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Too Much?


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Well I was thinking the helmet and Chest armor would be kinda camo. Different shades for different areas but still camo.
For instance,
Te parts of Boba's Armor that are green would be a green camo like the Clone troopers in episode 3, or the rebels camo on Endor in episode 6. The red parts in the same type of camo but in shades of grey and black.
Whereas the arms and legs would be a varied assortment of colors and types sort of pieced togeather like a patchwork quilt. Well... Except for the forearms they should still be that black and grey camo. And the camo armor sorta chipped and dinged like Boba's.
I guess like a lower ranked Mando that started out with just helmet chest and back armor and forearms, and since then he has been adding to it over the years with stuff from here and there.


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You get my email on here?


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Lots of guns and holsters yes. But how do you do crossed strings of bullets when your weapons dont shoot bullits?  wink lol


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I am a soldier. I am new. uuuhhhhhhhh....   Been a big fan for a long time just never knew about this site. I posted a couple of things today before I saw that I was supposed to post here and introduce myself so I kinda did it on the avatar message board. oops.


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If I may...
Not everyone who has a following is a hero, plenty of villians have followings.

Fett is more of an anti-hero, much like the Punisher. If you are willing to accept the expanded universe Fett becomes the leader of the Mandalorians, he acrues a mass ammount of respect, and he is revered as one of if not the most dangerous men in the galaxy.
He is a hero in that:
He devoted a great many resources to stabilizing the planet Mandalore after the Yuzzhan Vong. And he has a great many attributes to be admired, which is part of being a hero.
He holds himself to a personal standard that he never deviates from no matter how tempted he might be.
He is a BAMF
He is not a hero in that:
He is not motivated by a greater cause, but rather money.
He is technically a mercenary.
He has no alter ego. (Like Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne)

However the Fett is not the sort of character you can truly compare to any one. He is unique. He is...     Well he is the Fett.


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Hey there everyone. I aint really computer savy but I am a fan of the Fett, and I could use an avatar I guess.
I think though I would like something a little mor origional (No offense intended to anyone).

I was reading the legacy of the force series and they made reference to the fact that not all mandalorians wear matched armor. They will sometimes take pieces of armor from fallen enemies, allies, family members, and for a multitude of other reasons.

So I guess my question is... Does anyone know who could put togeather an image for me consisting of armor from different periods, different colors, different ammounts of damage etc. ?

If so I would appreciate it.
(I apologize for my horrible grammer and spelling I am from Arkansas. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.)