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Hey everyone I am back. I got posted out in the middle of nowhere for a bit and didnt have access to a computer. Alright so I am thinking of writing a sequel to this story but I need some good suggestions for the ships name. I was thinking about calling it "Rancor"


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I havent really been on since I got to Afghanistan. I will see if I can let someone know for you. Any chance your willing to read my short and tell me what you think? Its on the boards under creative, and its titled "The Test" I think it may also say fan fic on it.


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Dang it. All this kool stuff is available but I am stuck in stinkin Afghanistan. What are the odds that someone out there is willing to buy me one of those hats for an IOU?


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Thanks everyone.  I appreciate it. Mel is there any chance you could run it through spell check for me? I cant use any thing but note pad on this computer and I am deployed in Afghanistan, and it is very hard to get anything to upload on the internet or download anything. Did anyone have any problems with the story line or inconsistancies? I am a little behind the power curve on some things so I would love any input on Mando lore or anything that can help me with keeping the story straight.
I am thinking the next story will be about his ship. I am thinking a brand new custom designed ship from Mandal Motors. I am mainly just wanting to know if anyone sees anything I got wrong ith my research.
Thannk you all for your input and support, I was rather nervous to post this.


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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Anything you can tell me to help me improve my writing?


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Well I wrote this up and sent it to Aaron but I think I mistyped his email or my horrible internet connection here in Afghanistan dropped the email (that happens believe it or not). So I thought I would post it on here. I am horrible at spelling, typos, and grammar but I have been told I have some small tallent in this area. Kinda nervous to post this for all to see but here goes. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

It was hot on Myrkr. Ala stood on his hands with his back to a wall and a large stone balanced on each foot, while the sweat trickled down his body. He was uncomfortable and over heated, but was givin just enough water to stave off dehydration. Withstanding heat was just another test. Another measure of proving that he was the best. Heat baked him in waves but he maintained concentration and focused his entire being on keeping his entire body rigid, and under conntrol. The heat did not effect him because he did not allow it to.
The old withered Nohgri beside Ala was doing the exact same thing. They had began at the same time and Ala could tell this test was just as trying on his master as it was on him. The wrinkled shrivled form beside him trembled just perceptibly with the effort. His hissing breaths betrayed the weakness of age. His watery eyes showed signs of distress and fatigue, and yet the tiny grey humanoid supported two stones equal in size to those used by Ala.
Ala was not fooled by the old former commando. He bore the scars of having underestimated the old master while sparing. He knew the the masters wit was as keen and his frail appearing body was as honed as it ever was. He knew that his master had done this same exercise for hours while balancing on ONE hand. Years of training had forged the tiny body's muscles into durasteel.The little Nohgri might be old, but he was far from weak.
The little former commando turned and spoke to him, in a light whispy grating tone. "Tired?" was all he said. The master had a twinkle in his eye as he stared into the eyes of his pupal. Just as suspected the old Noghri was simply waiting for failure. He took it for granted as always. He spoke in the same calm controled voice he always did. Although he spoke with a slight tremor from age, there was no weakness in the voice of the master.
Every time they had done this excercise, or any excercise, they had done it as a pair. The master did not believe that anyone should teach what they could not learn, or command something they could not do. Every task, job, chore, fight, or lesson had been performed by both master and student. Every hardship endured had been the same for them equaly. For eight years the had done this and every task had ended in the same result.
The little Nohgri had done it better, longer and more precisely. Every time they had done this exercise, it had ended with Ala collapsing in a quivvering heap and moaning from the pain of the two stones falling on him. Every time this happened the little Nohgri had quietly and precisely lowered his stones to the ground and picked up his pupal and carried him back to their quarters. Every time the master had shown why he was chosen to train Nohgri commandos for 30 years before Ala was born.
Ala responded with a smile and shake of his head. When he had started training as an eight year old boy, he had had to restart the exercise after failing. Over the course of the years since however he had trained his mind to push his body to the point where the task was no longer physicaly possible for him. Now when he fell he would have drained every last vestige of energy from his body. He did not tremble nor did he waver. He was stone. He would not fall. His entire being focused on mainting the correct position and posture as long as his master required.
His master collapsed. It was such a shock to Ala that he had lowered his feet droping his stones safely away from himself and flipped to his feet before he realized it. He had not even contemplated the fact that he had finaly beaten his master at his own game as he leapt to the fallen quivvering Nohgri. "Dynast! Are you injured? What happened? Are you ill?" He pulled off the two stones from the crumpled form and lifted the shaking Nohgri by his upper arms.
"Perhaps I am too old," Said the master "or perhaps you have all of the training I can give you." Grated the Nohgri. "Our training today has finished. You are compleat." Ala did not take the time to contemplate the import of those words. He lifted the frail wizened body and dashed towards their quarters.
"Ba'buir! Ba'Buir! The Dynast is ill! Help!" Several heads of several different species thrust from the different buildings of the compound and most of the occupants hurried toward them. One was an older human like Ala. In fact he and the boy had a striking resemblance altered only by the myriad of scars on the older man. He strode forward as Ala dropped to his knees in the dirt and looked down at the little Nohgri with a wry chuckle.
"Finaly beat you did he?" Said the older man in a voice that sounded like a beskar saber being sharpened. The harsh, jagged, grinding baso of the mans voice sounded like death itself. The older man looked down unconcerned at the shaking form of the Nohgri on the ground for a moment before he spoke. "Go clean your self up Ala, we will take care of him. He will be fine." The boy hesitated for a moment a defiant and protective gleam in his eye, then nodded, rose, and turned away.
The old man turned and addressed the crowd. "Get the Nohgri whatever he needs then all of you meet me for a conference." With that he turned and strode away, while they attended the former commando.

Only a moment later there was a meeting in the dining hall of the little compound. The old man sat at the head of the table. He sat unadorned in nondescript clothing, but wore it as any predator wears his skin. His hair was mostly grey and his wrinkled skin was furrowed and crisscrossed with so many scars it was hard to be sure that he was even truly a human. He sat in a perfect picture of posture. He was obviously in command, and the posture of everyone at the table showed that they acnowledged that.
He pierced the silence with his jarring voice so suddenly that any other group would have jumped.
"So...." He said as he looked around the table with his dark piercing eyes. "What is the decision you have reached?" The quivvering Nohgri was the first to speak, his voice a more quiet and age softened version of the old mans grate.
"He is without equal. He can kill any man in this room with his bare hands. He knows more about weapons and how to use them than the people who make them. He is undetectable when he wants to be and stronger in mind than any other human I have ever met." The import of his words did not miss the attention of anyone in the room. He was saying that the boy was the equal of any of them, including the old man. He was saying that the boy was ready.
The Verpine spoke next. His antennae shifted as he spoke, the left one tilted at an odd angle due to an injury incurred in a vibro-blade fight. "He is the most capable mechanic I have ever taught. He can improvise, repair and slice any system he can come across with minimal supplies. I do not think I could teach him any more unless he was verpine. I left him in orbit in an escape pod without any systems other than life support and an emergency beacon. As I was leaving he sliced my ships slave circuits useing the emergency becon and had my ship return and tractor beam him into the cargo bay. I do not believe there is anything more he can learn from me." His repetitive speach pattern was an unfortunate side effect of his dammaged antennae. Again everyone in the room realized the importance of what was said. The boy was ready.
One by one the members of this group told the old man the same thing. The Dug, that the boy could outpilot any being in any vehicle over any course. The Ithorian that the boy knew more about medicine and healing than most doctors. Each different individual was a master at his art, and each one admited the boy their equal. For all of these beings of a variety of different species to say this must have been difficult for them, but each one no matter how tough crusty hard or dangerous had a soft spot for the boy as they had watched him grow from a gangling dark haird child of eight, to hard strong smart resourceful adolescent.
He was the product of tireless teaching at the hands of the galactic underworlds best.
The last to rise and give testament was the most shocking. He was Yuuzhan Vong. The gnarled and disfigured warrior spoke of the boys ability to withstand any pain, and endure any hardship. He expounded on the youths prowess and cunning and spoke of his knowledge of combat. He admitted that the boy could have forced him to divulge any secret despit his ability to resist torture and drugs. Even this creature from another galaxy, one of the most hated and feared species ever to roam the spacelanes, could not honestly admit that he was the boys superior. He was ready.
As the grizzled warrior finished and sat the old man slowly looked around the table. He was a hard man. He still walked with a deadly grace even though his age had corrupted his body. He still looked imposing even without an entire arsenal strapped to his body. He was still the most revered fighting man in the galaxy, even though he hadn't fought anyone in more than a decade or so.
He was Boba Fett.
He turned to the Nohgri who seemed to have somewhat recovered from his experiance. "Bring Ala." was all he said in that chilling grating voice that had haunted the dreams of the most deadly beings in the galaxy. The Nohgri rose and left, returning shortly with the boy, though it seemed that he took longer than he usually would have. Age having finaly bested him it seemed.
Ala walked into the room straight backed, He wore simple fatigue trousers and boots but no shirt. Myrkr's oppressive humidity and heat in this region made him glisten with sweat. Small pock-mark scars stood out on his body, though not as many as were on Boba. He was a larger man than his great-grandfather was, and he had been sculpted into the perfect fighting man. He did not scowl or smile upon entering the room. He merely assessed the room and the threats there. One eyebrow arched when he realized that all of his teachers were there. He stood and waited to find out the reason for this meeting.
"Come here boy." Said his great-grandfather from the other side of the room. "I have been told you are ready. Apperently there is nothing more any one in this room can teach you. You are a master of every art, ability, trick or scheme that these men know of. Today you recieve what is yours." Ala paced across the room. His great grand father gestured to a large white trunk in front of him and Ala studied it.
I was a solid piece carved entirely from mythosaur bone. The hinges were not put togeather but carefully carved out so that the box had never been assembeled, but literally carved from one piece. Ala had never seen anything like it and could not estimate the value of it even though he could name dozens of people who could price it. The top of the trunk was carved with the ancient symbol of the Mandalorians, the skull of the mythosaur. It was easily large enough to hold a human body or maybe two, and did not appear to have a lock or latch. This to was a test.
Ala circumnavagated the box studying it intently and when he had returned to the front he leaned down to carefuly run his fingers over the carving. He had studied puzzle boxes and instantly recognized this as one for although there was no lock a box of this value would contain only something of greater value and so would be able to keep it safe.
There! he felt on of the eye socketts of the mythosaur shift ever so slightly under his studied touch. He felt the eye and when he could not make it move more than a micrometer he felt both eyes simultaneously. He pushed gently down on both eyes with his thumbs, untill they would retreat no farter then moved his thumbs experimentally and felt the eyes shift under the lip of the hole they had vacated. Both eyes moved away from each other towards opposite ends of the trunk. With a soft click the lid sprung open just a crack.
Boba looked up and locked eyes with the master burgler he had hired to train his great grand son who returned his gaze with an "I told you so" smirk. Boba only raised an eyebrow in appreciation and returned to watching the boy.
Ala opened the trunk slowly examining inside the lid for hidden wires or booby traps then as the thick lid slowly swung open examined the locking mechanism of the trunk. It to had all been carefully carved from a solid piece so craftily that it could not be dissassembled, nor fooled by someone who did not know how to open the box. The inside of the lid was made with the intention that someone could add the booby traps Ala had been wary of if they so chose. In fact it was made to host a very wide variety of booby traps. One could set things to destroy the box and its contents, or just the contents or destroy whoever opened it, or even a city block on coruscant if one had the correct ordnance.
Finaly the boy looked down into the box. It held a wide assortment of lethal and nonlethal weapons, some quite expensive and/or illegal. It held a calling beacon for a ship and a vast myriad of different kinds of explosives. The box contained everything from toxins to hold out blasters arranged around the sides carefully placed and assorted some mounted to the walls of the box and some in perfectly fitted cubbyholes. In the center in a large upraised portion segragated from all of the rest of the equipment was a carefully arranged set of Beskar'gam. It was a compleate set of Mandalorian armor, made of the hardest metal in the known galaxy.
The boy stared down in awe for a moment in total silence. Then upon realizing that some areas of the box were left empty he felt a tap at his shoulder and turned to see his mentors and teachers standing in a line to come before him one by one. The grizzly Yuuzhan Vong stood first in line and he passed the boy something and clasped him on the arm the turned and walked from the door, and out of Ala's life. He looked down in his hand and realized that he held an amphistaff. The main weapon of a full Yuuzhan Vong warrior. He commanded the creature into the box almost by reflex and it went as it was commanded.
Teacher after teacher came to him and profered a gift that was reverntly placed in the box. Each gift was a tool in the craft the master had taught of the highest quality. As they moved past Ala he realized that some looked sad as though they would never see him again. Some looked happy for him, as though he were their own off spring. All of them looked on him with pride, knowing that they had taught him well. As the gangly verpine gave him a vast set of tools also made of Beskar and walked away he looked down at the last of the teachers to bid him farewell. The Nohgri.
As the tiny wizend figure walked up to him and held out his gift, Ala almost began to chok up. Almost... Everything is a test. He accepted the gift, and examined it. It was a pair of bracers that could mount either with or without armor. The bracers themselves were constructed entirely of Beskar and had rods and springs situated  so as to propel weapons into the hands of the wearer upon command. A small loop fit over his thumbs as he put on the bracers and strapped them down. if he moved his thumbs in one direction a pair of small blasters shot forward into his hands, good for at least 15 rounds apiece. They looked similar to the pistols issued to storm troopers in the old Imperial days. Another movement shot forward replacement power packs and held them so that the user could eject the old ones and ram home the new with a flick of th wrist. There were four spare power packs per blaster and one already in the blasters made five each. He was puzzled however by a pair of small cylinders nestled between the power packs and the blasters. he put everything back to its origional position with a certain motion of his wrists and thumbs, and the small cylinders shot forward into his hands with a distinctive snap-hiss.
Lightsabers? Though they were extemely like them in every way they were much shorter and the blade only reached about a foot and a half. The dark ruby red blades meant they were of sith origin, and the symbols carved into the handles dated them back to the days of the Old Sith Wars. Shotos, they were called. Each shoto being mounted in a different grieve meant that the user could wield two shotos, or two blasters, or one shoto and one blaster. The advantage was obvious and Ala immediatly realized the importance of the gift. "Thank you Dynast" He said.
The small figure smiled grimly and said "I am not your Dynast any more, as you are now of your own clan and must be your own Dynast. From now on you call me either Treghfelar clan Ushkae, or you call me friend." Ala smiled and bowed to his old master and recieved a return bow. Then the old Nohgri turned and shuffeled out of the room leaving Ala with the only other occupant in the room.
He faced his great grand father and bowed to him to. As he recieved a defined nod that was as close to a bow as he had ever seen from the man he felt a swelling of pride at the compliment. He had just recieved the same measure of defference as Darth Vader once had. He laid the grieves in the chest and stood for a moment, then Boba spoke. " Your ready and now your equipped. Your ship is ready for you. From now on your no longer little Ala the clever boy Mirta  asked me to train. You are Dha'kal Fett."
Dha'kal reached down into the chest and lifted out the helmet. Looking down into the visor. The armor was painted black and green. Sometimes the two colors were mixed in a striped pattern as a type of camoflage.
How fitting that my mother would name me "Dark-Knife" and Ba'buir would give me armor painted dark colors.

P.S. Ala's thoughts were supposed to be italicised but that somehow got lost in translation sorry.


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Nice. I like the dialogue.


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I would like to post some poetry and I am excited to find this thread but I have to wait till my wife can transcribe some and send it to me. I fear my story telling is much better than my poetry


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In the vong wars the jedi used "shadow bombs" or proton torpedos hurled with the force. These were quite effective in that they were hard to track. You could devise a launcher that "hurled" explosive ordnance without constant propulsion and I think it would have much the same effect. Sort of like a catapault because it would not give off an energy signature saying that it was firing, and it would be line of sight which would mean no targeting systems.
Hard to track what you cant see.


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Your more that welcome to my user name. I think a basic translation would be "Vengeful soul" At least the people who helped me said thats what it means.
You could always try researching different SW languages and make peoples names based on the roots of the words (basicly what I did) If any of your characters are from the outer rim the basic train in sur names seems to be two totally contradictory words while the first names are just simple. For instance "sky-walker", "dark-lighter".
I seem to be making people on here mad so I will try not to push my opinion or input too hard.
I can help you with names but it would be best if I knew a general background of the character.
Let me know if I can help


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

hey good ol' mark is old enough to play luke lol

LOL Yeah I think he is old enough that if they wanted to redo the origional three he could be obi wan or yoda


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I would agree that the return ROTJ was an excellent end and that it would be hard to top, however you have an entire galaxy to work with. Surely there is SOMETHING out there to use to bring back that sense of awe felt upon first realizing the size of the imperial fleet at endor.
As for spin offs... There WERE the two Ewok movies and although lame they did have that star wars feel.
I think that Dave Wolverton did well in coming up with a planet of force users that were isolated from the rest of the galaxy and I like the way the new fate of the jedi series has built on that idea.
I think if there was a new trilogy it would have to be based on that premise, and I wouldnt mind a bit seeing the older characters handing the reins over to the next generation. I think that new weapons would be a spectacular bonus. Shotos, Some sort of light-axe, maybe a light whip.
The posibilities are endless


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Master Fett wrote:

I am not in any of the Military services. But I have a bunch of family in the Airforce. I really appreciate the armed forces. They risk their lives every day to make sure we are free. I for one would love to say thankyou to all of you and hope you come home soon. Be safe.

We appreciate that. I wish some of the corporations I have been contacting felt the same way. Getting them to send us gear that we really need but cant get through supply is like pulling teeth from a Defel


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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1 … =626910440

Here's a pic of me and my wife shortly before I left the states


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Bravo7 wrote:

11 HQ Battery, 16 Regiment Royal Artillery. Radio Operator. Going to Afghan in October.

Welcom to the party my man. I will save some of the fight just for you. HOOAH

If someone finds out this thread was already started let me know. I tried to do a search for it but didnt find one so I just started this one.


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Moons create tides via gravitational disturbances. The moon is traped in the planets gravitational pull and so it orbits unable to leave the planets gravity well.
The moon has its own gravity field and can still affect things on earth, such as Tides, the magnetic fiels, atmospheric pressure and a multitude of other things.


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Alright I am still kindof a newbie here but I am military and I thought it would be kool to have a spot you can post up your branch and unit and say if your deployed or not.
I am just starting my second tour. The first was Iraq, but this one is supposed to be a bit different cause I am going to "The Graveyard of Empires". Yep, good old Afghanistan.
I am in the Army, and I am in 3rd Brigade 101st Airborne.
Any other military give me a shout out.


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For me it is a toss up between R2 D2 and Whistler, Corran Horn's astromech


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Agreed on that one cecillia. I will TRYto be there. I am in the middle of try to change continents however please do not be upset if I miss the next meeting. I will let you guys know when I know if and when I can meet.
Sorry the military messes everything up for me LOL!!!


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We need to specify...
Some of you say fighters some of you say modified freighters some of you have said firesprays and other combat intended vessels...
What you need to realize is that there is a difference between a "Mercenary" Ship, and a "Bounty Hunter" ship.
Since the one who started the message board was interested in a "Bounty Hunter" ship. I would say that she wouldnt need a fighter, and a freighter wouldnt work unless she had the credts to modify it heavily. Hence a firespray or a combat vehicle. I would say that since all vehicles are fictional it would be best if the ship were origional, in that it was something never before talked about.
In a galaxy there are nearly endless capabilities.
I say do some research and find out what a bounty hunter ship NEEDS and create it. If you can't do that ask someone to help you, but don't base it off of what has already been made. Try something new and keep the Star Wars univers alive by contributing something that hasn't been put out there before. It wouldnt have come as far as it has if everyone who came along hadnt contributed a bit more to the dream.
I don't mean to offend anyone but I say invent, and if you cant ask someone to help you invent.
Try to find something origional.


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Sounds good. I guess the best way to do it would be to pay for it in advance then you use the money to make the shirt. Granted it would be a longer turn around, but we arent really fashion oriented (Not me anyways) so maybe we arent really worried about how long we would have to wait for our Shirts.
I just think you should make one that says   "Got Fett?" and has a picture of Boba aiming at the viewer.


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How bout a T-shirt. I would wear the crap outta a BFFC Shirt


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I havent been maintaining my usual meeting times as I said I would. For this I apologise. I find life to be a bit more hectic leading up to a deployment and this time around I have a wife... A prego wife...   Yeesh!
Anywho I will try to meet up with someone this weekend. Someone post a time and let the rest of us know and I will try to be there.
And Cecillia if you want 3pm mountain time I am totally down.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Huh your cat has the same exact personality as Toby, except Toby was VERY ferocious in his youth (most of my friends who would come over to my house were afraid of him...), though he slowly got better and finally mellowed out in his old age. Though, I think its purely because he got too old to be that mean.

I am glad your cat mellowed out that is a good sign. Mine hade a buddy of mine hiding in our spare bedroom...  This guy is a seasoned combat vet so for him to hide it has to be UGLY LOL


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No one came...
I waited for a while and even came back later to talk to you Cecilia... But I missed you... I am sorry...
Did you know there is a song about a girl named Cecilia? I dont mean to be insensitive cause the girl in the song is not that great but I totally wanted you to know that I recognized your name and I value you.
You have been very nice to me and as a soldier that is about to deploy I appreciate it.
Thank you