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well I assume it's got Taiwan printed on one of its legs, I got one, mine was $20 so I dunno if they're worth a pretty penny. but I really don't know much in the value of toys, I'm just going off what I payed.

I think it's a fantastic idea!!! no way it could be worse than the clone wars.

I hope it's full of zombies ^_^

whoa there is alot of good stuff! I'm gonna have to get my hands on that zombie storm trooper! that is sweet!

I hope Fett is one hell of a hard fight, I don't enjoy tossing him around in the few games he's in. I don't think any of us do >.> I feel bad just for killing mandalorians in kotor sad

Jesla Volet

haha whoa that is unfortunate, why don't you have a day where you let your class watch the classics?


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awsome, they finally used my idea! by that I am referring to the vintage boba fett, too bad I already found an orginal.

I'll just pretend the clone wars cartoon never happend... they should have left the clone wars with the original 2D version! it said what needed to be said, and didn't ruin anything!


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It would make it easyier for me to take over! the world would fall into my hands!


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Fallout 3!


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Any one else watching the new stargate?? I thought it was still in production, I didn't see any ads at all, so this morning when I was lookin through the tv guide I had nearly crapped my pants when I saw that it was on. I'm a huge stargate fan, I don't know how it could have slipped by me :S Although I only saw one episode, I certainly enjoyed it!

I currently have braces


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no he should not be let back in, what he did was terrible, he deserves to be treated the same way as he treated those dogs!


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Happy birthday Aaron!


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observe closely to how it feels, the paint job, and the copy rights, I really can only tell by holding one.

pretty sweet!


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Promethious (Stargate Sg-1/Atlantis) Pwns both!


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I think the whole movie was the best part to be honest.


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I agree the orignal score would have been better.


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To those that have seen it, what did you think of it?

I thought it was extremely kick ***! the "professional" critics don't know what they're talking about, although I never really pay attention to "pro" critics, only regular peoples reviews.


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thats pretty cool is that an actual skin for the game?

the helmet looks better then my signature edition


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well its nice, if you lack the tallent to create your own, Which I am indeed lacking.

holy crap thats nice! Definitly gonna save for that, gonna need it when the zombies attack!