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How bout a T-shirt. I would wear the crap outta a BFFC Shirt


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I havent been maintaining my usual meeting times as I said I would. For this I apologise. I find life to be a bit more hectic leading up to a deployment and this time around I have a wife... A prego wife...   Yeesh!
Anywho I will try to meet up with someone this weekend. Someone post a time and let the rest of us know and I will try to be there.
And Cecillia if you want 3pm mountain time I am totally down.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Huh your cat has the same exact personality as Toby, except Toby was VERY ferocious in his youth (most of my friends who would come over to my house were afraid of him...), though he slowly got better and finally mellowed out in his old age. Though, I think its purely because he got too old to be that mean.

I am glad your cat mellowed out that is a good sign. Mine hade a buddy of mine hiding in our spare bedroom...  This guy is a seasoned combat vet so for him to hide it has to be UGLY LOL


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No one came...
I waited for a while and even came back later to talk to you Cecilia... But I missed you... I am sorry...
Did you know there is a song about a girl named Cecilia? I dont mean to be insensitive cause the girl in the song is not that great but I totally wanted you to know that I recognized your name and I value you.
You have been very nice to me and as a soldier that is about to deploy I appreciate it.
Thank you


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Woo Hoo!! Chat room tonight!!! I will listen to you  Cecilia


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I will wait around just to be sure someone talks to you and you dont miss out on everything.


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All right everyone who is interested...     6 PM  Central, saturdays in the chat room. I will be there every weekend that I possibly can


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Hmmmm... Today I missed you and I am afraid that it was my fault... Lets pick a time next weekend? and maybe this time try to limit the conversation to Star Wars topics and try to include everyone present so that no one feels the urge to leave (Sorry I did that to you CeciliaCrimsondragonFett last time we were all in the chat room)


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I named my cat after Boba cause he is part Bobcat and well... he is rather like Fett. He ambushes people without forewarning and bites (gently without drawing blood like "I could bite you but I didnt try to hurt you" on the back of the knee) people. I dont know why he is so ferocious but I love it. I dont regret naming him as I did but I find it slightly disturbing that I have somehow changed my personal habits based on the fact that I named my cat after Boba.


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so when is good for you?


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Well I was there...  No one else was... I guess I will  see everyone some other time...

Life IS risk. I wish I had taken a few more. I am not saying to do stupid things I am saying to take risks and grab life by the horns. If that girl in the corner took a risk then she would have what she was intended to have. I tried to be conservative in too many ways for too long and wish I hadnt been the person sitting in the corner more than once. I think we all have. I am not saying to blow your life savings on a stupid idea or marry the next pretty girl you see, I am saying to reach out and grab life so it doesnt pass you by.

If you dont reach out and grab it it will skip you for someone who will. "Fortune favors the bold"
I took a risk and jumped, and now I AM married to the girl of y dreams. I am married to the person god intended and I love every minute of it. I love being the person who took a risk and jumped at something I sho0uld never have had. I love the fact that I finaly stepped out and grabbed life by the horns and accepted the fact that I was ready to get into something I didnt deserve.
I say dont live life by the book, all you will get is mediocre and what I have is SO much more than that because I reached for the stars... And now I am married to one and she is carrying my child.


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Aha!!! But this story would be about the child of Mirta, therefore his great grand child and set farther in the future than current literature


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Hey all these people have things on here like "Smuggler from bavaria" and I dont know how to do that... Any info ? Please?

Lampy? Who is lampy?


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True Christians should try to witness (not convert there is a difference) everywhere they have the chance.
I believe as you do Karson. I am a bit wild and rough around the edges and most churches dont sit right with me but I believe in god and heaven and hell. I believe that there arent enough people who will SHOW someone how to live rather than TELL someone how to live. Most christians would rather tell than show. I think you have shown remarkable bravery and strength to express your faith in a place where it could be rejected and thrown in your face. I would encourage you to accept others faith and to SHOW them a reason to be a part of yours. I have never found any writings (including the bible) that said we should chastise someone for having a different faith as they will most likely believe it fully. I think faith should be encouraged and that we should accept people more before we try to "Convert" them. Most people are chased away from christianity by the fact that christians are to judgemental.
I applaude your faith and strength and would love to see more people of our faith be more like you.
You have my props my young fellow.


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I will totally be there dude if you want to talk to me on IM I use Live Messenger

Karson Fett wrote:

Dec, 31 2009-
in the south everybody is thinking about the Bowl games. In the deep south, the New Years celebration is you favorite BCS football team winning their respective bowl game.

WOAH!!! Dude you need to get in touch!!! New Years is a day all of us Jonny Rebs Look forward too.  Its a chance to drink ALL the moonshine so next year it will all be fresh. Its a chance (if your not married like me) to kiss a bunch of pretty girls, and start a fight with the one person you can't stand then have a drink with him later.  New Years is like that thing they have in New Orlans but for non-cajuns. This is the time of year we get to cut loose and have fun and do all the things we meant to get done during the year.
Tell you what Karson... Your young... I want you to do something for me that I never did... You grab the purtiest girl you can find, and tell her that you have waited for the whole year for this opportunity then give her a big wet smooch, and grin like Davey Crockett tryin to get a racoon out of a tree.
Have fun dude. and remember something my sister told me when I was a kid that changed my life.
"Life is like a rollercoaster, so throw your hands in the air and scream all the way down"
Have fun buddy, cause you wont ever be this young ever again. (Don't do stupid things, I am not condoning drugs or any other life destroying habit, but enjoy life and LIVE it)
This is a life lesson for you from a soldier that has had to do things he hated so you could really live.


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Sorry I have been a closet SW fan for too long. I have read all of the books (Except clone wars era cause I think a lot of them are lame) so I always thought that was the only means of knowing SW. I have only just started getting to know the rest of the SW fan community. I discovered wookieepedia about three months ago and this website recently.
I started looking and poking around to do research for a book and thought maybe I could find sources for information. I am hoping to write a book about Boba that is more fan oriented. I like the idea of having the approval of the fans because Boba Fett is the only SW character that was resurected by sheer fan power. GOTTA love the Fett.
By the way if anyone wants to talk to me about the book I am thinking about putting togeather I can always use good information.
If anyone would like to talk to me about it let me know.


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Whats wrong with wookieepedia?


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Saturday is best for me


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I agree with Fett_II
I see his wisdom


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Neither is fett


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Anti-heros can have a following


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I probably shouldnt say this but...
I grew up in the backwoods of Arkansas, and one of our favorite past times was a sport we made up called "Photon-ball".  We would take a roll of cheap toilet paper, soak it in kerosene, then play a sort of dodgeball with it (except no one was ever really out, we just kept useing it and playing) We realized that the kerosene would not burn our hads when we threw it as long as we were REALLY quick, plus we could always kick it at each other. As a result of playing this idiotic hillbilly sport I have had some experiance and I would agree with Flames McGee. Cotton isnt a problem as long as you let all the lint burn off of the surface. Leather isnt really a problem ( we started useing welding gloves when we played so that we could more accurately throw the roll of toilet paper) and as long as you have just a small modicum of common sense it shouldnt really be a problem.
By all means stay safe and Happy Hollidays.