It's Sad that Karen Traviss will not be writing Mando books anymore. She is the one that has made the Mando's who they are. She will be missed.   I for one like the Clone wars mandalore block.  I love that the Death Watch made an appearance. But I agree there should have been a little bit more back story on the relationship between the dutchess and Obi.


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They seem like sweet Ideas cant wait to see all the finished costumes.


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My opinion is that Fett was about honor and abiding by the contract.  He was always out to finish the contracts and always delivered. He was never bribed out of a contract that I know of. Not that the bounties did not try. He was duty and honor bound. He was just a bounty hunter doing his job. To call him evil would be to call a solgier evil. Just because he was good at his job, he still had honor and respect. If he was evil I don't think he would have had the Rep he had.