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I am not in any of the Military services. But I have a bunch of family in the Airforce. I really appreciate the armed forces. They risk their lives every day to make sure we are free. I for one would love to say thankyou to all of you and hope you come home soon. Be safe.


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Sorry for your misfourtune.  I remember my truck getting Vandalized in highschool. We were lucky to catch them in the act. They had to pay for the damage and go to jail.


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1 - Xmen Origins Wolverine  ( cant wait for the Dead pool movie)

2 - Blade 2

3 - Iron Man


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I am Married. I found the right one to put up with my Star wars Obessions. I put up with her Twilight Fetish and she puts up with the star wars stuff. Though I am more obsessed than her.  It drives her nuts sometimes but she doesn't show it to much. But to all of you that are single, That is fine too. It is not all about having a bf\gf or whatever it is being who you are


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Miba  Bing is a decision engine from microsoft. It is really great. I love it.  Yeah they call it a decision engine instead of a search engine. depending on what you look for it narrows things extensively


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You have a point that is why Snake would have to angle the knife under the helmet. But you got to love the box!


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Thanks I will have to check it out


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Erasure, and the Legendary OINGO BOINGO!!!!!  Also love 5 Finger death Punch, Metallica, etc.


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R2D2 of course.  Then I would say IG-88

I have made a few from the 501'st at book signings.  Also I have friends at work who have become Fett fans after I answered questions about the Fett figures I have on my desk and enthrawl them to his history.   Now people from work  come up to me and comment about things like the Clone wars Mando episodes.  I am known as the one to ask about anything starwars at work. Kind of cool.


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Right when I first saw the Bounty hunter on Empire Strikes Back. I almost cried when he went into the Sarlacc.  I was overjoyed when I found out he blew the sucker up to get out. Kudo's to Dengar for nursing him back.


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Im parcial to bing. I seem to find what I want without to much trouble.


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The Jet pack with the rocket. Second I would have to say the flame thrower.  Cause hey smores when ever you want. Not to mention you can fry anyone.


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Master chief vs Solid Snake? I would definetly love to see that match up. Hands down Solid snake would win. Master Chief would enter the ring wonder about the box in the ring turn his back and Snake plunges the military knife under his helmet!  GAME OVER!!!!!!

Mine would be Mace Windu Vs Yoda

Duel would be awesome.  I would love to see more of Mace's fighting style VAPPAD!


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So is this a must read or a must skip title. How do you guys rate it.

Well in the EU he spends a lot of credits to have his leg looked at. Im sure that costs a pretty penny. Not to mention all the contacts he has through out the universe that he uses to get the jump on Bounties. Also the money he pays the port authorites to look the other way when he lands. Not to mention the money he uses to modify his weapons and slave one.


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I bow to you! That is an awesome bar.  Those statues are so awesome. Like it was said I wish that was a public bar too I would love to see it.  Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Fett II for the great name generator.  Also I like to play more then Gm an adventure. But I like to Gm for my son he is 10. Is there any ideas on how to simplify a game for some one that young. I play characters to help him out. But how do you simplify things so that someone that young can understand?


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I am a Guy!  I for one like that this board is a great mixture of both genders. I love the opinions from both. They tend to give more insight from both genders.  If that makes sense?


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37 going on 16 my wife says

I would have to say his honor and Morals. The way he sticks to a contract and never gives up till he gets his Bounty.  I would say that he is like the modern day Samurai for higher.  He never cares what others think about him it is always about the job. The person that hired Boba, would always know that the job would be done and not be worried about having Boba double crossing him if the Bounty offered him more money to let him go.


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Great Mando page Sola'lor. I also put it in my bookmarks. I also recommend the karen traviss Mando guide.  From her website that was mentioned before. Really awesome


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The only thing good that came out of the holiday special was the Fett cartoon!

I would have to say Boba Fett as well. Because he is the man. But then I would say Kal Skirata. ( Even though it is not cannon any more) He helped to train the clone army and from him come the cool clones like FI, Darman, Ordo, etc.  just my opinion though.

It's Sad that Karen Traviss will not be writing Mando books anymore. She is the one that has made the Mando's who they are. She will be missed.   I for one like the Clone wars mandalore block.  I love that the Death Watch made an appearance. But I agree there should have been a little bit more back story on the relationship between the dutchess and Obi.