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Indeed. Too much of a good thing just wears it out, and I would very much hate to see people lose interest in Boba because Lucas makes another stupid mistake and makes a Fett tv show (for the record, the other mistakes were making Greedo shoot first, the scene with Rystal, and Episodes I, II, and III).


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Don't berate others for learning, Mr. TW.


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From what I understand, the problem wasn't about Fett. Now control your language, if you're going to, against my serious insistence, keep going with this, at least be civil. Really, for the "glorious hero" of the flame war, and the one who says SciFi and Yautja were foul-mouthed, I dare say your language isn't a huge improvement. Wait, he's got a whole post of you cursing at them, so I definitely know yours isn't an improvement.

SciFi was the catalyst that improved ARC's grammar significantly TW, and probably a few other people on this site, I think he mentioned the name 'boba dude' as one. Especially in the RPing section, this alone is a great improvement, stop being so negative about it.

Innocent? No ma'am, soldiers are never completely innocent, no matter their cause; I think SciFi was the one who told me that one too. And neither, TW, are you, except for the very important fact that you are nothing like a soldier. Soldiers deal with things themselves, don't cower behind their words. They stand tall, and fall that way if they have to. Semper Fi.


It means always faithful. Faithful to our nation, to each other, to the cause we serve."



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I'll do that. Understand, he's got a rough way of teaching, but it works.


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True Warrior wrote:

Well..........they DID do bad things, but I now see beyond that from reading from al lot of other's opinions and point of views. I just wanted to stop the whole thing, but he WAS mean to specificly ME.


He was mean to people that either deserved it or provoked them first. You weren't quite important enough for them to focus wholely on you. I've delivered your apology to SciFi, and he said that apologies don't get him back on the site. Apologies don't remove the stain your lies put on his name. Apologies don't fix anything. You still bring it up, and the war, his ban, and this continued argument are all your doing.

On my own personal note, don't expect him to apologize for doing what's right. He made sure everyone who deserved no respect got what they had coming, and though I wasn't here to see it, I believe he was good at it. I told you to end it with my post, awhile ago. You didn't listen. You still think you defeated them, which is a lie. You think you were the good guy, which is a lie. The staff banned them and you started it all, don't twist anything.

Man...I was trying to be calm. I had a perfectly clear and civil point, and told you to drop it. Then, just like you did with SciFi, you didn't listen. You never listen, you think you're special so you get the last word. That's not how it works. You're a Mando Warrior rank, big deal, you're nowhere close to in charge here; you whined enough to staff to get him banned, honorable victory right there. You provoked him, and this entire post I'll probably regret later is posted because you provoked me.

Now, I'm going to try and hold my tongue from what I want to say because I love this site, and as much as I respect SciFi, and the idea of going down fighting, I'd honestly rather not go down at all. So, if you're like me in the sense that you truly want to end this, you end it here. You posted something last time, referring to the little conflict the staff saved you from. If you really want to put this behind you, then you don't even respond to this, don't mention the war, and don't claim that you beat them, ever again.

((If the staff dislikes the idea of me relaying SciFi's messages, thinking it's a way to dodge the ban, I can assure you this is the first and last time, SciFi made it a point for me to tell you that.))


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He said someone should TW, he's not saying there's going to be one.


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Sorry to tell you, but I didn't like your fire guy much either. It was all kinda choppy and on its own. But forget it, this isn't a critique thread, let's forget about RPGs.


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The archives....it's all here. The Plague, The Battledome, Imperial Garrison, everything. It's incredible, I'll be up for hours reading all this.


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Cool, thanks for telling me.


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BFFC-Mel? Are you the one SciFi RPed with in the Battledome? He saved a couple of his posts on Microsoft Word and sent them to me, and from just those two I can tell it must have been awesome. Sci said it reached 9 pages, that's the longest I've ever seen! I hope you join some RPGs again, I want a chance to see what the old ones must've been like. The ones we have now are badly written or dead from inactivity, so far as I know; we need a revival.

Well, welcome back, I'll tell SciFi that you're here again.


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draco fett wrote:

Can everyone just stop mentioning them? They are banned, we all know that.


Semper Fi soldiers, Semper Fi. If I recall correctly, this was their first forum too, I'm sure they were just as dedicated to it. So unfortunate how the rules are always against the good guys.

And Ph34r, when did you have a problem with SciFi? He's told me about some wanna-be RPer named RyanBelton, Maltese Kentaiba (who, judging from what I've been told and what I've since seen, has improved immensely, though I'm no judge); and of course True Warrior, Bobadude, MandalorianSpy, and Arc, who I'm not even going to mention any further. SciFi's my friend, and I risk a ban if I speak my mind about those four. But anyway, what did you do to earn the wrath of SciFi, Ph34r?


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Hands down. It would take only one if he got close, fifty is a slaughter.

Alright, make room for the zombie expert:

A disease known as Solanum kills the host after being transferred from a bite or scratch, resurrecting the dead cells and effectively taking control of the person's nervous and muscular systems. The shell is left with only the most basic motor functions, and an unexplained desire for living flesh. The primitive mind that controls the zombie does not have the coordination to do anything more than a slow shamble. They cannot climb, run, walk quickly, or do anything that requires coordination from multiple body parts.

NOTE: While the newest Dawn of the Dead movie was excellent, the zombies did possess the ability to run, if any of you feel that they should be able to do so, you'll like the movie. For me, a traditionalist fan of zombies, I found the running one of the few errors.


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I love Atlantis, it's my new favorite show since SG-1 lost Colonel O'Neil (Richard Dean Anderson). Favorite character: Ronin, craziest guy ever. Favorite episode: Not sure of the name, but the recent one where Ronin gets hunted on his homeworld, and slaughters a ton of Wraith. Where McKay gets shot in the butt.


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Right, you definitely don't spam.

Oblivion wrote:

-we've both killed lots of people...

OMG! You sound like SciFi!!!

Well, if they have a perfect replication of sentiency, and a heuristic processor that allows them to learn, they're really not mentally different from a humanoid, perhaps even superior. Whatever part of the mind controls intuition, perhaps it can be created unintentionally by the blending of algorythms or complex programs. I'm far from an expert at AI, but just throwing that out there.

I know he had an incredible gift for intuition, a common trait of the Gand if I remember correctly, but I don't think he was Force sensitive. I read it awhile ago, but I'm pretty sure 4-Lom did manage to experience intuition.

Now about the original topic, no, I don't think it's possible for Boba to be Force sensitive. In the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, a person gets darkside points for doing evil deeds, no matter the intentions. Anyone can get a virtually limitless amount of Dark Side points, but only a person with the Force Sensitive feat can have more than 5 Force Points. The RPG is not a reliable source to invoke here, as I can make a character, have him kill a few babies, and have a ton of Dark Side points to spent. And on the point of droids, they can earn Dark Side points but not Force points in the RPG. Unless a person is Force Sensitive, the DSPs only go towards alignment. But if you want to go by the game, does he have the Force Sensitive feat? Does he have more than 5 Force points? I'm not gonna get my Core Rule Book out, but I don't think so.

And besides, he's had too many direct dealings with Force-users for them not to notice any Force Sensitivity. And where would he get it from? He has no Force heritage, and while I know a Force sensitive child can come from non-Force using parents, it's highly unlikely.

Now personally, I think the idea of mcs is completely idiotic. One of Lucas' mistakes that are becoming much more common since Episode I.


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Atinvod wrote:

StarWars Fanboys vs. Trekkies. My best friend is a Trekkie, I'm a Trekkie, but we both like StarWars. Most people I know like both, I've never seen either genre of Fanboys go after each other.

This one Trekkie though, I almost hit him after he said Voyager could waste a Star Destroyer with about 4 torpedoes, along with the Death Star and pretty much every other craft in the Star Wars universe. Maybe not Trekkies as a whole, but that one almost screwed himself over.

And the movies make James Bond into more of a Rambo, without the ridiculous amount of muscle. The bad guys shoot about as well as a stormtrooper, and if you think in terms of if the movies were real - why doesn't this guy get old?


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Then find some great and glorious quest to go on, restart the Mandalorian War by himself or something, do anything that includes both killing a ton of people and dying honorably, if at all.

But the family part...justice needs to be done, and The Oh Flanneled One shall pay.


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Atinvod, judging by your avatar shown at the top of this page, I'd guess it was more of a Valkyrie missile frigate from Starcraft: Brood War than a swaying tree.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I'm sorry but this movie looks like CRAP. Nascar is THE dumbest sport alive, if you can call it that. Normally I like Will Ferrell but uh-uh. I am NOT going to see some retarded redneck Nascar movie.

I've never watched a race in my life, but the entire movie was hilarious. You don't have to like Nascar to enjoy the movie, you just need to 1) not like gays, 2) appreciate white trash, and 3) recognize that some stupidity is comical genius.


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Eh, I never noticed he left.

And TW, your inbox is full, I received a delivery for you. However, it appears you'll have to wait until I get back, as I'll be gone for about a week.


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That's go fish, not poker.

And TW....try not to make another useless post like that. I'm beginning to see how you got mandalorian warrior so fast. cough*spam*cough.


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****. Bjor cursed to himself, instantly losing the confidence he'd felt while formulating the attack. He'd forgotten all about the hostage, and throwing her into the mix just made everything more complicated. A stray shot or grenade from any of them could ghost her as surely as one of the guards, and while he was no diplomat even he knew it wouldn't help improve relations with the Kalderastians, and might go so far in the other direction as to lead to war.

"Any ideas?" He whispered, which wasn't much of a challenge for him. There wasn't much to be done, unless they scrapped the entire assault they had thus far and started from scratch. "Orsusk, feel up to extracting her beforehand or even during the attack? We might be able to spare one more, possibly Mari, if you think it can be done."

That was it, he had no other idea how they'd manage to get her out. And if they couldn't, that left only one other alternative: carry out the assault, and claim the princess was collateral.