I'm not saying that the skywalkers should have never existed im saying that they should be killed off. I only like star wars cause of Jango and Boba, Star wars Bounty hunter is was got me into it all.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

Plus, you can't give in to fans demands, it just destroys everything. If you like her writing then you will keep liking it, but if she starts taking requests, everything will change and the writing will no longer be her own.

some times other peoples ideas are way better, they KEEP FETT ALIVE!. why did she have to pick on Fett why not Solo? is he dead yet? I heard that chewy was killed, also luke should be killed off....I really hate the skywalkers.


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How could this be??? in an interview with George Lucas he said if he would have known Fett was gonna be so popular he wouldnt have killed him off, then he was brought back. I think Lucas has more sense then that to let it happen. if its just fiction let her write it but if its not, she will be destroyed >:(  HEAD SHOT. before fett goes I would like to see him have a son either cloned or by birth. So the  Fett name can live on.


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draco fett wrote:

In the Databank, it says that Jango has "strangly tattoed forearms." Is there any other information about this?

The Imperial Sheckil born on Concord Dawn, Boba's original home planet, had a job similar to a bounty hunter, was the twin to a famous mercenary, and was portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch. Was he originaly planned to be Boba's brother?

Jesse Fett, that is probably because he had to be hooked up to all of that machinery.

im talking about when he was a spirit he had all his hair back and every thing but he looked so old, err oldish not that old but to old to be a 40 year old


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how come vader looks so old at the end of ROTJ in phantom form he was only 40


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there has been a time line created already about Bobas age i dont remember where I saw it


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sand mans hands in that picture look like spiked nuts :S


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Venom really is in Spider man 3 big_smile big_smile big_smile