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Thanks RC, cujo. smile  If you ever want anything conceptualized (ie, you want me to draw some character/whatever for you), just give me a description and let me go with it.  ^_^

@Revan: Sorry this is taking so long, but I've got a lot of crud on my plate till tommorow, lol.  Might be able to get it done tonight, no promises though.  I haven't forgotten about you. wink


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Number two slot....I'm in.  ^_^


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You're welcome. smile  I'm aspiring to be a conceptual artist, so I need to get used to drawing what other people want me to do, and try and make it look as good as possible.  So it's no real problem for me.  If you see anything about it that you dislike, or feel that I should have done differently, don't hesitate to say so; I need to get used to fixing mistakes, lol.
Should have it done midnightish (west coast time), if I get all my homework done first.

Edit: Make that tommorow night...I've got an art portfolio to slap together and some stuff to repaint/redraw before tommorow morning.  sad


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Thanks all.  smile  Glad it came out pretty well. Trandos can be tricky, but the pose worked great.


Oh, okay.  Sorry about that then, I'll get on it as soon as you give me a detailed description of what you want.  (If I have time today between homework and church, should have it done tonight.)


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Te gusta?



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Faintly amused, HUN lifted his head as if viewing the Trandoshan for the first time.

"Few have been---so bold as to ask."

He carefully laid his card hand face down, and removed his playing mask, revealing the dark expanse beneath.  A void where a face should have been.

"You assume, Orsusk---that I can see at all.  Rather, I feel....the reptilian blood that courses through your cold veins---the tension rising, the cresending opus of a bloodbath---here, in this very room."

Orsusk shifted uncomfortably in his seat.  "a bloodbath...well, thanks for the tip.  You a Force user, I take it?" A slow look of realization crossed his face.  "...you haven't been kriffing us with Jedi tricks, have you?"  He reached for his sidearm once again. 

HUN laughed...a cold, ancient sound, mirthless and echoing.  "I do not need---the Force to win a game I've played for centuries.   You are hard to read, Trandoshan.  But you stink of secrets...half truths....you ask me how I can see, I tell you I see not at all.  Tell me then;  Who are YOU?"

Edit: Orsusk Jerricko



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It is...that, and I drew his arm outstretched to make the composition more interesting, but I couldn't think of anything to put in that hand since the other one had a repeater in it (which I cheated a little bit with, lol)  so I realized "hey, he could be stretching his arm out to show off his Imperial tattoo, and it kinda works that way, lol.  Glad you like it.  I've come a long way from that cruddy drawing of Kane I did eight or so months ago.  XD


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Bah...time is of little importance. 
Hope you like this better, sorry I didn't use the Imperial logo much, but there's a long and complicated reason why I didn't. O_o



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And for you, Maltese.



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((You already did a great rendering of him.  tongue  If you want someone drawn, just ask for it.))



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K, I'm on it.  ^_^  It's no problem for me. I'm aspiring to be a concept artist, which entitles drawing what people tell me to, so if you ever want anything rendered, just let me know and if I have time I'll get on it for you.


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((I've been asked to draw a scene of the pazaak game, but I can't do that until I get concept renderings of the characters there done.  So, whoever's character's at the pazaak game, please fill out a detailed outline of your character's appearance as you want it, in the BalanceArt thread of the Creative section.  Thanks!))



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I'll give it a try today.  If I have time.


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College student, studying for a degree in Illustration. (hopefully...)


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Well, if you're starting without much knowledge, I'd suggest you get a copy of Photoshop somehow (Photoshop Elements is relatively cheap and easy to use), and start messing around with it. 
I've been recommended this site quite a bit, never used it though, but there's some good tips and pointers there.
But as for a tutorial, can't say I know any good ones....I've been messing around with Photoshop for a few years now, just start practicing until you get some of the base techniques down.


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And my latest and greatest....don't ask.  tongue 



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He's good.  He's very good. 

A moment's peace, monk. HUN replied, eyeing the Selonian dueling in the center ring as he slowly moved out of the dueling ring, donning his black hood once more and avoiding the gaping stares of inebriated observers. 

Pardon my intrusion then....I'll return to my meditations, though please to inform me of any developments.

HUN nodded solemnly to himself, saying nothing.   

By now, he had gathered some attention of his own...he could see the Trandoshan and other pazaak players glancing in his direction, thrown off by the lack of a face beneath the wide-brimmed hat. 
Trenchcoat billowing around him, HUN approached the pazaak table, slowly taking a seat across from the Chiss. 

"Another player eh?"  The Chiss pretended to act indifferent, but the unease around the table was palpable.  Orsusk straightened in his chair, his arm straying closer to the blaster holstered at his side. 

HUN reached carefully into the expanses of his trenchcoat, pulling out a small grey box and affixing it to the side of his neck.  With a brief squeal of static, the device came to life.

"Been a long time---since I've seen a pazaak table." 

Orsusk grinned out of the corner of his mouth.  "We like the classics here.  Got any cards to play with, stranger?"

HUNs gloved hand reached into the trenchcoat once more.  With a wet "thunk!", he slapped an ancient pazaak deck onto the table. 

"Just happen---to have some with me." 

The Chiss chuckled softly.  "Well, plenty of room for more.  Just hope you know what you're getting into."

A series of squeals emitted from the device that might have been interpreted as laughter.  "Pazaak....what do you know, Chiss?  In my day----I was king."

He reached into his coat one final time, slowly, deliberately uncovering a ceramic mask, molded in the faint visage of a humaniod, brilliantly white against the darkness of his face.  With careful precision, he aligned it over the black viod where his head should have been, fixing it in place, and staring at the other patrons of the table with a permanent expression of morbid amusement.

"Let's play, gentlebeings."


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(( big_smile  You're alive!  I thought you were banned/dead/bored....great to see you, you've been missed. ))


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HUN had entered quietly, his wide-brimmed hat covering most of his masked face.  The inebriated patrons had paid little attention, more concerned with the battle taking place in the arena. 

You never get tired of this, do you?   The B'moarr's voice rung in his head. 

  I stopped being tired of things a long time ago.  HUN echoed back across the void of space. 

The monk chuckled.  The show's about to start.  Just hang tight for a minute. 


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(Great drawing, Revan, love the angle on the face. ^_^
Suggest we move Dark Tower talk to a different threat?) 

This planet is starting to annoy me.

HUN paused in the middle of the causeway, electing grunts of complaint from the passerby's swarming around him, insects traveling on their own threads in a web of unseen reality, hopes, ambitions, fears.  All framed in the slowly setting sun of Ord Mantell against the garishly bright neon facade of the Blue Moon Cantina. 
The wind picked up, streaming HUN's trenchcoat out behind him.  The tide of sentients moved faster as a light rain began to fall from the darkening sky.

Finally....the pieces are coming together. 

A couple of gruff human security guards exited a hovercraft on the side of the causeway, prompting the crowd to dissolve further.  The light rain deepened.  The crowd further dissolved as the duo approached the Blue Moon, passing an arms width from the trenchcoated figure.

HUN followed them through the doorway.


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Heh, it's not that difficult when you get the hang of it...I only started using layers about a year ago, and I can't imagine doing anything complex without them anymore.  Try a simplified version like Photoshop Elements if you're a beginner, it's a bit more user friendly.  ^_^


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My latest for the Grindhouse.



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(Yup, Lord Canti...I just liked the character, and HUN was originally a droid similar to him, just more sinister and in a trenchcoat without a TV for a head.  ^_^  But he's changed a lot, Lord Canti was just one of the characters I had in mind when I came up with HUN.)




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I use a drawing tablet (pretty cheap one, the good ones are expensive but a $60 one works fine for me)  and Photoshop. 
The trick is to do a lot of layering, and knowing your way around the visual effects.  This particullar one used the lighting effects tool heavily, some dust+scratches distortion, diffuse glow, and some other stuff I don't remember. 
What you do with the drawing tablet, is sketch out the different areas (foreground, midground, background, etc)  in different layers. Once you've got the sketch worked out, select the area you want for a certian color with the lasso (magnetic usually) tool, create a new layer, and pour that color into the selection.  Then I use lots of the burn/dodge tools to darken and lighten different parts of the area...
it's a bit complicated, but another important thing is something I only learned very recently, to make sure the outline of your figure/environment reflects the lighting properly.  While that isn't quite the case with this one, you can see the light reflecting off of Hun's shoulder and head...just use the paintbrush tool and lower the opacity to match the intensity.  O_o 

lol, if she doesn't have a drawpad, she might want to consider getting one....I can't imagine working without it now, it should help her dramatically.  wink


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Pretty rushed...I don't have much time to sit down for hours on end to make everything perfect.  Not the one I was planning to do, but oh well.