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Hmmm....Don't think I saw one at mine. 
Don't have the money or time to read it anyway....I'll just wait fer the paperback.
Wouldn't mind if someone with the book spoiled it for me... smile
BTW have you read Zahns other new book about Outbound Flight, "Survivors Quest"?  I thought it was pretty good...especially enjoy the Empire of the Hand.


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I promise never to do it 4641|\|.  smile


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I had read in the Thrawn trilogy that Outbound flight left during the clone wars...I think.  I've got to read that new book, but it's too darn expensive for a hardback.  I'll just have to wait...Zahn writes some of the best stuff.


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"There is no dark side."

Seven years later...

"Yes there is."
           ---Luke Skywalker


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Definetely.  There's a bucketload of useless Jedi with no purpose to the story but to die. 
What I really would have liked to see is Jorus C'boath fighting with the Jedi in the arena.  Would have been an excellent chance to tie the prequel era with events in the Thrawn Trilogy, but George would much rather ignore it as much as possible.
Would it be so hard for him to use good expanded universe material?


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Miba wrote:

Actually Jaster Mereel said that. But I think Boba uses it too?

JasterBoba BobaJaster they are the same...or are they?
No, they're not.  No wait, yes.  No.  Yes. Definetely...not.  Maybe.
That was a fun topic on the old boards.


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Miba wrote:

I didn't mind the Droid Rebellion part, but I didn't like when he took over the Death Star.

I thought it was funny when he messed with the elevators while the Emperor was in them.  smile

As for Dash, he also shows up in at the end of a graphic novel, "Shadows of the Empire: Evolution" or something, in a bar talking to Xuri.

Miba wrote:

There's always ways around continuty errors. And besides, Jeter is no where near as bad as Barbara Hambly is. 0_0


While I did find Boba Fett's personality to be somewhat different in Jeter's books, the only part of the story I seriously disliked was what he did with Zuckuss.  He completely ignored the established character and created a whiny little coward with no apparent conection to 4-LOM.


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KudarMubat15 wrote:

Finally, someone who's screen name equals or surpasses mine in greatness... smile

Yep.  Cept I'm still alive and you're not. 


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Miba wrote:

It would also be cool to see how Wuher (I think that's the right spelling?) got a job there, or where Chalmon is since he's never really seen that much?

Wuher is spelled right, I don't think that's how Chalmun is spelled...

I agree, it would be nice to find out more about these two individuals.  The TFMEC short story about Wuher was somewhat odd, from what I remember...something about Greedo and the perfect drink.


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Admittedly, he is probably the darkest Jedi in the Jedi Order.  I just don't see any ambitions for taking the galaxy for himself.  Shatterpoint is a great book, BTW.

Not even a hint?
Boba shows up at a          where Han happens to be, but Han                       at first, but then all of the sudden                   
and a terrific battle ensues. Ultimately,          wins.

Those of you who havent, just read the NJO already.  I didn't like it at first, but I now enjoy it more than most of the older books.  It's a lot more interesting when well-established planets and characters are destroyed.


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Ursula wrote:

His plan was to kill his rival sith, and take on the apprentice, and the upcoming role as Emperor himself.

How would killing Palpatine make Mace the Emperor?  He would be arrested or outlawed, despite his Jedi status.  He was not nearly as popular or politically adept as the Supreme Chancellor, and despite his natural dark-side inclinations (Vaapaad or whatever it is), a Sith Lord would not have hesitated for a second to rationalize his actions to Anakin and himself before killing a rival Sith.


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It's "Fear" in 133t-speak.
BalanceSheet is back, BTW.