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I have a ritual I go every year to HAlmark in October and get the Starwars Ornaments. I swear since they have come out I have spent hundreds apon hundreds on them. They are the coolest.


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Probably play my Playstation. Or go and read a book.  Plenty of Star Wars fiction out there to last forever.


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Bad idea Karson. What happens if she forgets Her purse. Besides jokes like that always backfire


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I was going to rent it at the video store but it was rented out. is it worth getting? Cant wait for Alice in wonderland with Jonny Depp. It looks awesome


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I like Wheaties.  I remember eating a ceral when I was younger it came with a C-3P0 mask. I think it was called C3P0's any one remember those?


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I loved Fanboys as well. Man when they finally meet red 5 and she is like 10 years old I thought I was going to die. And the pressed hams I love that. Also the tattoo of Jar Jar and the pimp saying he was going to be awesome. I laughed so hard.


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Just saw Zombie Land. I could not quit laughing. The way Woody is always searching for a Twinky.  Just great. Probably not as good as shawn of the dead but it was great.


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Your write that is what fast typing and 2 kids do. Distractions distractions. Thanks for putting me straight.


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It can be brutial. Especially when you have to spend 10 or 15 minutes trying to explain what a recycle bin is. LOL


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Im not to far from Salt Lake City. In fact if you know where the amusement park Lagoon is ( If you can really call it that) I live right by it.  I love to ski in the winter.  Did watching the 2002 winter games that were held here make ya home sick?  Where in Utah were you living?


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Lol !!!!!


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I like all your avatars.  I have been using mine for awhile and have grown sentimentally attached to mine. What do you all think of it?

I could improve the twilight series, Just throw it into a fire. Big improvement. LOL just kidding.  My wife would kill me if she read that. She would whack me upside the head. LOL

I would say Bossk. I mean he killed his dad to try to get ahead in the bounty hunters guild. Not even Boba would do that.  I still think Boba is the best hunter though.


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Boba of course. He could totally take his father in a fight. Boba is more of a survivor. When the chips are down that he could die he turns it around and becomes the victor.


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I would say Slave 1. But on search and destroy missions I would have to say a modified tri fighter like Jagged Fel Flew.

Bounty hunter. Because hey it is Fett. Republic commando is cool too. But Bounty hunter is better

It will never die. It may go to the way of Books and Eu but I dont seeing it die out. There are to many fans out there to let it die.

Hope things go well Terry. I myself would love to see this new film. Hopefully things workout. let us know

You are right Mandal The grievous history is false. The way you told it was how I had heard it back when Grevious was first introduced. They should retract the histroy that is on cartoon network and apologize for the misrepresentation

Maybe we are all stuck in an alternate time line or what if comic senario. I myself just enjoy star wars and look over this. Think of this as anothers interpretation. Also whatever happened to the other Mando's that Jango had train the clones could it be possible they came back to reform the Mando's?


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This movie was awesome.  Made me want to tour the Skywalker Ranch. I wish I had a Van like that. R2 on the top.  Oh and hitting the Trekkies with the pressed ham was a classic.

Loved the chicken as Fett. Peter's natural nemisis. It worked. Just wish the chicken would have had a brawl with Peter for old time sake.


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Can't wait for the 2n'd The first Force unleased was awesome.  Cant wait to see how they top the first.

Bring on the action Tv show. Bring on Fett I can't wait to see how awesome they make Fett in the TV series.