Finally, a dream come true. Mandalorians in TCW series! Ever since I watched the Season Two trailer (fall 2009) I was so excited how this would turn out. So last Saturday I watched it on the Internet. Here's my review:
-Positive stuff:
Return of the Death Watch! Yeah!

This episode introduces a number of new characters and vehicles to the SW universe, like: Satine Kryze, Pre Vizsla, Mandalorian fighters / shuttles / speeders. This is good, since I would have hated it if they would not have put anything new in it. This also expands the things we know about the Mando's so far.

Connection to the Old Republic Era.

The Darksaber. In the beginning I though this was rather cool looking, a Death Watch dude with a fricken' "black" lightsaber. Now I still think the saber is awsome, but a Mando with a lightsaber? No, that's not "Mando-ish".

Pre Vizsla. Awsome looking guy with his cape and all. His quotes were great in the episode, especially the one about the Death Watch and his ancestors. I also liked the part when Vizsla shot a fellow Mando, after he failed to kill Kenobi. Not that I like it when Mando's get shot :-P, but this demonstrated Vizsla ruthlesness. Btw, I hate his face and only like him in full beskar'gam.

Death Watch armor. Amazing design. It's a bit of a shame that they did not add rangefinders, but still they look pretty cool to me. And I think not all Mando's should have to have them, a bit diversity never harms.

New weapons. The blasters look great and fit nice with the armor. They also make the same sound as Jango's pistols.

The Death Watch bomber. It's a nice detail to make him speak Mando'a. (Well actually it isn't even really Mando'a. It was a Concordian dialect of Mando'a.)

-Negative stuff:
The New Mandalorians. You can not be called a "Mandalorian" if you are some pacifist group that hates fighting or any type of aggression.

Duchess Satine. The character wasn't that bad actually. They only screwed it up by making her the "Duchess of Mandalore". If you lead Mando's, you are the "Mandalore" not some stupid "Duchess".

All the people on Sundari (the city on Mandalore you see) look alike. They looked like clones, come on!

Unfortunantly, this episode contained little about the stuff we already knew about Mandalorians. It was all new. This does not have to be a bad thing, but the new elements were just crappy.

The verdict:
Good episode, but the New Mandalorians screwed it up.