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I think Boba and Jango would win. Jango would distract master chief as Boba Fett sneaks up on Master Chief and plants enough Thermo Detonators on him to blow him to kingdom come.  I mean if one of those Covenanant Weaklings can beat a spartan Boba can.


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I would at least go out honorably. I would challenge him hand to hand no weapons. Maybe if I impressed him enough he would take me as an apprentice then we could hunt down the person who put the bounty on my head. Either was I would die with honor instead of running away like a coward.  I would die but I would have my honor.


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I would love to go. Dont know how the wife would take though. LOL


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How about Crimson Wing. A cool dragon name.


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Thanks for sticking up for me Miba. I have no idea who this Masterchief guy or green person is.  Like I said I like to talk starwars to any one who wants to discuss it.  Especially BobaFett. I am glad there is a forum that has so many interesting things about Fett. I have learned alot reading each of your posts about Boba and his life.


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I don't know why they made Jar Jar a senator. Was he the smartest Gungan. If so that is really sad.


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Hopefully the last commando Book will be great. I am dying to see how the books end.


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Yeah you are right it would be hard to move.  But I like to get out of Utah every so often or I go nuts


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I at least get one every year. It is a tradition


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I have heard of them. Have not listened to them are they really that good. are they worth a listen too or are they a disapointment?

No way! My son was about that age and we got him one of those toy build your own lightsaber kits. We enjoy playing with them all the time. He is 10 now

Well it came down to him realizing that the working for the Vong would be harmful to Mandalore and he had the honor to put his world above his own.  Duty and loyalty to his world.

Boba I think did stand for justice. Which is why i wonder why he did not wear black Armor. Stands for Justice.  But I guess the Green fits with the job he does. The Duty of it all.

Cool. I never really knew there was an actual story behind it.

I met Mark Hamill, I have met Mathew Stover who wrote Splinter of the mids eye at a booksigning, And Timothy Zahn. ( I count those two cause they write starwars. )

I would have to say Mara Jade Skywalker, Daala, Ashoka Tano, Oh and then probably Leia.

I would say Boba feels the same way about the force that Obiwan thought about blasters. Thinks it is uncivilized. He would rather go toe to toe and test his skill then stand back and force choke them. Anyone can force choke some one, but it takes a master like Fett to do the capture right.

I read the same thing that he wore his fathers armor but just modified it.


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She might move with you.  -- Sorry forgot to add this before I closed my quote.


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Man thats got to suck. You shouldn't let that stop you. If you want to move back move back. There are plenty of places that are a way from Saltlake then your mom would not feel like that. Or hey say move with me.


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Haven't been really following it. I think they should have kept up with Atlantis.


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No I am not a spammer. I just like to talk. I love to talk starwars and give my opinion. I even got most talkative in my Senior class. I like talking.



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I got SITH!!!!!


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Maybe get some sleep instead of being up all night playing games like imperion.