Saw Jeremy yesterday at a local comic book store, he was very nice and very interested in what I had to say.  I had him tell my Wife that you could never have to many Boba Fett items, she disagreed with him.  Whatever, worth a shot coming from the man him self.  My local paper had this article about him visiting with a young little boy who had cancer, he was very busy yesterday, but took time out for the little guy and never acted under pressure to hurry the line up. … 963f4.html


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Again, has been forever since I have posted.  I love to look at everyones collections and see all the things I need..... tongue   Plus I really love to see how everyone displays their pieces.  If it is Fett, there is no wrong way...LOL


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It has been awhile since I have been on the boards, but I had to comment on your collection....IT IS AWESOME!!!!  LOVED IT and enjoyed looking through your pictures.  I have a huge collection also, but just havent arranged it as nicely as yours, you have inspired me.  I look forward to posting pictures so other people will get their collections together also.

I got the one from Spencers....I think it is pretty cool.


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Either way I love it.  Thanks for the links, getting ready to order mine.

Makes me want to run right out and get a Blackberry!

Ate lunch with Jeremy at C IV.  It was AWESOME.  Such a super nice guy, his Wife at with us also, she is super nice also.  Can't wait till C V, hope to get another chance like that again. smile