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Whee, I'm on a roll.  Conqueror Worm FRW.



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Heehee, thanks Manji.  big_smile


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Sev Fett wrote:

Is it supposed to depict a Crusader or something like that?

I wonder if the cross gave it away. tongue  Yup. 
Thanks all.


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Yup.  They're me favorite thing to sketch.  ^_^

Here's one more robot...and something else. 




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Heheh...almost finished with a four day workshop for concept artists.  It's awesome to watch professional digital artists at work. 



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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Ok i totaly agree, but, maby the mega trees dont happen near lakes? hmm? maby their further inland and its like a tree-valley.

Nonetheless, it's still like staging a battle on Coruscants ice caps.  Or a desert on Yavin 4.   You just don't get what the planet is really like, which especially sucks when the core concept is as great as Kashyyk.


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Goodness, more than can be counted...there's more than enough bleeping planets out there, you don't need to make up new ones all the flipping time.

Part of the reason Episode 3 bugs me, making up six new planets to stage Clone Wars battles on when using preestablished worlds would've made us geeks shiver with awe. 
Even Kashyyk was just another new planet with a preused name slapped on it.  Where are the kilometers-high trees?  The bottomless forests? 
*finds something to stab George's creative team with*


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I don't have names for either of em, actually.... tongue  The mummy is actually a duct-tape monster for something at Relicnews forums, and the faceoff is a concept for my final watercolor project.  I'm supposed to take the cover of one of my favorite magazines and paint a cover with a similar style...geeegh....so I grabbed a gaming magazine and decided to have some general type facing off an alien thing.  Watercoloring it's going to be a pain in the rear.  ^_^

Thanks for the comments. smile


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And here's some stuff I threw together today.




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Valthonin wrote:

?  sorry ive never read any of his work. I read about 2 chapters of one of his books and immediatly didnt like him. What did he do with Joiners?

He basically effed up most of the younger Jedi by having them spend some time in a Killik hive or whatever, where non-Killiks eventually become Joiners who are part of the hive-mind and behave like insects themselves. 
What's worse is that he made Jaina and Zek "mind-meld" or something where they think each other's thoughts and are basically one person.  That refers to itself as "we" and rubs it's forearms with other Joiners acting like some retarded bug-thing. 
Lesse...Jaina, Zek, Lowie, and Tahiri are the ones I remember being affected, though I know it was more.  Lowie's useless, but the rest already had great potential for further character development, specially Tahiri with her half-Vong personality.

But no.  That's gone now. 
Apparently, it's irreversible.  Thank you very much Denning.


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ie, making all the young Jedi flipping "Joiners" who rub their forearms together and act like bugs....permanently.

*looks for something to stab Denning with*


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I'm not saying I have a beef with Zahn, I just wish he'd occasionally use some other peoples material rather than focusing on his own creations, just to give more unity to the overall universe.  The stuff he makes is great, but it all too often gets ignored lately, and it feels like Zahn is about the only one who uses them/writes about them (The Chiss and Talon Karrde being two notable exceptions that have caught on everywhere else).

And yes, Thrawn is awesome.  I'm not discounting that. ^_^

What I mean by that quote is that, for example, Troy's Squibs are never mentioned outside of his novels, where they're almost main characters who show up repeatedly.  Elements of his Dark Nest books (Killiks) are fairly ignored everywhere else(except for the idiotic changes he made to several main characters that outright p*sses me off).  Zahn focuses on his own stuff, and he has a right to do so, but the Hand of Thrawn duology is a prime example of where the author should have used preexisting races instead of creating two new ones that are never mentioned again outside those two books, yet are apparently important enough to almost start a galactic civil war.
There's more than I could possibly list, especially considering I'm not up to date on anything happening in the EU.  My whole point is that authors love their own material above most anyone else's. I'd be the same way if I were writing, though I think these authors are making a huge error in ignoring the wealth of content that already exists, opportunities to build on preexisting characters and elements to make them deeper than before.  I'm all for author's contributing their ideas and creativity, though not at the expense of other people's work.  I would die of happiness if I saw just one of Jeter's original creations from the Bounty Hunter Wars appear anywhere else in continuity.


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This is an issue that's been bugging me for a long time...and a big part of the reason I've lost interest in the Star Wars universe for the most part.
You ask why so many interesting characters get created, and then are completely ignored outside of whatever publication they were introduced in.
To sum it up, most authors don't give a rip about anyone else's material.  They'd rather make their own crud than use preexisting elements.  The best examples of this would be the work of Timothy Zahn and Troy Denning, for those of you familiar with their work. Every story they write features elements that aren't found anywhere else in the canon, not even mentioned offhandedly. 
Granted, Zahns work is quite more permanent than most other authors, everyone's familiar with the Chiss and his pet character, Thrawn.  But every novel he writes is completely dedicated to the subjects he's created, and he pretty much ignores anything else out there (ie, Hand of Thrawn duology features a conflict between two races unmentioned anywhere else in canon, that throws the entire galaxy on the brink of civil war). Though again, Zahn is talented enough to get away with that, and a lot of his work is central to the EU universe.


But I would stab my eye out rather than sitting through more of Troy Denning's insufferable garbage.  If you want to know who's responsible for the dissappearance of quality characters and elements in the SW universe, he's a big part of that problem.
Simply because he does exactly what Zahn does, but lacks the writing talent or creativity to pull it off.  And sadly, he's handed commission after commision for pumping out more of his trash.  Killik Twilight, the shallowly idiotic Squibs he seems detirmined to make main characters, and other annoyingly uninspired elements are the centerpiece of his work. 

/end rant

The crux of the problem is, authors are just too pompous to use other people's material, and feel compelled to make their own stuff--the end result is a universe full of one-time, shallow characters that are ignored even if they're a good concept that could work amazingly well given the proper exposure (namely BalanceSheet, though I admit I am a little biased ^_^).


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Also, Balancesheet, when you tune in again, do you do commisions of Anime characters?

The BalanceSheet would love to take any commisions.  Especially paid ones. tongue

But he'll do it for free too, he needs more practice anyhow.  He just can't promise when it'd be done.
If you want something, go ahead and fill out the specs of your character/whatever so BalanceSheet knows what to draw. He'll get on it as soon as finals frenzy is over for him. sad


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I've never played Halo.    tongue 
It's actually more inspired by Warhammer 40k Ogryn weapons. 

I'll be recoloring this piece over the weekend, now that I know a way to deal with the problem I had.


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I got somewhat lost around the fourth one...things just got a little wierder than usual. 
But I'll pick it up again when I find a decent library.


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I've only ever read half of the Dark Tower series....please, no spoilers though. tongue


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I'm too lazy for that. tongue 

Someone enlightened me on how to deal with the layer problem I had, so I'll probably be recoloring it when I get some time.


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Colored the chicken. 



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BobaFett243 wrote:

didnt D'harhan have like a huge tail to balance the recoil of his head gun thing?

It's not D'harhan, it's just a random robot. tongue

Daenna wrote:

That chicken is so cool big_smile reminds me of the giant chicken in Family Guy, if you know what I mean. You plan to color it?

lol, I stupidly forgot to layer the thing when I was working on it, so it's just a sketch....but yeah, I'm probably going to try and color it later today, I'll just start from scratch. ^_^

Here's something I threw together for a friend.



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big_smile  Thanks, that means a lot. smile

I was a bit fustrated with the Sith because Zbrush doesn't like to import into Photoshop nicely...I actually had a better painting of it that got lost.  And I couldn't get rid of the grey background....oh well.
You should give Zbrush a try sometime, if you can....it's a sweet little program.

And for no particullar reason, a chicken. 


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Sweet, Wacom's the way to go. 
I've got some little Hanvon thing, but it's about the same methinks.  Good sensitivity and it can usually keep up with me.

Wishing I had 1800 bucks for an Intuos.... sad  Twenty inches of monitor to draw on......
*drools over keyboard, is electrocuted*


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Daenna wrote:

Speaking of colors, today I learned how to do "digital painting" with a pen tablet and Photoshop.

Ya mean...you didn't know how to do that before?  O_o
(...Ima need to practice more.... ) 

What kind of tablet you got?


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Excuse the poor quality, first time using ZBrush.  It's got a bit of a learning curve.... : /



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It's Bill Watterson, not Jim. tongue

And yes, he is awesome.  Great poet, not just a great cartoonist.