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I like Beckinsale for Bastilla, I like Nathan Fillion for Carth, Gerard Butler, Jason Statham, or Vin Diesel For Canderous, Ray Park for Revan.  Samuel L Jackson for Jolee. Christian Bale as Calo Nord!   Maybe Dolf Lungren as Darth Malak  ( every movie needs a dumb jock guy,) Mission could be played by The same Twi'lek that played Aayla Secura Amy Allen.  Peter Mayhew as The wookiee Zaalbar


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Best of luck to you. I hope the Movie works out.

Yeah Sharra always a classic and the best one too!


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Can't wait to see the new Star tours when it comes out.


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I believe he was just an oportunist! Not evil.

I say he takes it or leaves it. As long as it doesn't interfere with his bounty collecting. Now he would support stem cell research and gun laws. But I pitty the person who tries to get Boba to give up his guns.  ( big disintigration)


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I would say either Apoo, The guy from the comic bookstore you know the one who says ("worst thing ever" ) or probably Flanders. He cracks me up.


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Effiel tower is nice, or the Swiss Alps do some skiing


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Thats ok BFFC-Mel

I am 37. I am already 1 foot in the grave. But they will not get me without a fight.


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I would say the drive of Boba fett the wisdom of Yoda, and the loyalty of R2D2.


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Hey BFFC - enjoy the little ones why they stay little because they grow up so fast.


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I like that as well. I think that he is a good strategist in the way he thinks before he does. He never goes head strong into anything with first thinking of a way to accomplish that skill.

Mandalorian would have to be my favorite. Followed up by the 501st


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Well said Ralin. She did have some flaws but I as well tend to focus more on the good she did then the bad.

Cad is cool but to compare him to Fett is a joke. Fett is 10 times the hunter Cad is.


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I think they need to stay neutral unless they threaten Mandalore. If they do fight against them then most of the merc trade would dry up considering the empire does hire alot of mando's to track down bounties.

Still would be good to see I miss standing out side in costume waiting to see the latest Star Wars movie.  Playing hookie ( Wookie Hookie) the next before to camp out and all day after because you are so tired.


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So is this bane before the Creatures that attached to his skin or after. ( I forget the name of them) They were the creatures He got when he went to the sith temple to search out the holocron on the Kerriban


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Yeah now that you mention it it does sond more like a ship.


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The new Star Wars book Cross Current. Just started it


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I would say

1 - Big Bang Theory

2 - Fire Fly

3 - Battle Star Galatica


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Don't know if she could handle all of us Fett fans in one area. I think she would try jumping out of the car.


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I agree with ya. Kal feels guilty about the abuse the republic did to the clones. That is why Kal and Vau took their clones and went into hiding and have been there to help other clones defect.


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Well  hopefully some one will see the mistake that the mandos have become and try to fix it.


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I say they teach Batman in the way of the Jedi and together they kill Super Man. Dead this time no coming back.  Super Man is the total waste of a super Hero