lol I've read that good book but tight cloths still wouldnt be all that good of an idea zombies can bite through but with hockey equitment they can not and its easy to move in if a zombie does sneak up on ya whats he gonna bight with hockey equitment on? big_smile

and I mean real zombies not slow ones from the old dawn of the dead but those really fast ones from the new dawn of the dead

when I get in trouble or get in fights I always think What would Jango do? Jango is the whole reason i became a star wars fan. And i think to my self for motivation if Jango can take done a big star fighter with his two pistols, then i can take on that big fat jerk over there.

I would put on hockey underarmor because most of them are uncutable then put on my hockey equitment ( if I ever did find a Fett/mandalorian suit i would put that on) Ductape Machette's to my hockey stick until i found a gun and to get the guns I'd go to the police station (asuming it has already been cleared out by zombies) get guns and ammo, theres a toys r us right beside the police station in my town so i'd go there fill my free hummer i found at the side of the road with star wars stuff. then pick up every one I love, we'd find a RV fill it with food and star wars figures, guns, and knives. From what i learned from George romeros movies you should NEVER stay in one place keep moving. shoot the zombies that i dont like raid stores when i need food weapons and star wars stuff and yeah that is my wanderfull dream. and there is alot more i would do in that situation that im not thinking of right now.

So what would you do?


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but opening them makes collectiong fun big_smile in my opinion, its just torture to me to not open them smile


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lol, ofcoarse i play with my collectables they're made for it besides even if it is worth some amount of money i still would not sell it never ever so taking them out of the package aint much of a big deal


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I dont think Dengar was a mandalorian if he was more would be said about him probably, but he did find Boba.


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Lol and zombie wookies and rodians and every species do rodians evenhave teeth?


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i used to love the AvP movie but then i was brain washed by the other avp fans into hating it.


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well all the more reason it doesnt suit AvP why not have it called Primal Hunt like the game I liked that.


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I open my collectables its just so tempting i see them in the box and i just want to play with them


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well actualy it had somthing to do with the topic its a watch and its boba fett but it aint all that fancy since han solo is on the other side.


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lol I got the burger king Boba Fett watch but im sure you guys probably have it too


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

These someone vs. someone movies are so stupid. Everyone gets in arguments about which is the best, when it always turns out just to be a TIE in the end anyways. I knew people who got in fights over Freddy vs. Jason because they claimed Freddy/Jason was better then the other. But at least that movie had the novelty of laughing at the parents bringing in their 4 year olds to the movie. Betting candy over what the kids/parents would do was the best part.

We're not debating whose better, we're talking about the title and how the director sucks.


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I dont think my messages are going through???


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The Hair is wrong...well pretty much the whole dang thing is wrong it just looks like Han Solo with darker skin.

Its star wars people get there limbs cut off then set on fire but still survive. And im sure boba has some protection under the cloth. im sure jango had metal plaits there and he moved around fine. And don forget its STAR WARS in that galaxy they can survive anything whats a shot to an ungaurded leg. BACTA AND KOLTO


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If i've heard correctly the Predalien aka the hybrid alien will not be in avp2. avp2 is based more in the future but still on earth. not in antarctica. I think avp2 will be good if the rumors are true that anderson wont be involved i can look past the name if this is so. Tho you guys where saying the book made more sence or what ever that i have to agree with. Every Avp book i've read was way better then that movie. They should've made the movie about one of the comics.


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I play Avp2 its a good game, and the movie wasnt based on the game it was based on the comics or on the screwed up little mind of anderson. it says on the Avp poster "Who Ever wins we lose" yet the predator and the woman teamed up. whats up with that? the predator i know from the movies games and books would never do that, The predator i know would rip that woman to peices.


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i agree with that partialy. Anderson is just so dumb because of him he screwed up there being any chance for an alien5 which was planned to have aliens on earth or so I heard. Its just like Anderson was just playing with toys making things up as he goes along like in the sacrificial chamber oh "those who chose may enter" some other guy: "no its only the chosen ones may enter" thats lame thats been used to much. and Lex says " its like a jail if the guards dont have there guns then the prisoner run free so we must return the gaurds guns"...what the hell kinda line is that its crap. The predator got killed off too fast and by seeing what happend to the other predator scar should've died just that fast too. Like the first pred had a tail go through him he died but scar had three tails go through him plus other stuff and yet he lived didnt even walk like he was hurt. Andersons Design for the alien was crap too looked nothing like the origanal with the exception of the long head.

Well when I was making an email adress all the names i wanted were takin so i just used Jesse Fett and now i use it for every thing else. And im sure you all know what my avatar is, Its Alien or somtimes the marine from doom3 or a HellKnight.


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yes smart man you are, I was gonna say the same thing


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well Survival of the fittest just seems really stupid for a movie about aliens. They should've never made the first Avp to begin with or atleast had a better director and script writer that Paul w.s Anderson had no idea what he was doing. On the avp fan site every one just hates that guy for what he did with AvP.


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Survival of the Fittest rumored to be the title for Alien Versus Predator2. That seems like such a lame name Oh survival of the fittest...They're aliens its not about being "Fit". It sounds like some dumb title for a WWE presentation or a weight lifting compotition. Dont you think they could come up with a better name than "Survival of the fittest". I'm a big fan of Alien and Predator and I dont want this to ruin the good name of the two like that last movie. so if they are going to call it survival of the fittest they better make it a good movie cause the title sure isnt making it seem that way so far.


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Yes yes its perfect big_smile. Hopefully if City of the Dead ever comes out their'll be some star wars mods, the ones for land of the dead havent been going to well. But i doubt City of the dead will come on its scheduled release date, not for a long long time.

my uncle had all the original star wars figures but then his mom threw them out sad if he still had them he could be a millionare perhaps. tho he still had the original AT-AT in its box its huge.