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I am a huge fan of Shock and Incideniary weapons. As for the type of guns I use are usually Pistols, Revolvers and SMGs. I use Rockets the least. I only use snipers when I am on top of a building or structure. My favorite guns are the anarchy's.


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It's fine. The whole idea was to curb plagiarism on the forums, and it doesn't seem like the help you gave could lead to it .so it's all good.At this point, though, I do prefer to see where the student stands in Alice, like how much they already know, before I start dishing out code examples. For example, someone who's never used Alice before wouldn't know what the Functions Tab is or where to find it, and I'd need to include that in my help post in that case, whereas someone who knew what it is and where to find it would consider it a waste of words and possibly  an insult to their intelligence.


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I don't think I've watched enough (good) Marvel movies to make a top 10 list so mine will just be a top five.

1. X-Men
2. X-Men 2
3. Spider-Man
4. X-Men Origins (I'm a sucker for Wolverine)
5. Spider-Man 2 (Spiderman isn't my favorite hero but I gotta admit the movies were good).

All other Marvel movies (that I've seen) aren't worth mentioning . I haven't watched Iron Man yet so my list may change.