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Ah, I see Draco Fett.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.

However, I do not believe that Wicca has any sort of "evil" intent.  Last time I read anything about it, it dealt with natural powers etc.  Seems like an ok belief system to me. smile

To Sev Fett,

  Yes, the ten commandments are a good rule of thumb, and to not follow them is ridiculous.  I would hate to meet the kind of person who breaks all the ten commandments.  I doubt even Boba does lol

-Kel Solaar


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draco fett wrote:

Baal, the Horned God, etc.

In my humble opinion, those who worship evil have no place anywhere. 

I dont get to go to church very often myself.  I am Roman Catholic, and I havent stepped foot inside a church for four or more years. (Bad I know...)

The last time I went to any sort of place of worship was with my ex-girlfriend in a synagog. (She is Jewish.)

I wasnt sure how I would be welcomed there, being Catholic and all, but they were all very friendly. smile

Kel Solaar

Really cool game it looks like.  I will be getting it for sure when it is finally released.  Havent had that much time on my hands lately, so I am sorta "behind" on games and the Star Wars univers.

Kel Solaar


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I wonder if Boba has those blades that Jango did in EPII?  I thought those were pretty neat and handy.


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Wow, so much has been going on in the time of my absence.  Glad to know you guy's (and gals) are continually upgrading and improving the BFFC forum/website!  Kudos to ya'll!


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I was one of the first to run out and get a first gen iPod back in the day lol.  Loved it then, loved it now. (Key word loved.)  I quit using my iPod after the screen got all scratched.  Now I use my phone or my Zune. (Which I hate, but better then my phone.) 

Btw: Sorry for being gone so long.  Get caught up in work and my free time is far and few between!


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I was in the Boy Scouts when I was about eleven.  I didn't care much for it.  I did better in the military though wink


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I'm sure I spam as well.  Sometimes it is rather easy to go off topic. Almost like real time chat. One minute your on one subject, the next something else.

But if I've spammed, please know it was not my intention! 



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You sure know your math Dageen smile  I like Jim Carey, but only as Ace Ventura and The Cable guy wink


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Happy birthday ya'll!


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I was thinking about the Chat room, and it's annoying we can't see who's online in the room.

If you go http://freewarejava.com/applets/chat.shtml <- there, there are some free java applets for chat rooms. Many which allow you to see who's in the chat and some other functions. (Makes it work in IRC style.)


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wizardofcars wrote:

Just grown up with better toys.

LOL!  Seriously, the advantages of being older certainly outweighs the disadvantages of being younger! Like better toys!


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HALO 3!!! I loved the first one and the second, and number three will have it's own map maker!

Star Trek Online (Looks really good.)

Half life 2:  Episode 2 with Portal

Force Unleashed



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SD_Chick wrote:

We're naturally social beings?!? Wow, this is news to me!
(if you ever meet me in person you will realize there are exceptions big_smile  )

All human beings are by nature a social being.  If you have conditioned yourself to be asocial, then that's a bit different is it not?

And I believe that if you are going to start dating, then it should be by at least age sixteen.  Then you have your learners permit or whatever and hopefully a part time job.


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ARC Fett wrote:

dont you think she said that, because Next year, she might not plan that far ahead. Nice post though.

Thanks.  But you'd have to have read the note yourself to fully understand what she meant.  She did mean it as just a year thing.  I had even asked her about it and she said "Well, isn't that how long they last?"  But I suppose we both were too immature.

Like I said, some things aren't meant for some people!

You just have to find what makes _you_ happy.


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And to be fair in Jango's defense, his background hasn't been covered in such detail as it has been with Boba Fett.  So there may be many stories that we haven't yet heard about that would blow Boba's sarrlac adventure out of the water, and then again, maybe not.


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How about seamless "Planet to Space" battle?

Let me explain.

You start on the planet or a star ship.  You can either fight on either.  But if you want to take part in the space battles, just hop into a ship or something and fly straight up into space and join the battle there?

Adds realism imo.  Just think, you get a call on the ground saying that they need backup in space, that the Capital Ship is being over run.  You then run into a smaller ship and take off and fly through the battle to your ship in space.

Another thing, I'd like to have the opportunity to lay down like in SWBF1.  I missed that when being a sniper in SWBF2.

And how about adding a couple playable droids for the Empire? Like those big recon droids that Chewy blew up?. (forgot their names.)


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SD_Chick wrote:

I don't think one's life should be defined by someone else.

Very true SD_Chick.  We are our own persons.  However, we are also human beings which is naturally a social being.  So it's only natural to feel lonely at times.  But what makes you feel good in the end is what's important for your well being.

  I haven't had a girlfriend now for a long time.  At times I feel pretty lonely, not having someone I can sit and talk with, or cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie with.  But hey, this is the course that I chose, and when it comes down to it, I'm pretty happy.

  Sometimes, having a mate isn't really what it's made up to be.  It can be a pain, and it can be very hurtful.  I remember when I was younger, I didn't understand why people had girlfriends.  I thought to myself "They are only going to break up again, there never getting married so why not wait?"  I suppose I thought that your only bringing pain to yourself every time you hook up with someone and breaking up with them a short time later.  I never understood really.

  And I remember my first girlfriend, Kathryn.  Cute girl.  Very sweet.  But I remember in a little love note I had gotten, it said "I can't wait for all the fun times we will have this year."  It sorta hit me, that she had no intention of being with me for longer then a year.  I found that a waste of time and broke it off.  If you are going to put a time limit on such matters, then what is the use?

  And every time I get with a girl, it usually ends up with heartbreak on my side.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I suppose I "fall in love" too fast, too soon. 

  But oh well, some things aren't meant for some people.


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Saw it at EBgames the other day.  Bought it right away, even though I have Republic Commando from before.


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Delta Three Eight all the way.  Then the rest of the guys, sev, scortch and fixer.  Then Cody.


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Well, considering I was born and raised in the U.S, I may already be one of those "the evil many who live in the decadent West."

Not all Americans support Bush.  I was, however one that did. (Keyword, was.)


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I currently reside in Norway. Although I am half American.  My father was American while my Mother was Norwegian.  Dual citizenship.


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I have pictures of the sub, but they're laying in boxes.  Plus I don't use a scanner so that makes the task so much more daunting.  The B-52 is one bad son of a gun!

As I said ARC, use your imagination!


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Civilian contractor for the Norwegian military.


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Nice pictures, thanks for posting!  Sad to see the SR in such a bad shape.  It seems they've updated the place since my last visit some six or so years ago.  You should see the sub, really interesting!