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I like your poem, it put a smile on my face. "forking all the money, looking for a honey", good stuff.
how to draw a tattoo

green helmeted fett wrote:

Boba Fett Flying through the air
Boba Fett shooting at a hare
Boba Fett working for jabba
Boba Fett waiting for a cabba ( cab - taxi )

Shooting at the bounty
Looking at the Roundy ( sharpy's roundup )
Forking all the money
looking for a honey ( lover )

Lifes so boring
for a mandalorian
Nothing to do
not even a shoe

My name is Boba Fett
my pad ( place - house ) is not to let
My name is Boba Fett

Han Solo is a saddo
so is his friend Lando
My name is Boba Fett

P.S - i made this up, lol. Hope you like it! smile P. P. S - I like your poem, ST! , very creative! big_smile

Oh, ok, I hadn't even noticed the date I was just impressed with the artwork. Thank you for letting me know.

BFFC Admin wrote:

Hi bobagirl91. Welcome to the boards! Eurycea posted that artwork in mid-2009, so they might not chime in to reply to you.


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I watched AVATAR, and I freakin loved it! I think I actually liked it more then I like New Moon. I can't wait to buy it on blu-ray I heard the movie was going to hit shelves in April or May. learn how to draw

Really nice drawings. How long have you been sketching or drawing?