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I say "the Fett" cause it is a habit I picked up since I named my cat for him. See having a cat named for Boba has changed my speech patterns. Now I feel worried.


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Is it alright to name a Pet for the Fett? I named my cat for the Fett, but that was cause I know that names affect the outcome of how young mammals turn out. I just wanted to make him more Fett-like. But... Is that... understandable? Am I a loser or am I too geeky? Should I shoot the cat and start over? I dont want to...
I like having my own Fett...
But I feel conflicted...
Am I depreciating the Fett by naming my cat for him? Am I making light of a personal hero?


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hey, Droideka

Check your messages by going to the top of the page and hovering youer mouse on the "Community" link. Then scroll down to the "Message Board" link.
Click on it and then when the page loads scroll down to where in huge bold print it says "Message Borards"
There is a a horizontal line of  links including "index" "User list" "Top Members and topics" "Search" "Profile" "Messages" and "Logout"

Click on the one labled "Messages"
Then it SHOULD display your messages from me.
Read the one called "A time to fight and a time to watch"
(Or the second one)
Let me know what you think.
Sorry for posting something off-topic.


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tachyonblade wrote:

I think Ecko is waaay overrated. I mean who really hasn't thought of SW clothes they would like to create? He is just a rich guy that has backing. I don't think his stuff is that great at all.
Maybe this is just sour grapes but I studied fashion in grad. school so I am coming at this from an oblique perspective maybe. I mean, yeah, it's great to have more SW/ BF stuff out there. But he is making it trendy. And that means that in a year or two it will be uncool. That's how the cycle of fashion works. That's the difference between fashion and style...fashion is a temporal phenomenon, but good style is always cool.

I dont mind if it is "trendy" because after all the idiots get done with the "trendy" phase it makes for good savings for us dedicated fans.  I got a T-shirt from wlamart that was marked down from like ten bucks to like four cause it wasnt "trendy" and more. and I LOVE my chewbacca t-shirt

I think it is too our advantage when people like Ecko bring out star wars items.


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I vote we find this individual and string em' up. We had something bad happen in my unit and I got a lot of acclaim for my ideas on how to handle the situation. The chaplain thinks I am too violent.

Never met anyone famous from star wars but I was in a bar fight that started when a Buddy of mine spilled a pitcher of beer on Angus Young. After the fight was over we all had a drink with the band. It was the best birthday ever.


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actually this IS the new one. Someone put me in contact with aaron and he changed it for me.
And actually it is Mando'a and as my understanding isnt perfect it should literally translate to "Vengeful Heart"
Its always fun to make a name for yourself (Pun fully intended)
Anywho the more casual meaning would be "Someone to be left alone"  or  "Dont mess with me leave me alone and I will leave you alone"
It seemed like the sort of name a Mando would give to a child.


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Hey Regimas... you get the message?  http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/v … 126#p93126


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You could take out a hit. If I wasn't currently engaged with working for the goverment I would do it for free. What a jerk.


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you could have it attached to the inside of his forearm so that if he activates it it shoots forward into his hand, and activates the blade simultaneously.


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I think if I can be accepted (Which I THINK is going alright) you certainly can


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1900 or 7 PM


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Hmmm...  ok... How about a sniper weapon? Something with a fair length barrel (Most snipers use bull barrels which are usuall about three times as thick.) Sweet optics and a bipod. You could mount it on his jetpack somehow. I actually have some pics of a real sniper rifle if they would help.
I also wanted to mention low slung quick draw holsters, kinda like what Han Solo uses but with more of a Mando feel.


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Oh wow! Thanx! That is sweet.( sweet as in kool... I am a dude... and happily married... lol)


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Ok yes yes and hell yes... Yes to what? and yes to what? and hell yes to what?


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Perhaps bandoleers of concussion grenades? Or thermal detonators?


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I will be in the chat room at 1800 ( 6:00 PM for you civilians) Central time on wednesday December 16th.  Regimas if you can make it I would like to talk to you about your armor thing. I was REALLY hoping to talk you into integrating the shotos into your mando cause the Fett has and carries lightsabers and even has cause to use them on occasion. I think it would be kool.


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Once again... anti-hero.
Acording to Meriam-Webster
anti hero- a protagonist or notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities

Dont get me wrong I am a HUGE fan of the Fett, however I am willing to recognize that I am sometimes drawn to slightly darker characters (Hence my comparason to The Punisher) and I hold him in the highest regard. I am just saying that he is definatly an anti hero, he would be a hero but he is not an "Agent of good" he is his own man.
I have heard it said that weak individuals seek out stonger people to cling to. If that is true then the Fett is obviously not weak and as such a man to be feared. He is a true representation of the spirit behind the poem "Ozymandius" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

I would say that to understand the fett you should examine this classic piece of literature.

(Please note that I am not trying to be negative and that I am an Irishman descended from Mercs and people of a generaly unpleasant nature. I also usually indulge in the unreality of this site while slightly incapacitated by alcohol) smile:):) he he he

Most of the Legacy of the force books expose the Fett to be a man so ingraned in habits that he formed to keep himself alive it literally causes him pain to force himself away from those habits. He started out following in the footsteps of his father, and I think he is a classic example of "I did what I was supposed to do because I was supposed to do it".
I think he followed the example of his father in that he spent money on the bare necessities. The only time he doesnt skimp is when he is buying weapons, upgrades, and equipment. He started out just saving an increadible ammount of credits because he learned from his father that men who have wealth have freedom.
He did invest in a great many companies including Mandal Motors, Kuat Drive Yards, and also in several different long term investments. Most of this money he sat on because he didnt really have anything to do with it. As a Merc/Bounty Hunter he was never truly loyal to anyone but himself. As a result he had no greater cause to use his money for.
The newest books have painted him as being a bit more "Soft" and the reason is that no matter how awe inspiring of a person he is he IS still a HUMAN... Most humans experiance a myriad of emotions when they get to be as old as he is. He looks soft because he is looking back and wondering if he was right to hoarde all those credits, if he was right to never give up the hunt, if he was right live as he did for so many years.
He is basicly waking up to the fact that he was an amazing person but he wouldnt really leave his mark on the universe.
I like to think of him as still as hardcore as he ever was, but now he is getting old enough to look for someone to pass the torch to.
Just my take on it.


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Yeah but I dont know how to work it cept' when I am in a word document. lol.


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I am a Combat Engineer. I work for the army finding roadside bombs. I was a platoon marksman but that went to someone with more rank. I pretty much just do whatever my Lt. tells me for a living.


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Right on,
I aint much of an artist but I am one hell of a reshearcher/writer, (If you can get over my poor grammer and spelling, but what the hey... thats what editors are for right?)


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I am new here but it seems your chat room is rather dead so I thought I would creat a nitch where you could post a time for someone to meet you in the chat room and a topic for discussion. This way people who are interested in this topic can also participate if possible.

As the first...
Regimas I would like to talk to you about your new Spec Ops idea. Say... around 1800 tomorrow?


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I got a question for everyone...
Hey is it possible to change your username in here? I wanted to use one in Mando'a but I figured it would be taken... However, it seems that not a lot of people research Mando'a names on here. Not that that is a bad thing it was just unexpected.


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Awright I will try to find some free time this weekend.
Hey is it possible to change your username in here? I wanted to use one in Mando'a but I figured it would be taken... However, it seems that not a lot of people research Mando'a names on here.