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Name:Jaccoba Zanen
Weapon:Blue Lightsaber, knife made of animal horn and the Electric Force
Looks:Hair reaches below the waist with orange skin with white pigmentation around his eyes with his montals at 1 foot. He wore infantry clothes with driving gloves on with rubber combat boots strapped tight with his tail sticking out of his pants.
Acts:Very honorable but at the same time curios
History:As a child he often hunted using a make shift knife out of an animals horn, at the age of 15 he was sent for Jedi training.

Jaccoba walked through the mess hall knife ready and sharpened to the teeth. He passed by some of his comrades at a table when suddenly...BOMB!!! The door busted open and the soldiers flew across the room holding on to there necks, Jaccoba used his lightning force and zapped away at the door way hearing screams and yelps. The door way cleared up as Jaccoba screamed "Show yourself you coward!!! Or il' zapp the life out of yah!!" the lightning zipped across his hand and began to walk closer to the door... BAMB!!! Jaccoba flew back to the wall and fell flat on his back, he shot back with full power he herd a woman yelp were he shot, he got up right away with his lightsaber out coursing with lightning. He ran to the door to get a better look.


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Sorry Miba I didn't mean to spoil the story's.


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Je'karta boba all ready had a kid and she hates him then she had a child but she liked boba and they formed an alliance.


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Hey Je'karta it's me Droideka im just in a different "body" i wanna talk to you about the weapons


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Alright then i'll start looking for better starwars information, and im glad we found out the solution i thought you had something against me


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Miba i have got most of this from wookieepedia, im not just sitting down and going "neijkbsg" mostly all of the wookiee stuff is all screams and animal stuff so I thought would be an appropriate language and for the Ewoks they usually mumble and make little sounds. Im going to fix my name ok.


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6:00 PM central on Saturday or Sunday i guess, what ever is good for you guys


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Now, children we will learn about the next language, Ewokese! Yeah! lol, sorry for the double post but I just decided to do another fury creature, the Ewoks! Here are some Ewokese vocabulary.


    * Aargutcha (ar gooch ah) - Pull
    * Acha (ah chah) - Okay, all right
    * Ad'am (Adam) - Underwriter
    * Ah (ah) - And
    * Ah-ah (ah ah) - Water
    * Akeeata (ah kee ah tah) - Hear
    * Allayloo (ah lay loo) - Celebrate
    * Ando (an doh) - Forward
    * Arandee (ar ahn dee) - Listen
    * Azar (ay zar) - Magic


    * Beechawawa (oh my)
    * Begoopa - (see yeha)
    * Bingee (bin jee) - Guide
    * Bi toto (bee toh toh) - Direction
    * Bok chuu-ock (bahk choo ahk) - Far away


    * Cha (chah) - Them
    * Chak (chahk) - Yes
    * Che (chee) - Free, as in liberty
    * Chesl (chess uhl) - Bring, fetch
    * Chim (chim) - three
    * Chiotto (chee oh toh) - May I have...?
    * Chiutatal (chy oo tah tail) - Moon
    * Choo doo (choo doo) - Enough
    * Chop (chop) - Got
    * Chu (choo) - one
    * Chup (chup) - your
    * Chuck (chuk) - Much
    * Churi (chor ee) - Mountain
    * Chyasee (chy ah see) - Help
    * Coatee - Celebrate
    * Coatee-cha (kote tee chah) - Celebrate
    * Coki (coke ee) - nine
    * Coro (kor oh) - Can you...?
    * Cupee (cupp ee) - Cap, as in an ice cap on a mountain


    * Danthee (dan thay) - Maybe
    * Danvay (dan vay) - Be careful
    * Dee fratta (dee frah tah) - That's, that is
    * Deej (deej) - Father
    * Den (den) - No
    * Dengar - Attack
    * De oppra (dee opp rah) - Upper, top
    * Doo - Night
    * Drik (drik) - Happy
    * Drin (drin) - Sick
    * Dutak (doo tok) - Arrow


    * Ee chee wa maa! (ee chee wah mah) - Wow, gee whiz! Oh my goodness
    * Ee choya! (ee choy ah) - Hey
    * Eedada (ee dah dah) - Over
    * Eedeeza (ee dee zah) - Ten
    * Eee (ee) - We
    * Eekeekeek (eek eek eek) - Forest
    * Eekeetuhkuh (ee kee tuh kuh) - Axe
    * Eetee (ee tee) - Long
    * Eleeo (ee lee oh) - Never
    * Eleeoth (ee lee awth) - Far
    * Ehda (ay dah) - Evil, Bad
    * Ehshtee (esh tee) - Give
    * Ekla (ek lah) - Big
    * Enenah (en en ah) - Where
    * Entzahee roda (ents zah hee roh dah) - Cook
    * E s'eesht (ee seesht) - Kill
    * Etke (ett keh) - More


    * Feef (feef) - Plant
    * Fektur (fek tur) - Medicine
    * Fic (fic) - two
    * Freet (freet) - Sister
    * Fruk (fruk) - Brother
    * Fulu (foo loo) - Circle


    * Geetch (geech) - Push
    * Gleeg (gleeg) - Drink
    * Glek (glek) - Sad
    * Glowah - Glory
    * Goo - Light
    * Gooka (goo kah) - Shelter
    * Goonda - Food
    * Goopa (goo pah) - Hi
    * Goot (goot) - Good
    * Graks (graks) - Monster
    * Grek (grek) - Hands
    * Grenchicit (gren chik it) - Hold on
    * Gunda - Good, or exclamation of a good event
    * Gyeesh (gyeesh) - Please


    * Heth (heth) - Pond
    * Hoji (ho jee) - four
    * Hutar (hoo tar) - Danger
    * Hveetin (he veet in) - Glider


    * Jad (jad) - Down
    * Jadgreh (jad greh) - Foot
    * Jarat (jah raht) - Branch
    * Jeejee (jee jee) - Face
    * Jeerota (jee roe tah) - Friend
    * J'voo (ja voo) - eight


    * Kash (kahsh) - Show
    * Kla (klah) - From
    * Kna Naa (kuh nah nah) - Spirit tree
    * Kra (krah) - Ready
    * Kreeth (kreeth)Cave
    * Kush (koosh) - Who, What
    * Kvark - Oh no


    * Loktok(lok tok)-Greetings
    * Lulalar (loo lah lahr) - Sing
    * Lungee (lunj ee) - Lost
    * Lurd (lerd) - Dumb, silly
    * Lurdo - Loser
    * Luu (loo) - Beautiful
    * Luufi (loo fee) - Flower


    * Manna manna (man ah man ah) - Food
    * Meechoo (mee choo) - I
    * Mookiee (moo kee) - Female baby Ewok, Wokling


    * Na-chin (nah chin) - Tribe
    * Na goo (nah goo) - Stop
    * N'dla (nah dla) - six
    * Neetuhl (nee tul) - Early
    * Ni gata (nee gah tah) - Where is...?
    * N'la (nah la) - five
    * Noroway (nohr oh way) - Which
    * Nuv (nuhv) - Love

    * Oh (oh) - Too
    * Ooba (oo bah) - Rain, Rainfall
    * Oodeed (oo deef) - Sweet
    * Ota (oh tah) - To


    * Paamuk (pah mook) - Power
    * Pibooka (pih boo kah) - Clearing
    * Pola (poh lah) - Polar
    * Powa (pow wah) - Power


    * Reh rehluu (reh reh loo) - Dance
    * Reshee (resh ee) - Map
    * Roda (roh dah) - To eat
    * Rueenee (roo ee nee) - Ruins
    * Ruha (roo hah) - Hit


    * Seefo (see foh) - Hurt
    * Sheeu (shee oo) - Name
    * Shetai (sheh tie) - Warrior
    * Shodu (sho doo) - Mother
    * Sirut (seer oot) - Door
    * Siz (sihz) - Fire
    * Sku (skoo) - Hello
    * Sleesh (sleesh) - Berry
    * Sta (stah) - Now
    * Stoja (sto jah) - Station
    * Sunee (suh nee) - Sun
    * Sut (sutt) - Soon


    * Ta (tah) - The
    * Tal (tale) - Sun
    * Teeha (tee hah) - Thank you
    * Teeket (tee kett) - Heart
    * Thees (theess) - Good
    * Theesa (thee sah) - Baby, child
    * Thek (theck) - Here
    * T'hesh (tuh hesh) - Quiet
    * T'hesh te (tuh hesh toe)-Quiet Now!
    * Thuk (thuck) - Rock
    * Toe (toe) - Now
    * Too - Fight
    * Treek (treek) - Go
    * Treekthin (treek thin) - Journey
    * Treeta Dobra (tree tah Doh brah) - Council of Elders
    * Tu (too) - The
    * Tyatee (ty ah tee) - Come


    * Veek (veek) - Quick
    * Voo (voo) - seven


    * Weewa (wee wah) - House, home
    * Wegoopa (wee-goopa) - Goodbye

    * X'eef (zheef) - Ground
    * X'iutha (zhoo thah) - Important


    * Yah wah - Power
    * Yayath (ya yath) - Jump
    * Yeh (yeh) - Old
    * Yeha (yee hah) - Good bye
    * Yehan (yeh han) - Peace
    * Yesh (yesh) - Right, correct
    * Yiyult (yeye yult) - Cup
    * Yit (yitt) - Thing
    * Yub nub (yubb nubb) - Freedom
    * Yubnub (yub nub) - Hurray
    * Yud ehda (yood ay dah) - Alas
    * Yuf (yuhf) - Climb
    * Yungyet (yung yett) - Nut
    * Yun yum - Very good
    * Yupyup (yupp yupp) - Rejoice (regoicing)


    * Zeeg (zeeg) - In
    * Zehg (zayg) - Out

Ewokese was a primitive language, Ewokese had no written form. Ewoks were able to learn and speak other languages, including Basic. Yuzzum language is exactly the same as Ewokese leading to believe that Yuzzum's are related or took it from the Ewoks.


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I'm from florida so every day is a spring day. I wore shorts and a tank top to the beach, on Christmas day!!!!


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I found this topic after I came to the chat room maybe we can start scheduling are chat rooms, does that sound like a good idea?


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I actually made half of it up, it wasn't to hard since they usually just howl growl all the time. It came to me when i watched Chewy talking and just filled up his words with things I thought he would say. I find it fun to make languages and see if people catch on.


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This is a page were people can make or learn about different star wars languages, I got the idea from another post called "speaking Mando'a" most of you would call this sealing well i dare say no, that post was for Mando'a but this one is for all languages such as Wookie, Gungan, Herglic, etc. Many languages were all ready made but many weren't. Since i made this Topic I will start off with my favorite species, Wookie!

Common words in Wookie (Shyriiwook)

* haaag ("doorway")
* awa ("go")
* yo agaaha ("headache")
* yaag ("how")
* muawa ("no")
* ohh haa ("okay")
* wuahh ("what")
* huaahh ("when")
* muaahh ("who")
* ah wu aaa ("why")
* uma ("yes")
* hrrrrrnnnn ("right")
* ur oh ("thank you")
* yuow ("good-bye")
* kourasaa ("coruscant")
* oid ("droid")
* yurinal ("journal")
* muaarga ("peace")
* rooohu ("you")
* wwrcahwowhwa ("friend")
* rahool ("fool")
* rah-rear rahh ("come here")

Sentences in Wookie (Shyriiwook)

* Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. ("Hello. How are you?")
* Huwaa muaa mumwa. ("Can I buy you a drink?")
* Wua ga ma uma ahuma ooma. ("I think my arm has been pulled out of the socket.")
* Youw. ("Goodbye.")
* Kabukk ("Ancestor", "councilor", or "guide"; a common suffix to many Wookiee names.)
* Wyogg, ur oh. ("I am well, thank you.")
* Ruh gwyaaaag. ("I am a friend.")
* Roooarrgh ur roo. ("I have a bad feeling about this.")
* Hnn-rowr yrroonn nng rarrr!' ("Long live the New Republic!")
* Rrargrarg? ("Can I ask another favor?")
* Rowr ahragh awf ahraroww rowh rohngr grgrff rf rf. (approximately: "He says he's a Jedi Knight now.")
* RRRrrruurgh! Arrggg! ("I'm not happy about this situation.")

Counting in Wookie (Shyriiwookk)

(1) ah
(2) ah-ah
(3) a-oo-ah
(4) wyoorg
(5) ah wyoorg
(6) hu yourg
(7) muwaa yourg
(8) ah muwaa yourg
(9) a-oo-mu
(10) a-oo-mu wyadfadsfa

The Wookie language is mostly of growls and howls.The whole point was to make it difficult for outsiders to understand. The Wookie vocabulary is of hieroglyphics, no real images as every Wookie uses different images to explain story's or battle plans.


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Hi, I'm Jaccoba the Wookie. Even thou I'm not a mandalorian bounty hunter I hope I can be of service to the community.