How about that old lightsaber the Death watch leader had? Never seen any like it it was cool.


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Yeah it was Weird Al Yankovich. If you haven't seen White and nerdy you sould I recomend it.


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LOL ! I loved the youtube video Mandal. Thanks

I would say Empire Fett. That is the first time I thought he was cool and when every one was being Luke or Han I was always Fett!


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Love first. Money second. But love and money would be nice. I am married so you got to know it isnt money. LOL


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I always wanted a dog named Boba or Fett. maybe someday


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I like in Weird AL's video white and nerdy. There is a part where he buys the Holiday special from a dealer in an Alley. He pulls it out of the Paper sack I laughed and Laughed.

I dont tend to preach the Fett to often. But I love to discuss Boba with other Starwars fans and will do so for hours on end.

I would have to say the Revenge of the sith battle between Obi and Anakin


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Also it would matter what color of uniforms the Trek guys wore. If they did not think and wore red than They are goners. Everybody knows the red shirts are cursed. LOL


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Depends if their is a sith master or Jedi master helping out with a Battle meld. If a battle Meld is going on there is no hope for a Starfleet ship.


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Starwars would win. Because hey Fett, Deathstar, The force.  And like they said on Fan boys the characters in starwars arent gay.  Picard " Make it so" One of my favorite lines from Fanboys. if you haven't seen it you should it is funny.  Hey it was a quote I have no anomsity towards trekkies!


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Vader though it would be a good fight


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Bossk would win.  Greedo was an idiot. He let Han take him out.  " Han Shot first"


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Hey I loved the movie. Also Star Wars was represented. Ray Park played Snake Eyes. If you dont remember who he is he played Darth Maul in Phantom Menace and Toad in X-men.


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My two favorite that tied is

" Put Captain Solo in the Cargo hold."  Or " He is no used to me dead"


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Mine would be a toss up between barney the Purple dinosaur and The teletubbies

My wife watched it. I for one did not care to see it. I havent even seen the first one. I dont plan on it.

I would be a perfessional game tester or compete in Video game tornaments.


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I work as a Tech support agent.  I would also like to say that a full time mom is the hardest job around ask my wife. They work harder than any of us.


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So I am married with little money is there a way to make an Awesome looking Fett costume without spending alot to do so?

Read star wars books and other fiction.  Play Video Games and watch movies


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Utah here.


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Comics: all kinds image, marvel, DC,  Darkhorse what ever.  Also collect Yugio cards and other trading card games like Magic.


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Just rented it today. I cant wait to watch it