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oh and on bounty hunter on moon of the dead i dont know if there zombies or not but i like to think of them as zombies.


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lol dead rising looks like an awsome game. in knights of the old republic on taris or telos those rakghouls are kinda like zombies.


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Zombies in star wars big_smile??? Boba Fett and a New Mandalorian army hired to rid the galaxy of the undead starting with Corasaunt yikes gots to be alot of zombies there. I love Dawn of the Dead and all them zombie movies big_smile
except resident evil dumb movie and game. Any one here play Land of the Dead?


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Well my young friend that is a tail for another time smile

Whats goin on here :S ?


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i fixed the prodlem and beat the game, It was needing the update after i got that the glitches stopped

Boba could be force sensitive he took on vader pretty good with out jedi training or maybe it could be that he's just smart enough, and strong enough to avoid, or take it on.

i got an email saying i was suscribed to this topic...:S i aint ever seen this one b4................???


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lol i would send my ideas if I knew where to send them.


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seems like y'all want him to die shame your not Fett fans at all sad


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Hmm Fetterthanyou has a point. But this conversation is about Bounty Hunter 2 and 3 I prey some day they'll make them.


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lol thanks, but if there was a smudge wouldnt the rest of the game glitch out too? theres just somthing about those apartments thats really messed up. I save in different slots just incase that happens i learned from the second game it glitched ocasionly but nothing i couldnt handle. the only what i've been able to move through the apartments is by clicking on other moving people or remains.

My uncle has two of those Fett figures I wander if he knows how much they're realy worth.


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I didnt like the face on the Titanium fett it didnt even look like Jango. that kinda ticks me off


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For a star wars bounty hunter two I was thinking it would be cool if it went on a time line like from when hes a kid just starting out as a bounty hunter during the clone wars, all the way to hunting the falcon to falling into the sarlacc. Then for Bounty Hunter 3 Dengar rescues fett from the sarlacc. Then fett meets judo kast they do what ever they did in the book...later on solo finds out Fetts alive so on and so forth i dont really know what happend after he got out of the sarlacc.


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I had just bought knights of the old republic one today for the computer and im on Taris and every time i go into the apartment areas the game freezes and glitches out. does this happen to any one else? does any one know how to fix this?


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lol well that maybe, but he's proven to do so b4 so why not now?


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what are you talking about? I'm new so??? your the only one I see complain about spamming thats practicly spamming by your definition.


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Dont underestimate a predator! sure a light saber can be thrown so what? predators got a tracking disk, disk bombs, throwing stars, stunners, nets, LAUNCHING WRIST BLADES those would be kinda hard to deflect seeing at they arent made of light energy. Just cause you like the jedi more doesnt meen they can actualy take a predator. say a predator aims for the handle of the light saber destroys it? do you think jedi still stand a chance? a sith could not a light jedi.


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John Rot Duart wrote:

Guardian Jedis use the blue sabers and focus on combat (a KOTOR reference).  Sentinal Jedis use yellow and concentrate on Force powers (like Battle Meditation).  Consular Jedis, such as Yoda, strive for a balance between the two, as the color suggests.

Those shoulder cannons can only fire so fast, and if a lightsaber can absorb/deflect Force Lightning, then any electrical shots should be easily managed.

I've played AVP and didn't notice any stunning effects on the Aliens from my blasts.  Not even from the pistol, which worked best against them.

My money's on Kenobi all the way.  tongue

the plasma pistol stuns it doesnt shoot strieght at a target it goes for the feet, and it could not be deflected cause the energy would explode. if the predator did loose self destruct of him and his ship would definitly kill every thing within 300 miles or more depending on the rank of predator, higher the rank the bigger the explosion.


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So much talk of spam. I think your spamming about spam.


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heck no even if Boba was getting old and weak, Superb mercenaries still couldnt take Boba. Boba is much smarter then any group mercenaries I'm sure boba takes percausions to prevent being ambushed.


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I probably know more about predator here then any one else i was a pred fan way b4 fett. Sure a jedi "gaurdian" could cirtainly be lethal to a predator, the gaurdien would still never stand a chance. A predators shots can not be bounced back by a light saber the hit a target and give of a strong electric charge, some stun giving the predator extra time to take them down. play avp2 u'll see sure its against aliens and not jedi but it proves that the weapons stun and give time to attack.


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hah there was a discussion about this Fett versus predator on planetavp.com
and i dont know who would win some of there weapons are pretty similer well from what i read they both got stealth generators, its either jango or boba who has wrist baldes dont remember, and both predator and fett are great hunters. It would be pretty close, I dont think even a wookie nor a jedi could take on a predator.


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True Warrior wrote:

Boba Fett doesnt die because hes had so many close encouters to death, he has learned how to escape it. Plus hes so cool, it would be a stupid business call to kill him off! One word...........................merchandise. wink


I agree with that a hundred percent.