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It is good. I am going through it for the 2nd time. Wanted to see how the true jedi one turned out


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Yeah the commando books could have been better. I agree.


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Me too! And it makes for an Awesome Christmas tree too. Just need to get the Yoda tree topper.


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Sorry did not think! Sorry

The Lando and the HAn books were a great read. It is cool to dabble in the back story of characters.


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How about something in Huteese!


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Boba does believe in the Force. He just doesn't think that it is that big a deal. He is a mandalorian that is all that counts.


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Nice Helm.


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You can pick up the first 10 episodes on DVD.  I dont know about this Stargate. I am used to Atlantis or Sg-1


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I would say 360 over PS3. Alot better games.


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Also Chrunch berry Captain crunch. The one without the other stuff.

I agree they should have let Jar Jar die under the Sepratist tank.  It was him who gave emergency powers to the Emperor. He should have died just for that.


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Best ride at the Disney parks.

Well it is kind of funny. A rich guy like that. You would think he would have swung by a place like corusant ( Sp) and picked up something. Cause hey Han wasn't going any where.


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1 - ROTS

2 - Empire

3 - Clones

4 - ROTJ

5 - New hope

6 - Phantom Menace

I would love to see 7 8 and 9.  I would love to see them make a movie after The heir to the empire.  Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a cool movie.

Clones of course.  Because hey Jango fighting Obi, and Yoda kicking butt with a lightsaber. Man that was a long time coming too.

I liken this new generation of fans to the jock riders of football teams.  When it is good they jump on the bandwaggon. When it starts to get bad they jump off I see that happening here. If it gets to that point maybe it should die out so it does not get ruined.  You know retire with Dignity.  ( Not that I want it to happen)

It was a great read I loved it. His books are always good. He is an awesome writer. I have a few books signed by him and he has always put something funny about the book in each one. Great guy.  He has a few other non Starwars books that are really good. I recommend Hero's Die. But there is alot of blood and gore so if you're not into that don't read but that book is excellent.

Alternates would be

1- Wedge

2 - Darth Vader

3 - Scorch

4 - KAL Skirata

5 - Darth Maul

6 - Revan

7 - Bardan Jusik

1- BobaFett

2 - Grand Admiral Thrawn

3 - Bossk

4 - Bane

5 - Exar Kun

6 - Aura Sing

7 - Jagged Fel

8 - Chewbacca

9 - Luke Skywalker

10 - Mara Jade


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I feel that there are good and bad about the books.  For one the language Mando'a would not have been created.


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I am waiting for this MMO I think since Bioware made it it will be better than the sucky Starwars galaxy game.  Thats the game where anyone can be a Jedi.


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Old school I would say Rogue Squadron. The latest would be Force unleashed or KOTOR.


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I want to get the new Boba Fett voice changer. It is supposed to come out some soon.