Dageen Fett wrote:

Dark blood red and and bobas green mixed in would be awesome looking i think

Thats basically Fenn Shysa.

I don't know it's like nobody likes him

Regimas wrote:

i think durge,

invincible and has awesome armor :D

yeah durge is awesome because he hates jedi. But he hates mandalorians so i dont really know.

I like Boba but if they had other mandalorians i would have liked them better.

I'd go with Verpine shatter gun and Westar 33 pistol.

Jango's totally worthy hes alot better. If he had a giant scratchthrough the middle of his armor.

Mandalorians are awesome.


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Don't you think mandalorians should fight the empire. In 501st Fenn Shysa was making a small army on mandalore but you never see the army. Don't you think they should fight the empire?


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Id have to go with Jango because he has cooler armor, he pretty much taught Boba everything, besides he killed jedi with his bare hands.

ee-3 wrote:

Five letters for you... B-L-A-C-K with white around the black visor.... Oh Yeah!!! big_smile

Boba still has my favorite armor on though since I've never actually seen this kind of armor. And to "mando316" I don't even think it is a real set of armor anymore, just bits and peices of any armor parts he found. BUT he put them together quite nicely. big_smile

I agree.

Ghez Hokans pretty good to.Its like red,grey,black. Kinda like Rav Bralors but Ghez is a boy.

I like Walon Vau's personally and how do you add pictures.