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I'd have to say that without a doubt Ultimate Frisbee is THE game for me. It's made of pure awesome. smile


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Very cool, Daenna! It's very dramatic, with the sunset coloring the sky, and the clouds down below the cliff. And I must say I LOVE the wavering sun. Awesome effect!

Oh, and did Jusik just chuck someone off the cliff? Just curious! smile

Jusik was awesome. And yes, when he left the Order, I had a sort of "Ha!" moment at Zey. Yeah, for Jusik standing up for what's REALLY right. But, really, KT hit the issue on the head; Jusik is a jedi in the purest sense. And in being that, he just cannot stand the tyranny within the Republic.

I do have a question about Jusik keeping his lightsaber, however. I thought that when jedi left the Order they were required to relinquish them? I thought that I read that somewhere. But even if they were s'posed to, I guess that Zey was just, er, allowing him to keep some of his identity as a jedi? I don't know, I'm just musing. smile

And on a completely different note, what was your favorite, humorous part in TC? I think mine was when Omega was eating the stew and Atin asked what was in it. And as he was lurching for the bushes Niner said to no one in particular, "He's throwing up." *heeee* big_smile big_smile

Niner: Sergeant Obvious.

I thought that KT handled the Ko Sai storyline exceptionally well; it seems that too many books/movies hype something up (for example, searching for Ko Sai) and then spend the entire movie/book looking and looking and they still haven't found whatever it is that there looking for. Now, I know that Sai was found at the very end of the book, but she was pushing up daisies not long after Skirata and company caught up with her. A very nice twist, IMHO.

Fi's accident came as a shock to me. But, as you said, now he's been given his life. But is he content because he's no longer part of the GAR, or is because what's-her-face is taking care of him (sorry, her name escapes me!)?

Also, I thought that KT handled Etain perdy well this time around. I don't know why, but she didn't rub me the wrong way like she did in Triple Zero.

So, I just finished reading this awesome novel, and would love to discuss/make observations with my ner vods! smile
And this shall obviously be SPOILER HEAVY (because its a shabla discussion thread), so PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! big_smile

So, thoughts on Fi? Ko Sai? Ms. Traviss' handling of Sev's POV?


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Too awesome. Seriously. Way too awesome! *thumbs-up*

Kandosii, ner vod!

If anyone's read R. A. Salvatore's books, Artemis Entreri reminded me of Boba--until his character was ruined by that stupid flute. mad

Pre-ordering stuff officially stinks. I won't get my copy in till this weekend! *head-desk*

BTW, the title of the fourth RC book is "Order 66." big_smile

EDIT: For people with weak resolves, such as myself, you can go to BarnesandNoble.com and read the prologue of True Colors.... *happy dance*


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You know, Daenna, some people just seem to "have" awesomeness, and you're one of them! Wow, on the Jusik drawing. Seriously, wow.

I can't wait for the finished product!


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Sev Fett wrote:

WAlking blues scales sound so cool on the bass.

Heck YES, they do! big_smile

Alas, I ain't even close to being that skilled!


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Ah! What an elusive fiend time is, eh?

Good to see you, Balancesheet! Hope that you get to hang around a bit more, despite your busy schedule. smile


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As of now, I play rhythm guitar, the hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, upright bass (rhythm--nothing fancy), penny whistle, irish drum (wouldn't have a hope of trying to spell it! big_smile), and I recently began learning clawhammer banjo, the sweetest instrument ever to grace this planet. big_smile big_smile

Si Titran wrote:

ABut if this is choosing a vehicle for me to fly around the galaxy in I would choose a sleek looking Nubian. I just thing that our styles matched.

Ah, the Porsche of the SW galaxy, eh? tongue big_smile

Like Si Titran, I really like X-Wings. And Z-95 headhunters. And I really like ARC-170 starfighters. But me being my shallow little self, I only like them 'cos they look cool. smile   

So, I'd probably zip around in the ARC 170. *is pathetic*


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Hey, Revan! Glad to have you here, ner vod! smile


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I haven't read any Fett books by her, but I absolutely LOVE the stuff that she's written about clones. Like Valthonin said, she gave clones souls, personalities, etc (I know you using the Fetts as an example, Val, but this applies, right?). I believe that she portrayed them very realistically, IMHO. I'm sure to some the clones are too emotional, I guess the word would be, but in my mind they've been shoved out into the real world with no real concept of interaction/happiness etc outside their squads/regiments whatever. IMO, she's humanized them very well (Not to mention that she has an absolutely amazing writing style!)

And although I certainly don't worship her, I do like her books an awful lot! big_smile


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Sweet, Daenna! You make this clone-fan very happy! big_smile
Do we know that commando, or is he an anonymous one? Not that it would matter, I'm just curious. smile


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WOW. Awesome picture! Totally awesome! Wow. Kandosii, ner vod!


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Haha! I LOVE the meshing of the two fandoms! Gandalf on the road sign is priceless! big_smile

A little late to the discussion. smile

Why do I like Boba Fett? Well besides the obvious coolness factor, he's a Survivor. And since your standard is set by the movies I shall take why I like Boba from the movies. CDO, you mentioned that on Geonosis he saw his dad die and just waltzed over and took his stuff. Think about that for a minute. There was a full fledged battle on Geonosis--Boba was roughly a ten year old kid who'd just lost his dad. He was completely and utterly alone in the universe. Yet he survived. And he became the galaxy's toughest hunter. (I can totally see a twelve year old Boba decked out in Mando armor threatening to blow some dude's head off big_smile).
       You also mentioned that in "Empire" Boba was calling Vader to do his dirty work. But Boba's actions showed a large amount of self-control and professionalism. If you recall, Han was merely the bait. Remember Leia in the hall shouting to Luke "It's a trap!"? Boba would have been utterly stupid (Fett fans don't flame me here smile) to not call Vader; to get between Vader and what he wanted would have been suicidal, or at least close to it. Vader wanted Skywalker; Han was the bait. Boba knew this, and being a seasoned hunter and all around smart guy he did what Vader wanted him to do.

And as for the sarlacc, if you're not going by the books, mind you...... Don't you know that the dude in Mando armor was Jodo Kast? tongue


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But it does. If someone took my DNA (say I'm 30) then I'll have 30 year old DNA. It is aged. Therefore, even if you cloned someone and they (obviously, RC) began as a baby, their DNA, since it came from my 30 year old DNA, is already aged and is not brand new.


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Well, I think I put something down here a LONG time ago, but my tastes might've changed.

Creme Brulee is DEFINITELY up there (YUM), so's French Silk Pie.... Only thing is, the pie has like a pound of butter in it. Seriously. It's something I ain't allowed to eat often. smile


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Of course, there is also the issue of the age of cells. If you tried to clone some part of someone who was 30 years old, for example, that body part would age very quickly. To successfully clone someone (something) one would need to get the DNA when it was very young.

At least, I think so. I may be way off base, but it sure makes sense anyways. smile


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Wow... Those are amazing. Generally speaking how long does it take to finish one?


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Heeee, that's funny!


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Do you have proof of that proof?
just because some dude said that we would be the most pittied ppl on the planet if there wasnt, dosnt mean there is

Oops. My meaning about "proof" was not that what Paul said was proof, but because of OTHER proof (which I shall get into later but not now 'cos it's late). i.e., I know that there's a God, I know that there is proof. Sorry 'bout the mix up. smile