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The part where Columbus and Tallahassee first meet had me laughing. Columbus picking up that motorcycle to use for cover was funny stuff.


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Post your gear you have. For example mouse, headset, keyboard, any special PC Speculations, like a hyped cooler, motherboard or something like that. Post pictures if you can. I'll start.
I have Razer Mamba mouse, G15 keyboard, Dell 24 inch monitor, Logitech headphones, i7 920, GeForce GTX 285, Windows 7, 6 GB of some type of RAM, and an USB desk fan.


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I'm playing Borderlands at the moment with a friend and am loving it!

But I need another game to play single player so what would people suggest in the Action RPG niche?

Gears of war is another one of my favorites because of the game-play but doesn't have the RPG aspect... Also just finished splinter cell and am looking forward to the next due to the strategy involved... can be frustrating sometimes though!

I used to be into fantasy type games like Diablo but haven't found any to be all that great on 360... yet...