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BFFC-Mel wrote:

Well I have enjoyed the Commando novels and look forward to the latest one.

Mind you, it's a matter of personal taste for me when it comes to her writing style, I don't mean to demean any of her fans. ^_^  But I do hate Denning to the ends of the earth.


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Life drawing?  I had to sit through three seperate classes that were all basically the same on life drawing.  sad  It's a pain in the rear, but it helps you memorize proportions and whatnot, so you do it instinctively.


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No, the watercolor I had to make from that piece looked like garbage. tongue  I suck at painting, lol.
Yeah, you spelled it wrong....D'harhan...everyone knows that. wink  That's just one of the many robots I spasmatically draw whenever I'm near a pen and a piece of paper.

I've been using Photoshop for...about four or five years now.   Which is kinda sad considering I still have a long, long way to go, but I've never taken any classes for it or anything (looking forward to next quarter though, I finally get a computer art class...).  And I've only been using layers for about a year now. XD
Do you have a drawing tablet?  If you don't, you need to seriously consider getting one, it's basically essential to doing anything digitally. 
Wish I had your urge to draw, lol.  I'm only now trying to get over a serious videogame addiction (no, it's not WoW), and I'm in the withdrawl stages right now.  : /  I need to spend more time drawing...
What's your school like?  What kind of stuff are you learning?  What do you hope to do with art?  ^_^  I've been curious, lol.


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I have returned.

Apologies to Lord Revan for not finishing the second rendition of his RPG character, but I assume that particullar character's been long-dead by now... anyways, here's what I've been up to since then.
Mind you, I haven't done any dedicated SW art, but since you all seem to like my stuff so much I thought I'd dump everything I did since I left, which isn't much, sadly.  I've been busy.

This one's actually pretty old, I don't know why I didn't post it here earlier. 

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … /Robot.jpg

This was a project for a class where I actually got to use Photoshop for once. 

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … final4.jpg

Please don't ask. 

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … rsize1.jpg

My latest avatar for social networking sites and the like.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … Return.jpg

Something for a thread at Relicnews forums.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … leedit.jpg

Something for my best friend.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … sfinal.jpg

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … ncpet2.jpg

Something to get critiqued at ConceptArt forums

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … bot1-1.jpg

and finally, a photoshop study for a watercolor that came out looking like garbage.

http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … pfinal.jpg

Hopefully more coming soon, assuming I quit being so lazy and actually get some work done...


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"Out!  Out are the lights, out all!
And over each quivering form,
The curtain, a funeral pall
comes down with the rush of a storm.
The angels, all pallid and wan,
uprising unveiling, affirm,
that the play is the tradegy man,
and its hero, the Conqueror Worm." 

Poe FTW.


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

Good luck Balance! I'd like to see your latest artwork, be sure to post it when you get the chance! I always thought your art was fantastic! <3 If you use deviant art, please let me know!
I haven't had much time to post here either. Unfortunately, I've been focusing on other things besides SW & Boba Fett...

Hey, thanks. smile  Can't wait to see how much you've progressed as well.

I don't use deviant art...but I'll try to get my photobucket artsite updated and let you have a look-see.  ^_^

What have you been focusing on?

draco fett wrote:

No. The spammers tried to kill the site, but the spammers failed, and were striken to the ground!

Most excellent. 

I might make myself at home then.... ^_^


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I won't go into a long rant about how I feel about Traviss (I believe I already did as such back before I left).  I dislike her writing style.  I dislike what she did with the Mandalorians. 
More so, I hate the fact that all the books out and currently in development for the post-NJO timeline are penned by a triumvirate of mediocre writers, while those with real talent are given the shaft for some reason.
Namely, Matthew Stover, IMO the best author to have ever graced the SW universe.

But my problems with the current arc are more related to the despicable Troy Denning than any issues with Traviss, suffice to say, I don't like her and I don't like what's she's done.  I don't give a rip if George approved her, George screwed up everything a long time ago.  I can't wait until more sensible heads are in charge of the expanded universe, the long-awaited day where I might be able to pick up a new Star Wars novel and enjoy it for a change.


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They still around then?


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Lucky you, you missed the "plauge of the annoying new people" we had five or so people from another site who came here to annoy the crap out of us.

Yeah, the last bad spammer I remember was Green Helmeted Fett...


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^_^  I'm just evil that way I guess.


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Sorry about the "spammage and inane topics." It's unfortunate when a small few can make the majority of goodness look less good.

*looks around nervously for Green Helmeted* 

It's not to say you haven't done an amazing job maintaining this place Aaron, your dedication and commitment are inspiring. smile I just favor more of a hard-line approach with repeat offenders who threaten stability...
All the same, I'll try to stop by now and then, but I'm going to be very sparse for about a year as I'm fairly busy...but hey, time flies fast.  I'll be back for good before you know it.  smile  It's nice to know I'm missed Maltese, Mel.  Hope you and the rest of the gang are doing well.


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Hey everyone...I know this is the third or fourth time I've done this for anyone who remembers, I just want to give an update on what I'm up to.
I had no internet connection over the summer, ergo, was unable to post much.  I've been back on decent internet for about a month now, but I'm sad to say, I've been moving on to other sites and haven't stopped by to comment on anything in a long while.
Partly because I've had a falling out with Star Wars in general after the mediocre new novels and my discontent with Karen Traviss's handling of the Mandalorians, and Troy Denning's ineptitude...
And also because, if anything, I'm trying to focus on improving my artistic abilities by joining art-focused sites...not to say I don't miss you guys a lot.  But the spammage and inane topics were kinda getting to me. 
So I'll try to stop by now and then and say hi, maybe comment on a relevant topic.  But for the most part, I'll be leaving the BFFC until I have sufficient free time between classes and work, and the expanded universe takes a turn for the better and reintroduces authors who actually know how to write well...all the same, I'll miss you guys. 
I'll be back someday. wink


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Wow...I've been away too long. 

Sorry I wasn't here when this was announced.  ^_^  Thanks everyone.


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Ooo, thanks for waking it up, I almost missed it...here's the oft-missing BalanceSheet.

Guy in the middle
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … rvived.jpg

My painfully embarassing graduation pic 
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … radpic.jpg

Me in my favorite place on earth, a dirty little town on the Baja. 
http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e20/B … Mexico.jpg


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

You have to have an Xbox Live accout, though,

Not if you play it on your comp. wink


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That would just be cheesy...but unfortunately, more likely since we saw Brock's rib cage explode in the blast.  : /  Unless, um, the REAL Eddie Brock will show up and meet a surviving fragment of the symbiote. wink


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The exoskeleton you can buy from the Rodian on the space station...haven't played that game in ages.


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Explosive rounds...hopefully enough kinetic and explosive energy to throw the Jedi off while you put a round through his skull. ^_^


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Drums.  Because he's just that awesome. 

(And because I play them...I'm only a little biased. ^_^)


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I was sick when I watched it last weekend...must be why I didn't have a problem with it.  ^_^  I agree that they butchered Venom, but that's about the only thing I had an issue with...huh. 

Normally Peter Parker dancing like an idiot would've made me die a little inside. 

Here's an interesting article about Spidey 4. 



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Heh...crud.  I'm so lazy, I'll get on these Photoshop binges and get a lot of stuff done, then I don't touch the program again for a month....can't say when it'll get done.  Probably not this week, but maybe late next week.  Sorry again.  I've got a lot on my plate with college and whatnot, and being sick doesn't help at all, lol.


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Heheh...I'm a complusive drawer, ie if I ever get a pen/pencil in my hand, I don't stop drawing for anything. ^_^  I just sketch out the general form of the figure (according to how they want the character to look), try to make the pose interesting, fill in the sketch with a grayscale color, use burn/dodge tools to add depth, add color as a seperate layer or just paint it onto the grayscale, and a few other tricks and techniques I've learned in Photoshop Elements...ie, this stuff is all original, I didn't just pretty up someone else's work. ^_^

@Revan: Sorry this is taking so long, something's wrong with my right eye....and I'm just a procrastinator in general, but I'll try to have another version done sometime today/tommorow.


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^_^  I go for a four-hour walk and all this when I get back, lol. 

As Fetter said, yes, whatever criticism you have, feel free to give.  I need to improve as much as possible, and the only way I can is by learning from mistakes.  wink My mistake with Firlov was mostly twofold....I screwed up the resolution somehow and I was working with much, much fewer pixels, and I still don't know how to Photoshop good eyes.  ^_^

Lord Revan wrote:

I didn't mean it was bad in any way, I just said that's not what I had in mind for my character. There is also no way I could do photoshop like you can. You do rock.

(Am I looking at this correctly? I am confused.)

Heheh, it's alright.  I've only drawn two things that I ever thought were really good; Orsusk and a picture of my grandmother that my art teacher made me chop up.  sad  So I'm pretty critical of myself, and I did make some big mistakes while working on Firlov, so I'm happy to do it again.

Thanks for the compliments everyone. smile  Much appreciated, though you should realize that I'm working with a tablet and a few years of Photoshop experience, so it wouldn't be too difficult for any of you to try some of this eventually. 

@Revan: This one's going to take a while, so I can't guarantee anything soon (between homework and other obligations), but if you want to make things a little easier for me, a really quick rough sketch of the pose/position you want him in would help me out quite a bit.  I know concept artists are usually supposed to just go with whatever they think up, but I'm a little hard pressed to figure out what exactly you're going for here.  ^_^  Thanks.


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K, I'll get on it....blargh, it took me 2 1/2 hours to do that, and it sucked, lol....need more practice Photoshopping humans, and I've got to start incorporating lines back into my pieces.... hmmm....I'm on it, nothing much better to do today.  ^_^ Going to try and use regular lighting this time, trying to make that cigar the lightpoint was hell.  : /


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This one came out pretty sloppy, I'm afraid...made some pretty big mistakes along the way, but oh well.  That's how we learn...anyways.