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the boards are dead latley


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damn, hollidays just seems like every other normal day to me. I completely forgot it was easter...


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damn I feel for you, that sounds uber crappy! Traveling dinosaur museums on the other hand are great! way more interesting the socks and cufflinks!

A Duros being badass? hard to beleive after playing KOTOR, but he seems cool.


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http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/feb … e-makeover

Sounds like a very amusing idea, I actually hope this gets made cause it'd be cool to have the bad *** predator slaying the crap out of 18th century prissy people smile what would you think of it?

I have 100-200 regular star wars figures so I wont go into them.

But as for my Godzillas big_smile From the 1998 movie I got 12" living Godzilla, a different 12" raoring godzilla, 9" Godzilla, Godzilla piggy bank, Godzilla Puppet, remote control baby godzilla, 4 regular baby godzillas, a baby godzilla hatching, a godzilla pen, and adult godzilla and baby godzilla gumball dispencer, Ultimate Godzilla (he's damn big), a 3 inch godzilla in a fixed pose on a slab of destroyed road, and lastley for the 1998 film a 5" Godzilla that shoots a blue missile he goes very good with my bandai godzillas!

Now for my Godzilla classics I got 2 identical Ghidorahs and Mecha-Godzilla 2s, Super Mecha Godzilla, Mothra, Hedorah, 12" Kiryu (Mecha G 3), Anguiras, Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1955, Godzilla 1968, Godzilla 1993, Godzilla 2000, Godzilla 2001, Godzilla 2004, Of coarse I have 2 9" imperial godzillas and 1 smaller version, Imperial King Kong, 9" Godzilla GMK, 12" Godzilla Final Wars, 12" Electronic Godzilla Final Wars, and finaly a 14" plush Godzilla 1985.

Alien: the space jockey,  the first dude to get face hugged, 3 inch lego like alien, 6" mcfarlane Alien, MCfar 12" Alien, Neca 21" yes twenty one inch Alien, Neca Bobble head, 7 Face huggers ranging in size.

Aliens: 3" Alien Warrior, 3" Ripley, 3" Queen, 6" Mcfar Alien Warrior, Mcfar Hicks, Macfar Alien Queen, Queen Bobble Head, and a little and big version of the chick the gets chest bursted.

Alien 3: the Mcfar Dog Alien

Alien 4: mcfar Soldier Alien

Predator: Mcfar 6" and 12" Predator

Predator 2: Mcfar Predator the Hunter

AvP: Every Mcfarlane Diorama set, Celtic Predator, Scar Predator, Elder Predator, Grid Alien b4 it got gridded, Grid Alien, and 12" Grid Alien

AvP R: Warrior Alien, Pred Alien, 14" warrior alien and poseable face hugger (The best in my collection), Wolf Predator Unmasked, Predator masked, comic con excl Partialy cloaked Predator with face hugger and chestburster.

Aliens misc: a kenner alien queen from one of the comics, it'd have to be cause its tail is on its back and it has six arms rather than 4.

Dictator of Earth smile



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no interesting topics as of late


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I think the drinking age should maybe be lowerd to 16, but not entirely abolished, it would be weird to see 8 year olds buying booze.

I hate hearing dumb grade niners always bragging about how they get "super smashed", do some thing stupid and how they lipped off the cops. If there wasn't an age limit there would be an utter dumb *** epidemic. I just dont think 14 and under, Are quite matured enough for booze they're at that stage in there life where they think people will think that they are cool if they do stupid things. (No offence to any 14 yr olds on here, once you're a senior in highschool you might understand)

Lol Miba put it perfect. I personaly hate that singing parts, and how stupid the other wookiees look. The Cartoon part is the only good part


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wasn't around for that, explain?


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Hmm I like that idea!


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it'll be a flop

the legs look very wrong, they look like the legs on the Aliens on Alien Resurrection


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sounds very cool, maybe if its succesful they'll make horror themed Star Wars games with a little more violence to them big_smile


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Half-Life 1 or Half-Life 2?

Just got mine a couple days ago I love it so much, smells rather funky inside but meh. ('m aware that the last post was along time ago, but I'm posting out of excitement and didn't think it was necessary ti create a new thread about it)

it is extremly good! in my opinion...

any one else got it for pc?


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I do beleive I already made this topic. But zombies never get old smile


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blu-ray holds more data, thats why it is superior. I have a ps3, makes my regular dvds look kick ***! so far the only bluray dvd I have is terminator 2, At this moment theres not many dvds on bluray that I want, all the ones that I might have wanted, I already have on regular dvd.


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I'm a proud employee of Wal-Mart!


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these nuclear explosions? did they cause any weird zombie like mutations? or am I thinking of a different Jericho?


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it's possible, but might have to wait till an editer is released.